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'Bev Hills Housewives' Star

Nose Job Patient Picked ME

for Evil Extortion Plot

2/26/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Paul Nassif
"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Dr. Paul Nassif claims his disgruntled former nose job patient tried to shake him down for money ... threatening to trash him all over town unless the doc forked over a big, fat check.

TMZ has learned ... Nassif has obtained a restraining order against Roman Melikov ... claiming the Roman threatened him and and his family because he was unhappy with a recent schnoz job.

Now, sources close to Nassif tell us ... the doc believes Melikov tried to EXTORT him too ... AFTER  the two sides had already worked out a settlement regarding the procedure.

Sources close to the situation tell us ... Nassif shelled out $3k to make Roman go away back in March 2011 ... and Roman accepted the deal.

But, we're told, Roman -- a self-proclaimed portfolio manager -- then changed his tune and told Nassif he would "have no choice but to do negative reviews" unless the doc either refunded the entire $26k bill or invested $400,000 with Roman's firm.

Nassif refused ... and instead threatened to sue Melikov for defamation.

Roman fired back at Nassif in an email ... telling him a lawsuit would be pointless because he has no assets and $82k in debts.

We called Roman for comment, but never heard back.


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texas turd    

what did he expect from a dr who removed his own wifes penis?

941 days ago


I would have let this 'Roman" fella give a negative review, anyone who has had work done by Dr. Nassif, are walking advertisements as to what an excellent surgeon he is. Why sink to this schmucks level? Never should have given him a dime in the 1st place. He must have had quite a nose to repair, perhaps now that his nose is fixed he is disgruntled as to how hideous the rest of his face looks. LAWYERS, Dr. Nassif.

941 days ago


TMZ headline writers: Excellent use of the word "picked". Hee hee.

940 days ago


Really? Negative reviews would be defamation when he already settled because he apparently knows he did a bad job or he wouldn't have settled?

940 days ago


"he has no assets and is $82k in debts"

I'm in debt but spending 26k on a nose job will solve all my problems. LOL!

940 days ago


people are unreal. that woould be the only bad thing about having that kind of money and fame, there is always going to be someone looking for a free ride because their too lazy to get off their ass and work

940 days ago


$3,000 is a horrible settlement for a botched nose job that cost $26,000. That story is highly questionable. A civil lawsuit would likely get him more than the cost of the surgery if the doctor was unwilling to fully refund his money.

940 days ago


If he's in debt, why is he getting a nose job?

940 days ago


Still no pictures. Can't believe Roman's claim. Roman should have been smarter and did this while Dr 90210 was on. Oh that's right, then we would have seen a nose job with no problems and he'd get laughed at.

940 days ago


He should have to repay the patient in full if he really messed up the patient's nose. How would he like to go through life with a messed up nose job?

Who would not be upset and want to talk to the doctor or get this issue resolved where it is fair to the patient, the patient is the one who has to live with a distorted nose.

If someone did that to his wife's face, guarantee they'd go after the doctor and harass them until it was fixed or refunded.

I feel bad for the patient.

940 days ago


Bet people are not going to want to go to this doctor for a nose job now.

I cannot believe how desperate he and his wife are to use that Bravo show as their infomercial for his practice.

Bizarre, both he and his wife act stuck up and strange.

940 days ago


Maybe he is reaping what he has sown? Do you think he supplies the RHOBH with their Rx's? Most sound like they taking strong painkillers with their grovelly voices. Most people do NOT sound like those HW's when they talk, seriously.

940 days ago


How much did paul get for selling this story on himself to TMZ? He just made his 3k back!
Dr. Botox wins!

940 days ago


DR.Botox has ruied alot of faces. Look at his wife poor girl looks like a wax figure. The doctor has been very genrous with his sugarbabys givng them free boob jobs.
3k is like 3 doallrs to him.However not usreif a retraing order was needed. The big eveil plot is just some broke guy going after what he should have 2 years ago.
Dr Paul is one of the housewives now he has to drama- tise everything thathappens to him for the sake of the cameras.

Hes making himself look stupied with all this non sense.
I wouldnt let him operate on my dog!

940 days ago


there is a roman nose joke here somewhere

940 days ago
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