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Chris Brown

Singing with Rihanna

in Orlando Nightclub

2/28/2012 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown didn't shy away when the DJ blasted a Rihanna song at an Orlando nightclub this weekend -- instead, he proudly sang along with EVERY lyric ... and TMZ has the footage.

It all went down at Club Vain on Sunday night during an NBA All--Star weekend finale party.

Chris was hanging on the main stage ... with everybody looking at him ... when Rihanna's "We Found Love" began to pump through the speakers ... and Chris made sure everyone knew he's a HUGE fan of the song.

It's the latest in what seems like a public reconciliation between the two sides -- earlier this month, the two collaborated on remixes of each other's songs.


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It's funny how everyone is so concerned about him beating Rihanna again. No one seems to care about his current girlfriend and whether or not he will beat on her..

971 days ago

Sunset Strip Dealer    

You can not call whatever Chris Brown does as singing, maybe electronic talking or maybe impersonating the computer in War Games but definitely not singing. Pure ****. Says he proudly sang along with every lyric, only thing he can do is lip sync.

971 days ago


Rihanna knows what buttons to push in Chris to get the reaction that she needs from Chris, history will do a replay in this relationship.All women marry there father and all men marry there mother.WATCH IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN DUDE CANT CONTROL HIS EMOTIONS.

971 days ago


You need to get it together TMZ!! Obviously you need to post CB stories daily to get your traffic of hating morons to comment!! SMH

971 days ago


They'll get back together, he'll snap again and beat the **** out of her, again. This time though, I'll laugh at her instead of feeling bad. Her going back to this douchebag just caused thousands of young women to give their abusive boyfriends another chance instead of walking away. How many young women are going to die because Rihanna went back to this douche?

971 days ago


To all the hating people that say that they are tired of hearing about Chris and Rihanna, you have an option. Don't click on the story and don't comment, it's that simply. They are not going anywhere just because you want them to!

971 days ago


woman beater.

971 days ago


TMZ this is such a non story and gotcha headline. You're strive to set yourself apart from just a gossip site... do better....

971 days ago


DUMBASS, if the getting back together rumor is true, BOTH are dumbasses.

971 days ago


My wish is that: the media stop reporting on Chris and Rhianna, radio stations stop playing their music, and that people stop buying their music and watching their videos. Then they will truly disappear and we can focus on some real talented artists with some class.

971 days ago


Who cares they are gonna do what they want to do. If she is stupid enough to go back with him then I wouldn't feel bad for her if anything were to happen. I will never buy any of their stuff or allow my kids to now anyways so hit them in the pocketbook.

971 days ago


there was no abuse incident before or time does not make an abuser. #teambreezy..**** who doesnt like my comments

971 days ago


If she's stupid enough to go back to him, I don't give a flying fig. They may be a perfect fit; both so dysfunctional. Let her get the **** beat out of her again. Personally, I'd never look back. He hasn't changed. He's still a very angry person and it WILL happen again.

971 days ago


First of all his back is turned so who knows if he sang every lyric. Second, my 2 year old can sing this song, there are maybe 10 different words in this song. If these 2 idiots want to be friends with each other who cares? My kids aren't looking at Rhianna and Chris Brown as role models, that's what My Husband and I are here for - to set an example of a good man and a good woman and a healthy relationship.

971 days ago


nothing like totally disrespecting yourself..they are so toxic to one another sad thing is they had so much time to understand they are way better apart then together..his career just getting back on track now both are gonna derail and blow up into a billion little pieces and no one is going to be able to do anything to help them ..another pair of has beens sad because she has so much beauty and talent. He's just a sad mess NOTICE I DIDN'T SAY HOT..

971 days ago
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