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Chris Brown

Singing with Rihanna

in Orlando Nightclub

2/28/2012 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown didn't shy away when the DJ blasted a Rihanna song at an Orlando nightclub this weekend -- instead, he proudly sang along with EVERY lyric ... and TMZ has the footage.

It all went down at Club Vain on Sunday night during an NBA All--Star weekend finale party.

Chris was hanging on the main stage ... with everybody looking at him ... when Rihanna's "We Found Love" began to pump through the speakers ... and Chris made sure everyone knew he's a HUGE fan of the song.

It's the latest in what seems like a public reconciliation between the two sides -- earlier this month, the two collaborated on remixes of each other's songs.


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I'd just like to say that they should just cut the cr*p and get back together. Its not our life, as long as we know that we would never take back some1 who beat us thats all that counts. She can do what she wants with her life. I'll tell you 1 thing, next time he beats her I will lmao. I will never feel sorry for her again. She can be with whomever she wants, I still love her songs. As far as pity goes, I will never have any for her if they are back together.

930 days ago


Leave them alone, It has been THREE, #3, tres, III- whole years! Obviously they are still in love and it is their business. Chris Brown has apologized and Rihanna has finally accepted him and forgives him. They are young and people do make mistakes, but if they can learn from it - Cheers to them... He just better not hit my girl again!!!!

930 days ago


It appears that he is having fun in the club... #shocking!

- Move on.

930 days ago


Dumbass girl wont learn till he beats her to death.

930 days ago


Wow! TMZ what a desperate headline. Not much of a story, I mean it is not a story at all. This is pathetic and I think you guys need to do better.

930 days ago


I think parenting these two through the media is crazy. If they want to screw their lives up, let them. It's not our place but in. Move on to people who actually want to make good choices in life.

930 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

Misleading headline. Again.

930 days ago


Stop bashing CB, if Ri forgave him.....why can't we?

930 days ago


Gross. And distressing. Brown, please go away and stay away.

930 days ago


Who cares if he likes her song, they had a relationship and what is wrong w him dancing to her song?? All anyone says is how he beat the crap out of her, but what no one ever talks about is how she use to attack him and had numerous times in the past and that night.. I am in NO WAY supporting him beating the crap out of her.. But lets no forget her part in the physical part of their relationship. He is not the only one to blame and it shouldn't just be him getting all the negativity in regards to this. She is obviously just as much at fault for agreeing to redo the songs and apparently letting him bk into her circle. And I don't know why anyone is surprised by this, it is a statistical fact that in these types of relationships they do this, I to be honest am surprised they stayed apart for this long.. Why give them the attention? Everyone says THEY are glamorizing domestic abuse, but in reality its us and the media doing it for them.. There have been numerous famous couples locked in the throes of domestic violence.. Can we say Tina and Ike Turner??? Stop making such a huge deal about it by posting it numerous times and let them ruin their own lives.. They are going to do what ever the hell they want and there are still going to be people who buy their music and pay to see them in concert.. Its the way the world turns ppl..

930 days ago


I thought the head line said singing with, this is so lame. Who writes this bull ****

930 days ago


DAMN! the man can't just like the song? sheesh.

930 days ago


Yep..Looks like his current girlfriend just might end up out on her ass soon..

930 days ago


Nice misleading headline, vultures.

930 days ago


I agree with another poster. Please don't bother posting about this lip-syncing, woman-beating thug until the next time he's arrested AND/OR dead.

930 days ago
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