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Halle Berry

Fires Longtime Lawyer

Hires Legal Bulldozer

3/1/2012 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0229-halle_berry_steven_kolodny_tmzgetty-EXHalle Berry has dumped another man ... but this one has been with her way longer than all the others -- her longtime lawyer/confidante, Neal Hersh ... TMZ has learned.

Here's the lowdown. Our sources tell us Halle wants to go after her baby daddy Gabriel Aubry with nuclear weapons -- metaphorically speaking -- and she thinks Hersh is too much of a gentleman to wage that kind of legal war, even though he has guided Halle through 2 divorces, a custody war and various other legal skirmishes.

So we've learned Halle has hired Stephen Kolodny (above), who is legendary in L.A. legal circles for the level of legal warfare she so wants. You may recall Kolodny repped Mel Gibson in his epic battle with Oksana Grigorieva -- and that got kinda nasty.

Kolodny has already gone to court with Halle. We've learned last Thursday the new duo went to dependency court to have more restrictions placed on Aubry. The dependency judge has already ordered that Gabriel can only have contact with Nahla in the presence of a monitor. On Thursday, we're told the judge voiced additional concerns and ordered Gabriel to return the child to Halle earlier than the 6 PM deadline on days he has custody.

Kolodny will have his hands full trying to convince the family law judge that Halle should be able to move to France with the child because she's concerned about paparazzi and safety. 

One thing's for sure ... it's gonna get nasty.

Hersh and Kolodny could not be reached for comment.



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That is ridiculous and exactly what my X and many other women are doing to fathers trying and doing everything possible to prevent us from have any sort of relationship with our daughters and sons. Make up complete lies and stories to tell the judge to make the father out to be a monster. It breaks my heart every time I hear a story like this because the only person who suffers is the children. Us fathers have just as much reason to be with our children as the mother, we have feelings and love our children just as much. Just like the other person said KARMA!

935 days ago


We all saw this coming. Her longtime lawyer probably has no interest/morals in helping to ruin little Nahla's life. She wants to play nasty.
Is she kidding saying she fears the paparazzi? Gabriel is the one who asked photographers to stop waiting for him outside of the little girl's school.

935 days ago


Hot but psycho.

935 days ago


Berry is a B!TCH! Guarantee ALL these problems stem from and were started by her! Gabriel dumped her and she is making him pay, this new guy of hers is only a distraction for her, a play to make Gabriel jealous, she's trying to get even with him by taking his daughter away, I bet he rues the day he ever met Halle, probably hates her. Berry didn't get what she wanted, and now he has hell to pay. This woman is a nutcase, this new guy better run for the hills, she'll do the same thing to him if he dumps her too, every guy she has been with ends up flipping out one way or another and can't wait to get away from her, really get to know her, she must be hell to live with if she doesn't get her way. I feel so very sorry for Gabriel, almost wish for him he could take his child and disappear with her forever, Halle deserves this.

935 days ago


To the men: be careful who you ejaculate in.

935 days ago


Halle you have become so unstable,your a control freak and you need to give Aubrey the respect he deserves as Nahlas are vicious and need a good shrink not a new lawyer...

935 days ago


So disappointed in Halle Berry. You could not pay me to see any picture she is in, in the future.

935 days ago

Pittsburgh's Finest    

This woman is a hot mess! She was married twice and didnt have a baby with any of her husbands ,but instead chooses to get knocked up by some young model. I guess she wanted her daughter to have good hair and beautiful eyes. Well she got what she wanted with a price to pay. Be careful what you ask for!

935 days ago


This bitch is disgusting. Wonder who she'll hire to sue her daughter the day the kid spits in her bitter face.

935 days ago


So Stephen Kolodny, Mel Gibsons lawyer is taking this case? On one hand you have a lawyer that helped a father try to keep his rights to see his daughter. Now he is doing the opposite by trying to keep a daughter away from her father. Lawyers can be so dispicable and I don't know how they live with themselves or sleep at night. I guess it is true. The one with more money wins regardless of the consequences. I am totally disgusted.

935 days ago


The child will suffer for both of their behaviors. Halle clearly has "daddy" issues since her father is and has always been absent from her life. Halle, you will lose in the end. Might want to rethink how you are affecting your daughter's life. Seriously.

935 days ago


trying to convince the family law judge that Halle should be able to move to France with the child because she's concerned about paparazzi and safety.

WHAT????? this sentence right there makes no sense. Papparazzi are everywhere. Halle what makes you think that they won't follow you over there and continue to tell your little story through pictures. Now so more than ever since you decided to make this whole nasty thing public. Your losing your fan base Halle, I hope it's worth it!

935 days ago


What a sick azz bytch Halle is...

935 days ago


Halle is crazy. I hope the dad gets to keep Nahla! She obviously has issues, she can't keep a man to save her life.

935 days ago


It's all about her or you are baaad.. jealousy of his love for the daughter.. and serial dumping people once she has used them for whatever she wanted at that time.. maybe if he had treated her and the child with actual disrespect she would still care for him..? Likes drama and conflict in her life.. Paris is NOT safer than US.. her mind is really messed up. 'Carl Jung, once said that the most potent force in a child's life is the unlived dreams of his or her parents. Some mothers make the mistake of trying to live out their own unmet needs through their daughters. Some are jealous of the freedoms that their daughters have and they didn't.' You should step back.. if divorced.. do everything in your power to remain an good example of a healthy, happy, fulfilled woman. Even if doing so means that you can't always be there to do things for your daughter that the other parent can.

935 days ago
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