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Rick Ross

Cops Investigating Murder

at Rapper's Florida Pad

2/29/2012 10:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cops are looking to speak with rapper Rick Ross ... after a 40-year-old man was shot to death in front of his Miami Gardens home this morning ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Ross was NOT home at the time of the shooting and at this point in the investigation, he's not considered a suspect.

We're told cops found the victim laying inside a gate at the home.

Sources tell us ... investigators don't know if the victim has any connection to Ross, but since he is listed as the owner of the property, cops want to ask him a few questions about the situation.

So far, no comment from Rick's camp.


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Jesus, what a bunch of racist people commenting on this story. So you are not shocked that someone died at a rappers house? Why even read the story if you are going to be racist. He was not there. You also have no idea what the whole story even is. He is actually a talented man. He does not just RAP. He writes and produces and does a lot of other things as well. OH and I am WHITE. Just regular old white girl from the south. Georgia to be exact. I do not see any of you making remarks like this about DAVY JONES who just passed away and they did not even know why he has suddenly died. Him and a few of his band members were doing drugs at one point, so can we just ASSUME he died from a drug overdose like you guys assumed Rick Ross has something to do with this persons death? Ok cool that is what I am going to do. Assume since he use to be an addict that he died from a overdose. RACIST PEOPLE ARE JUST THE WORSE.

928 days ago

Radio Talk Show Host    

I just want to say that to me it is really sad how these Thug's, drug dealers and gang banger's become millionaires and still act as if they still live in the ghetto I have never really seen Rick Ross in the news too much but I am talking about rappers in general I think they all need to be a little more positive about what they rap about and how they conduct themselves because their are alot of our African american young men who look up to and want to be like these rappers which to me is why so many of them are self destructing yes the parents are suppose to teach their children morals and values but as we all know in today's society these young people focus more on these rapper's, singers and reality tv shows more than they do their parents which is why I think they should be setting a better example and stop trying to take the hood to Beverly hills , The Hamptons etc...Just saying

928 days ago


Just because you don't like hip-hop, or what you think it stands for doesn't mean you have to be racist d-bags.You have to be pretty insecure with yourself to be so hateful.

928 days ago


You have to be pretty retarded to still think violence and crime is relevant to today's mainstream rap.

928 days ago

sounds like somebody forgot the groceries again. whey you forget the bread, you end up dead.

928 days ago


too fat and too old.

928 days ago


This isn't suprising at all. 99.9% of all rappers have killed or have seen a killing or supposeably hasn't been "around" the scene of the murder per say. But i honestly think that he knew who the person was or is. Has probably some kind of relation with that person. This is just another incident that was waiting to happen. Hmmm.. Im sick of reading crap like this.

928 days ago


Kind of suspicious that he would end up on Rick Ross' property out of all the houses around him. Not saying he did it, but I wouldn't rule out that he wasn't involved some how. First hear about this on has some different details.

928 days ago


Kind of suspicious that he would end up on Rick Ross' property out of all the houses around him. Not saying he did it, but I wouldn't rule out that he wasn't involved some how. First hear about this on has some different details.

928 days ago


WoW....I guess 2012 is bringing out all kinds of haters. Keep doing what you do, and so will we. We'll continue to make headlines while you "sour" behind your screens.

I guess none of you own any property other than the shacks you're living in. Everyone else knows he's probably got dozens of properties that are rented to people completely unrelated to him.


928 days ago


i think this was and still is bigger then we know!

928 days ago

bernard sterling    

man u guys on here are the most racist pieces of **** on the net please killyourself and stick to watching hee hoa and fox news!!!!!

928 days ago



928 days ago

i heard of lot of White Singers and rockers who have and had murdered people themselves lol

927 days ago


I have a feeling most of these racists haven't listened to rap since the 90's. Hip-hop is the new pop,the most popular music genre in the world. Why do you feel the need to hate black people? Face it, segregation isn't making a comeback. Now go back to masturbating while staring at your Rush Limbaugh,Sean Hannity, and Bill O'Reilly posters. I love all genres of music. I love music, period. No need for the racism. I'm white and fight the Klan down here in FL for real.Done wasting my time on this story if I can't make some racists bleed by breaking faces.

926 days ago
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