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Britney Spears

Settles Sexual Harassment Suit

Filed By Former Bodyguard

3/1/2012 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0301_fernando_flores_britney_spears_X17_EXBritney Spears has settled a lawsuit filed by Fernando Flores, a bodyguard who worked for her for a very short time -- a bodyguard who claimed Britney was a sex-crazed maniac who came on to him and flashed him.

Sources close to Britney say the lawsuit is total B.S. -- he worked for her for about a minute.

Nonetheless ... Britney decided to end the lawsuit after going before a private mediator ... and it's officially case closed.

As for whether Britney paid Flores any loot ... no one is talking.  The terms of the settlement are confidential.


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How the hell is this douchebag a "bodyguard"? He's what? 5'6" 160...lbs wet? Brittney is 5'4" and in pictures he's only a couple inches taller than her lol

931 days ago

Miami Heat    

And he is suing her why? That would be the best day of my life!! She is still the hottest out there.

931 days ago

Miami Heat    

Is the guy gay? I would call that the best day of my life! She is still the hottest out there.

931 days ago

Hanging to da lef    

What a pussay'. I woulda been proud to be banging Britney! I woulda made money outta my tell all book, or sold my interview to the highest bidder!!!

931 days ago


Just because they settled doesn't mean he got a lot of money - there was a case in my city that claimed police harrassment and the woman got only $2,100 in a settlement. It's easier for Britney to pay a little to make this go away.

931 days ago

i said lesbians...    

wtf! just shutup and bang her!

931 days ago


Dude got a-week's-worth of free sandwiches at SUBWAY.

-Way more than he deserved.

Now he can go back:

To continue being ...


Love you, Brit.

931 days ago


you may have got some money dude..but most of the country thinks you are total ***..i mean really a girl supposed flashed you and came on to you take her to court and sue her for i? pro tip do not go to a club or mardi gras if those things offend you just sayin.this was nothing but a money grab.he figured she wouldnt fight it in court because the process is time consuming and cost more money to do she prob just threw him a few thousand to make him go was the smart thing to do

931 days ago


This security guard said the following:

That the BIBLE told him to sue Britney.

Okay so the five ham sandwiches he's getting from SUBWAY?

They're going to the church, right.

931 days ago


This skank paid-up as she should what is good for the gander is good for the goose

931 days ago


Last p.s.

...I heard this dude insisted upon a small bag of Lay's Potato Chips ...

To go along with the negotiated (5) Subway Sandwiches.

But Brit's attorney's said no, no way.

"No potato chips."

931 days ago


He probably wanted it and she led him on but never delivered and hurt his wee wittle feelings so not to drag it out it was probably hush money. He looks like a dork, she would have to be hard up to want "that".

931 days ago

John Q    

I do not understand this guy either. A beautiful blonde woman was flashing you her chest, and was coming on to you. My god, the horror of it all. Like some people on here have said...What a loser this guy is.

931 days ago


The real price of filing "Nuisance Suits" in Hollywood?

People with legitimate ideas, trying to break through honestly?

-Via recommended means/appropriate channels?

-Are shunned.

The irony being that they understand "why."

931 days ago


I'd have more respect for this dude if he admitted.

Down the road.

That he was trying to capitalize on a-wave-of-bad-publicity.

Surrounding the super-star.

A few years back.

I can take everything BUT opportunist.

931 days ago
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