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Mark Ballas

SLAMS 'Dance Moms' --

That Woman is a Tyrant

2/27/2012 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Dancing with the Stars" pro Mark Ballas has a MAJOR problem with the "Dance Moms" reality show -- telling TMZ, the angry screaming dance coach is verbally abusing the kids ... and she doesn't know jack squat about dancing.

In case you haven't seen the show ... dance company owner Abby Lee Miller has become famous for berating the children ... once telling a crying little girl, "You save those tears for your pillow, in your room, alone."

Mark tells us, "She's not dancing, she's just yelling at them" ... adding, "I just don't think it's the correct way to teach somebody ... Those kids are 6 years old. They're learning. They're babies ... They need to be treated the correct way."

Ballas adds, "Those kids should not be afraid to go to dance."


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Abby Lee Miller...if she was my kids dance teacher...the fat phkn child abusing bitch would be laid out flat on her phkn dance floor.....fat whore, using kids cause shes too fat to do anything else! thought fat bitches like her were suppose to be jolly!

966 days ago


she may eat those kids by the looks of her

966 days ago


She's a candidate for a bedazzled taser to the uterus.

966 days ago


KUDOS TO MARK BALLAS!!! And the parents that allow their children to be abused by this abusive cow should all be ashamed of themselves.

966 days ago


Agree! Just when you thought reality TV couldn't be more offensive. And, the mothers have to be blamed as well for allowing this kind of treatment. What is wrong with them?!

966 days ago

who cares    

I was flipping trhough the channels just the other day and seen this show. The first thing i said was Dance Instructor?? This woman is so big she can barely walk and within two minutes I could tell she has a power trip. I changed the channel. 6 years old is too soon for anything structured like that never mind the way she talked to the kids. If kids have talent at that age it comes naturally through something called "Playtime". In the end you can only blame the parents.

966 days ago

Throwback kid    

Forget tyrant. THAT WOMAN IS A DISGUSTING FAT SLOB! There is no excuse to be that size, stop the yelling, put down the fork and get on a diet and execise program. She makes Oprah look anorexic

966 days ago

Ruby Testarossa    

What is the matter with the mothers of these little girls?
Why do they expose their innocent children to this abuse?
Children trust us to do what is best for them and in this case, that is not happening.
Never mind this sick bitch Miller - those mothers should all get some kind of counselling to figure out why they think it is okay for someone to scream at their little girls.

966 days ago


The Mothers are just as bad as she is. What kind of a mother would let someone like her speak to their child like that. I sure would not...This woman should be charge with abusing the children along with their mothers.


966 days ago


you say, "tyrant," I say "fat, obnoxious, psychotic child-abuser." I agree, she's so fat she has no business teaching anyone to dance seeing as she clearly couldn't demonstrate any dance moves. As for the women who allow that monster to berate their children, I think child services needs to pay a visit. Sick. Sick. Sick. paying someone to humiliate and berate your children on television - that's about as low as you can go as a parent. At least from what i can see (i've only seen clips) the "toddlers & tiaras" mothers are always telling their children that they're pretty and talented -- pageants are still creepy, but at least they don't pay someone to humiliate their kids.

966 days ago


This disgusting pig of a woman would receive a beat down if she ever yelled and berated my child. I'm a man, so I wouldn't do it, but my sister sure would. she shouldn't be allowed any where near children.

966 days ago


I really have grave concerns about the mental state of mothers who subject their children to instructors or coaches who scream and yell. It's not a healthy and constructive environment, it's verbal abuse. Somehow, this b*tch is perceived to be the best and the drama that she leaves in her wake got her a TV show. You can tell being on TV is what the mothers want, just like the pageant moms. What about what is good for the kids? I promise those kids don't respect that cow, they are TERRIFIED of her. I would be in jail if someone spoke to my little girl like that.

966 days ago


And another thing, I agree with other posters who blame the mothers who put their children in harms way thinking that they are going to become famous because this bitch is on TV. They need some therapy themselves.

966 days ago


Good for Mark for sticking up for those little kids!!

966 days ago


This is a reality show. It is editted to make people look in the WORST light otherwise no one would watch. Last year there were scenes where Abbey pulled a particular girl aside and told her that she was 'good' and that they have the ablity to make a career out of dancing. Unless you have seen this behavour first hand (not on an editted REALITY show), you should not judge..

As far as Mark is concerned, he made a stink about this last week. Why is he bringing it up again..... Looking for some attention????..............

966 days ago
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