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Whitney Houston

Family 'Disgusted'

by Casket Photo

2/25/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston's family had "their heart broken all over again" this week when they saw a photo of Whitney laying in her casket published on the cover of a magazine ... TMZ has learned. 

Sources close to the family tell TMZ the family is disgusted the photo was printed and they have no idea how security surrounding the casket was breached. We're told the family could tell from the photo that it was taken from inside the funeral home, but they have no idea who would have snapped the pic.

Our sources say Whitney's mother, Cissy, has taken the publication of the photo the hardest.

Despite their disgust and outrage, we're told the family will not investigate the matter further.  

The owner of the funeral home has denied any wrongdoing on the part of her or her staff.


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Jim in Cali    

I agree with @crazylady I bet the Houston family is in on this which is why they aren't "investigating" No different than Kardashian photo op for the paps. Both use each other.

970 days ago


"Our sources say Whitney's mother, Cissy, has taken the publication of the photo the hardest."

Huh? She took this harder than the death of her daughter? It is a picture of her in the casket which he mother viewed. If it had been a before autopsy photo, then yes, the reaction of outrage would be appropriate.

Most people saw this picture coming.

970 days ago


I never have the desire to read the National Enquirer, more so now after this despicable act.

That said, the money paid for this photo will have to be deposited somewhere, so its up to the financial institutions to break this case. Someone's spending habits will change, and thats how you know who did it.

970 days ago


Whigham Funeral Home denies they did it.

The Houston's are not going to investigate.

The National Enquirer reportedly paid $500,000 for the photo.

There's one lucky sonofabitch walking among us today.

970 days ago


I haven't seen the picture yet and I think it's sad that some people would exploit the dead for money.

970 days ago


The fact that Cissy no longer wants it looked into, kinda says it all. They pretty well know who did it and it wasnt anyone from the Funeral home.

970 days ago


So, TMZ thinks they're being tasteful in turning down the photo, but they use this very unflattering photo for their story.

Stay classy, TMZ.

970 days ago


Cissy Houston is the one who paid the photographer to come into the funeral home and take the picture and she knows it.

970 days ago


Possibly it was the family...that's why they don't want to investigate it, but I think it was Ray J. He didn't have a sex tape with her, so he decided this was his best shot at some extra cash.

970 days ago


The family that SOLD the television rights to her funeral is disgusted.... yea right... LOL

970 days ago


Normally I would say it was a crappy thing to do. If the family didn't want people to see her, that's their right. But it was really low to sell the video of her funeral so family values are in question too in my opinion.Let her family earn a honest income instead of making money off Whitney's death.

970 days ago


Clive Davis doesn't need the money and their relationship was good for both of them. They had a high regard for each other.

970 days ago


Let me tell you that after attending a funeral last year. family , extra close family like daughters will get alone time with an EMPTY room. when the room is empty like that someone can snap 1 shot without it being a hidden camera shot..this was not a hidden camera shot. It was probably her daughter, sad to say but she has substance abuse problems and will need the money, Whitney unfortunately didn't write her songs (no song writing royalties) so an already in debt whitney wont have much to leave her daughter until the merchandising comes into play. This is probably why the family wont investigate further. Security was probably there the whole time until 1 person (daughter) was permitted to have alone time. She was found in a hotel high not too long after so who knows she probably made negotiations at that time too. Truth Hurts

970 days ago


I havn't seen the photo. But I think if the family is truly disgusted about the photo they would want to find out who took it and sold it and who they can or cannot trust. At least I would do everything I could to find out unless of course they already know or have a good idea who did. I don't think they would have buried her in that jewelry it was probably put on her for the viewing and later taken off and given back to the family or who ever it belonged to.

970 days ago


An earlier Version said that TMZ was offered the picture but they "passed". I'd rather see her than nude, cut open MJ on the autopsy table... LOL. No reason to be proud you rejected the offer. I've seen much worse on here...

970 days ago
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