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Justin Bieber

Sued Over Beaver War

2/27/2012 4:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The company behind a Justin Bieber themed mobile app is firing back at the Biebs -- insisting the Constitution protects its right to lampoon the crap out of anyone it wants.

TMZ broke the story, Bieber sent a cease-and-desist letter to the creators of "Joustin' Beaver" -- claiming the company is trampling all over Justin's trademarks.

But now, the company in question -- called RC3 -- is calling the singer's bluff ... filing its own preemptive lawsuit against Bieber, asking a court to declare RC3 is not violating any laws by poking fun at him.

According to RC3, the game is a "parody" protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

No doubt, Bieber is powerful ... but Constitution powerful?


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Gloria Unread    

This was the greatest advertising that RC3 could ever have hoped for! You can't buy this kind of press.
They should be ecstatic over this! Bieber definitely doesn't have a case, so he'll have to pay any legal costs that the app creators incur. Really, it's win-win for them!
Another Bonus: They have the satisfaction in knowing they hurt Bieber's feelings.

934 days ago


I would love to see how you haters on here would like it if a company made a game making fun of you, and making money from it! How you guys would take it? Dont tell me you would be okay of other people profiting off of you.. Especially since most of you americans dont even give a dime to charities, i cant see you just letting people earn money from your name!!

934 days ago


Before i get crapped on for all my other comments,, I do agree,, I dont understand the big fuss about this game! Justins lawyers should have just left it alone,, Cause honestly, nobody even heard about this game until all this came up! They just put out the spotlight for these guys to make more money! I mean, they should have just left it alone, cause now they are making it out to be a bigger fuss then it needs to be!! I would just tell his lawyers to suck it up and let it go!! Let them make money off of this rather stupid game!! Its not like it will affect Justin with the money he's making!!

934 days ago


I mean, im sure everyone agrees that Justins lawyers didnt have a case against these idiots! So, im just trying to figure out what RC3 is trying to prove!! It amazes me that some of you actually think its Justin Bieber who is threatening a lawsuit against RC3, when its probably his lawyers who are making all the decisions! Justin is still 17, 18 in three days, He doesnt even make all the legal decisions on his own!! But you will find every flaw in him no matter what, because you have no lives, it seems.. Im not even a fan of Justin Bieber, my daughter is, but still, its so stupid how some of you react to him,, its quite funny actually, pitiful, but funny!!

934 days ago


Oh, let me guess, RC3 wants money out of this lawsuit... What a shock!! Money hungry *******s!!

934 days ago


OMG please!! I think RC3 is trying to get their 15 minutes of fame!! Whats the point of this? Its soo stupid.. Justins lawyers just gave a cease and desist letter, they didnt even file a lwsuit.. Maybe they just wanted to threaten them to stop,, But now this is being ridiculous!!

934 days ago


Lampoon? Bieber thought they said 'Harpoon' and bent over to ASSume the position.

934 days ago


poor little beaver, Weird Al did parody's for years of songs whats the diffrence. what an idiot

934 days ago


Kathi are you American?, if not..that's too bad :-(

934 days ago


It's hilarious that people defend beiber

934 days ago


All of you need to get your facts straight. I bet none of you have watched his movie and know what his life is about. justin is a little brat? yeah thats why he donates most of his profits made off of his newest CD to charity, donates $100,000 to schools in need, and visits sick children in hospitals. Sit down, and stop tormenting an 18 year old boy who you clearly no nothing about you 30 year loosers. #bieberpower

934 days ago


lmao really ... doing anything not to fade away.... plz go away ... how stupid it this really .... really stupid ... start acting like an adult and grow a pair and tell ur lawyer to go away all they want is ur money ... start thinking for yourself

934 days ago


This tool makes me embarrassed to be Canadian. Bleiber I wish you and your inflated head would go away ASAP. Come on since when do we as Canadians worry about a joke about us. We thrive on it, it is a part of who we are, our identity. The biggest joke being is how the hell did you get Selena?
Seriously your worried about a stupid app. Come on!!!

934 days ago


Come out of the closet you little *****yy....Like you are that important. Your 15 min is done. Adios.

934 days ago

Leon Degrelle    

He's a cannuk, not an American and has nothing to do with any constitution of sorts. I sometimes despise how foreigners just come in and think they can run the country or do whatever they can here and not at home.

933 days ago
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