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Cissy Houston

Seeking 'Closure' by

Revisiting Whitney's Hotel Room

2/27/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston
's mother Cissy has unfinished business to attend to -- sources tell TMZ she's planning a pilgrimage BACK to the Beverly Hills hotel room where her daughter died ... all in an attempt to get some closure.

According to sources close to Cissy, she wants to go back to room 434 at the Beverly Hilton hotel and reestablish a spiritual connection with her daughter ... in order to come to terms with her sudden death.

We're told Cissy plans to pray while she's there -- and just spend quiet, contemplative time in the space.

As one source put it -- Cissy "won’t be at peace until she gets closure."

It's unclear when Cissy plans to return to the hotel room -- but we're told the visit will be soon ... she's currently planning out the logistics.



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tippy katz    

her right eye looks sad and her left eye looks angry. poor lady.

967 days ago


Closure for th world and fans would be for Cissy to admit her daughter was a druggie and who supplied the pills. Lying will get you in the end,when it's time to meet your maker Cissy.

967 days ago


Evidently she has been having a rough time since her daughter died. I bet this is why she wants to visit the room. I have heard this account from many news sources, please send Cissy your prayers and warm wishes, she is going thru a horrible time, news report below:

"n a letter handed to her friends and family, Whitney Houston’s distraught mother has said that she is being haunted by the ghost of her daughter. Grieving Cissy Houston says her doorbell has been ringing mysteriously since the day Whitney died, but 78-year-old insists that she is not scared and is taking comfort from the spirit. "

967 days ago

Tony the Giant    

You know something. Everytime I hear somebody say something bad about Whitney in favor of violence. Be's the same ones who loves being kicked around by men themselves. I wouldn't take your advice w/ a ten foot pole. Them kind of women are always men forgiving. Just to let the same thing repeat itself over and over again. Till her "N" puts her to gotdamn sleep. You know what I'm saying. Women don't put up w/ that kind of s** anymore. The new get-backs today, is the telling game, forget the no telling game. You know what I'm saying? We don't owe them villains nothing. I would go to California and get me some closure too. And on a strong tip, them villains will back-off, cause they know you got heart. They always take advantage of the scaredy cats. Ain't nothing scared about somebody thats got heart. I promise you, we gonna find out who did it. And he'll be in jail like John Gotti. That's what i like about these youngens today, they will tell on anybody, just put up a few bucks, and you'll find out anything you need to know. Be strong youngens.

967 days ago

Star Whacker    

Maybe if she goes to hotel room and says, "Crack ho" three times maybe Whitney will appear to her. Either that, or she'll end up in the Land of Oz. Oh, yeah - if she only had a brain.

967 days ago


Enough all ready !!!.

967 days ago


Damn, you are hateful animals,real devils. this woman is 80 year old she doesn't care about money. her heart is broken she wants to die to be back with her child. stupid f**king idots she didn't sell any photos of her daughter she's a sick old lady in so much pain, yes she also angry at bobby and maybe even at god, because when you lose a child or a parent you feel all of these emotions, she tried to save her child, but whitney was an adult taken over by addiction she would had to want to help her self. sadly she never reached that point. if you are tired of hearing or talk about this story you don't have to read it and you damn sure don't have to comment. why must you people take ever opportunity to spread your hate?

967 days ago


PERHAPS SOME OF YOU KNOW THE FAMILY, I DO NOT. I feel that Ms. Cissy has a need to visit her daughter's hotel room to feel the closeness of her child on the last day she was alive to give her a chance to reflect her birth, her school days, her growing up years and, finally, her stardom. She needs to be by herself, ALONE, with no one around with just her precious memories. I DO HOPE her family and friends allow her the privacy she really needs right now. If they really care, they will permit her to be by herself as she deserves to be, at least, for now.

967 days ago

The Neko Nation    

Disgusting attention seeking self entitled pieces of human trash and leaches. Just like the Jackson family. Just a bunch of ghetto subhumans.

967 days ago


Poor thing looks tore up, i dont see how visting the crime scene will bring u any closure, i would just visit the grave. I know when a death happens within hrs of talking to someone its hard, but she had to know this day was coming- especially if she was still on drugs.

967 days ago


Butterfly----I think you are correct,but I will add to it,Whitney's mom,is a senior lady,and religious,when her daughter died,the soul departed in that room,Cissy wants to be in that room for that reason.I UNDERSTAND,and pray she will find the peace,she is looking for.

967 days ago

Tony the Giant    

That's how I get closure, is Whitneys actual pic. of her laying in her coffin. And feeling the comfort of her spirit filling the room. And Cissy just wants to wants to go there and mesmerize and pray. That's all. But when the fan hits the wire, whoever did this will go to jail.

967 days ago


well if the want to start recovering they need to stop blaming bobby and take their own responsibility - they have been divorced for at least 8 years and bobby has been sober for at least 5 years - and i was reading they are even pissed about that - saying bobby got sober and moved on. leaving whitney behind and not helping her - as long as every thing is bobby's fault, they won't be able to help bobbi kris - plus cissy was quoted as saying they don't think bobbi has a drug problem - it's like she never learns, afraid of offending the one that controls the money

967 days ago


@cityside - saying that cissy could take care of bobbi cuz she has a "sober coach" and that sober coach is doing loads of good - cuz bobbi already left her grand mothers - and the sober coach - and is in atlanta by herself partying w/ her friends - but oh yeah there's not any problems w. cissy in charge of bobbi!!!

967 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Put some distance between people who are willing to pull anything for a buck and yourself.

Renew your faith and restore your joy.

967 days ago
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