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Kelsey and Camille Grammer

SETTLE Custody Case!!!

2/28/2012 11:54 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer and Camille Grammer have ended their custody war ... settling the dispute and doing it amicably ... TMZ has learned.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, the case has officially been taken off calendar.  Sources connected with the former couple tell TMZ ... Kelsey and Camille have agreed to joint custody of their 2 kids -- 10-year-old Mason and 7-year-old Jude.

We're told the kids will both continue living in Los Angeles with Camille, but Kelsey will maintain "meaningful contact" with both of them.

The couple had reached a temporary custody agreement last July, but this one is permanent.

As for the couple's financial dispute, sources tell us ... they have almost resolved all of the money issues and it should be settled very shortly.



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Camille's new boyfriend is HOT. Kelsey looks like an old wrinkled fart, Camille now has an amazing HOT man with an amazing HOT body.

Team Camille!

Glad she has the kids, Kelsey only wanted the son, how awful of a father is that.

Kelsey is a cheating jerk.

965 days ago


Oh, cut the crap. The Oh whoa is me... Camille was a stripper already over done on the plastic surgery even back then. Playboy, so what take a number. Always 2 sides to every story.

Camille had no problem living large, on Kelseys name, fame and his money. Without Kelsey, Camille who? So the marriage didn't work out.

Kelsey Grammar never publically humiliated Camille with all of her plastic surgerys as she did with his penis size.

965 days ago


Camille is lucky!

965 days ago


Look everyone, KG is gay, Camille was his beard. This got wrapped up pretty easily without a lot of fuss. Anything you hear about them not getting along is BS propaganda to just continue to sell his STRAIGHT MAN image. CG made a deal...she now has the $$$ and family she wanted without the relationship to tie her down. And he moves on to someone else who is willing to play the game. Just watch, 10 years from now...he will have moved on.

965 days ago


all you kelsey grammer haters, are dellusional.
camille did porn before she met kelsey, she did soft corn porn movies and playboy. how the f can you guys claim she helped him making money? Kelsey made a fortune from Fraiser, you nutcases seem to think kelsey got rich from eastates deal with Camille.
Camille married kelsey for his money, nothing wrong with that, but she shouldnt be angry when a hotter and younger woman then marries her husband.
btw im 20, and not some old woman in her 40's like Camille, and Camille doesnt look good anymore, lets be honest.

965 days ago


I think Camille has ridden on Kelsey's fame for far too long. If she truly hates the guy as she claims, why doesn't she stop using his surname?

965 days ago


He doesn't have clean hands by any means, but could you stay married to this phoney, money hungry bitch?

965 days ago


Kelsey Grammer is worth 85 to 110 million dollars, so Camille Grammer wanted over 40 million in 2010. Kelsey court argument was that camille, and kelsey shared property worth 20 million.

So my guess is that kelsey, and camille were fighting between 20, and 40 million.

The divorce judge may have agreed to a possible 30 million for camille's divorce settlement.

965 days ago


So happy for them, co parenting is best..!

965 days ago


Very good. Now leave each other alone, share the kids, and stop making every personal issue public.

964 days ago

Sergei smith    

This is very weird custody case.
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964 days ago


I'm by far no kelsey grammer fan, when you have 4 failed relationships/marriages and leave your next kids for the 3rd time there has to be some selfreflection into who is really the problem in the relationship...
and yes, im at 20 mayby shouldnt judge a guy in his 50's that much...
but I just wanted to add this, to all camille rhob wannabes - when you laugh and cheer that camille will get half of his money... doesnt you boozos realise that Kelsey actually won money?
you think Camille wouldnt spend more then half his money before he hit the grave?
Come on, be real for a second.
4 nannys? and an entourage with paid friend wherever she goes, and jewelery.
I know a guy in NHL, in fact he went in my classroom - could even name his name if you guys are so intrested, and I see what his gf spends already, its funny she got also pregnant as soon as he signed his contract. Get rid of the spenders before its too late, right women?

964 days ago


Well, Kelsey looks quite full of himself. He must be miserable to live with. Looking back, Camille must be so relieved he's someone else's headache.

964 days ago


Who does KIelsey think he is . First he leaves his wife and kids for a way younger woman and then he wants to take full custody of the kids.They should have joint custody. You leave your wife then you want to take the most importain thing in her life away. What an ASS!!! She should get everything just for the suffering he made her go thru

964 days ago


what a jerk he is, he needs topay more!! he is a total ass e.

767 days ago
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