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Blake Lively

3 Years of Protection from

Metaphysically-Obsessed Fan

3/2/2012 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Blake Lively just got 3 more years protection from an obsessed fan, who allegedly claimed he had a "metaphysical" connection with the actress -- because a judge extended Blake's restraining order today.

TMZ broke the story ... Blake obtained a temporary restraining order against Sergei Mifle last month -- claiming the guy made repeated contact with Blake's mom, begging to help Blake because she was troubled.

According to Blake, Sergei was spotted lurking around the set of "Gossip Girl" -- insisting he was there to help Blake "heal."

The judge extended the protective order today in L.A. -- requiring Sergei to stay at least 100 yards away from Blake and her mom for the next three years.


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Celebs want people to worship their crap like it's gold to build a culture of Gods worshipped for pretty much no reason other than just being famous, and when people do, celebs freak out. It's most amusing.

963 days ago


"Metaphysical connection"? I'll bet she heard that and said, like Brennan on "Bones," I don't know what that means.

963 days ago


Hi Harvey! YOU are old and ugly, I noticed. So why are you (and your gang of male and female apes) always talking about how OLD such and such woman is and how her time will be up or giving their stupid little opinion about who is hot and who is not. If I were as ugly and old as you then I would be too ashamed to be so judgemental and would be more accepting. BYE!!!

963 days ago

Jay W.     

Blake is an American Beauty.

963 days ago


What TMZ troll posts the celebrity pictures on this site? They are usually awful, as this one is of Blake Lively. This troll should be fired for his/her incompetence. But, then, this has been going on so long TMZ must hire people who have an eye for posting cr*ppy pics of celebrities on TMZ.

963 days ago


Nothing really says, "I love you", more than a restraining order - LOL!!!

963 days ago


She is so hot! Too bad most women in this country are fat lazy pigs who don't want to put in the effort or work to look good.

963 days ago


chics like Blake are a dime a dozen in Hollywood, there are plenty of bleached blonde bimbos that look just like her who could take her spot in a ny minute.. such is show business!

963 days ago


She not that known...?????

963 days ago


Go ahead, arrest me, It doesnt matter :) frgin random people are annoyed with this ****, who wouldn't, you money btchz cornering Blake and me, its just a bunch of ****, you fkers r fckd, I'm not gone step down! :)

963 days ago


Celebrities do choose a public life, and if you were talking about a regular person who only approached for an autograph, then they have no right to get angry, even if they are eating because this is a once in a life time for the "everyman". I do not like when they bitch about that. But, I think calling her mother and following them both around, does constitute extreme behavior, therefore she has every right to be concerned, I would be too under those cir***stances.

962 days ago


lol. When she drops dead of cancer, a car accident, or an OD on something we don't know she's addicted to yet I'm gonna laugh my ass off. TRO'ing an empath. wtf lol.

962 days ago


I have to say: She is pretty and hope this 'fan' will leave her alone now Executive Search

697 days ago

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