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Joe Francis


On Madonna Attack

2/29/2012 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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Joe Francis has had a major change of heart about Madonna ... because 4 months ago ... he PROMISED he wouldn't sue if she used the name "Girls Gone Wild" on her album ... and TMZ has the footage to prove it.

Back in November, we asked Francis about the then-rumor that Madge titled one of her songs, "Girls Gone Wild" ... and Francis happily replied, "I'm excited about that!"

We asked if he was cool with the situation, legally ... to which he explained, "I'm REALLY cool with that actually ... I'm not going to sue you Madonna ... I love you, I love Madonna."

Fast forward to last night ... when Joe once again made it clear he wasn't going to back down from his new demand that Madge PAY HIM for using the name ... because he owns the rights to everything GGW-related, including "Girl Gone Wild."

He added, "We've spent almost a billion dollars building this brand ... and she's not going to get a free ride on my brand. But I love the song, I hope it does well ... and I look forward to being a profit participant."


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I'm sure Madonna's lawyers will love a copy of that video of him saying he wasn't going to sue her. That being said, the song is called Girl Gone Wild...not Girls Gone Joe Blow can stick that up his douchebag ass.

946 days ago

Ozzie X    

He's got to pay Steve Wynn $7.5 million somehow, he is desperate.

946 days ago


Joe the sexual predator?

946 days ago


Oh look, last night he was with Abbey Wilson - the dirty THIEF - go to the and look her up - there is surveillance footage of her robbing a guys house. She went and hid out for months after, now she's back with Joe Francis. Figures.

946 days ago


He better watch out, the blonde behind him is a thief, gold-digger, and star f*cker. Many say a porta potty too.

946 days ago


is he kidding me? hate to break it to u, but Madonna is worth more then u Joe. Doesnt take any talent to video tape drunk girls lifting up their shirts. (no wonder hes bff w/Kim k)

946 days ago

Dirty Soldier    

That is ABBEY WILSON behind him. She is on hidden camera robbing a dudes house of over $15,000 worth of stuff. LAPD has a warrant out for her arrest.

946 days ago


It's a douche showdown! Madonna vs Joe!

946 days ago


Prediction: Joe's doing this for the publicity so his name stays out there. Chances are he knows he doesn't stand a chance on winning based on the long history of the phrase used in songs prior to his copyrighting the name. If he is deluded enough to go to court madge in company will either settle to get this jackass off their case (stupid move) or go to court whereas most judges will see how frivolous this case is.

Joe ends up looking more like an ass even if it is publicity for his GTW brand. Joe's a moron who capitalized on girls taking off clothes on camera and pictures himself a kind of modern day hugh hefner who is delerious and thinks the gtw brand can actually extend into some kind of media franchise. With all his court trouble and the pretty much dead gtw the guy should be looking to save his cash.maybe i dunno invest it in ipo's? or actual investments instead of snorting it up your nose At first he was flattered but then his pea brain started working at glacial speed until he realized there was a sniff of money to be made. Ugh..

Madge still comes out unscathed and the the only real winners are you guessed it the lawyers.

946 days ago


ACTUALLY, yes he is a douche bag and the biggest douche, attention who&re, but a very amazing awesome business man!! Well spoken, intelligent and as much as I cant stand him, atleast he isnt snookie, or these other morons. When someone works hard to get to where they are now, you have to just admire that aspect and disregard a bit of their douchyness.

946 days ago


this guy is the biggest tool on the planet. that was apparent the moment he began exploiting kids on spring break. what kind of sicko takes videos of teenagers getting drunk and stripping down?! ...and more than that, how does he get away with it? i have friends who started going to spring break in high school. TELL me that all of those chicks are 18 years old and above. maybe its time the gov't slapped him on the a$$ and took his predatory "brand" away from him. he's a cancer to society.

946 days ago


That guy is a s***-bag. you Pig!

946 days ago


I bet his parents must be so proud of his filthy little hobby. It’s the American way, you can’t do an honest day’s wages – sue! I think your fifteen minutes is more than over buddy. Crawl back into that sewer you live in. Disguising person – parents of American should sue this creep.

946 days ago


Q: What do you get when you put Madonna and Joe Francis together in the same place?

A: A garbage dump.

946 days ago


Is there a more self-serving, self important, jerk than this idiot ? jeezzz...

946 days ago
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