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Kirk Cameron

Blasted by GLAAD

Over Gay Marriage Comments

3/3/2012 2:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kirk Cameron's comments to Piers Morgan on gay marriage are not sitting well with the folks at GLAAD ... who think the former "Growing Pains" star "sounds even more dated than his 1980s TV character."

Cameron said during last night's show that he does not support gay marriage, and when it comes to homosexuality in general ... he said, "I think that it's ... unnatural. I think that it's detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization."

Herndon Graddick, Senior Director of Programs at GLAAD, tells TMZ he feels Cameron, a Born Again Christian, is "out of step with a vast majority of Americans, particularly people of faith who believe that their gay and lesbian brothers and sisters should be loved and accepted based on their character and not condemned because of their sexual orientation."

A GLAAD spokesman says they plan on monitoring Cameron's media bookings and various acting gigs to ensure "the news and entertainment industry is aware of his outrageous anti-gay views."


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Silverado Mom    

This is Cameron bashing. GLAAD is putting words in his mouth. I support Cameron.

962 days ago


Piers Morgan clearly has an agenda. Talk about bullying. He asks Kirk Cameron for his opinion then he attacks him for it. That's not a real journalist. Kirk is definitely entitled to his opinion. Piers Morgan is a jerk.

962 days ago


I've never understood the term 'born again'. What happened the first time?

No worries about following his non-existent work schedule. God only knows how he got on Piers Morgan.

962 days ago



962 days ago


He's 1000% right. It is unnatural. In case the gay advocates haven't noticed, that little hole in your rear is an "exit only". Just thought I'd point that out in case you missed the anatomy lesson in elementary school.

962 days ago


Kirk, along with an overwhelming majority of Americans and world inhabitants, is correct. Stop trying to force deviant actions by homosexuals on us normal humans. We shouldn't be called names and ridiculed because we don't accept abnormal behavior by defective people.

962 days ago


It's a gay conspiracy.

962 days ago


I was sad to hear Kirk Cameron had lost his mind.

962 days ago

Say It Isn't So    

I agree w/Kurt 100%, and his unwavering Faith and love for the Lord (and his word) is, simply, breath taking. Homosexuality IS unnatural, and it is wrong. What people don't realize is: God DOES love us all, heterosexual and homosexual....but he DOES NOT condone deviant/sinful behavior. You need to realize that EACH and EVERY day we are given another day of LIFE by the Lord, is another day he's given us to make things right, and find our way to him, and his word. If the sinners (Homosexuals, as well as murderers, thieves, etc) DO NOT, they will not have everlasting life w/the Lord when the Lord calls us up. It's as simple as that: Each day we either CHOOSE to believe and FOLLOW him, or CHOOSE a deviant, undesirable life.....w/out him. I choose a good, clean, healthy life as I seek a deeper connection to/with the Lord. I'm not perfect, and if I loose my way by making a bad choice, I admit my transgression and seek a true forgiveness from the Lord. The choice is YOURS as to how you live, NOT mine.....but I know what I choose.

962 days ago


He's right.

962 days ago


1. There are gay animals you fools, google it
2. The bible isn't written by God, it was first written centuries after the 'events' occurred and has been translated over time (Wasn't in English first). There have also been bibles that were left out and not accepted.
3. Just look at the countries that have made gay marriage legal, they're still fine.
4. Ancient Greece and Rome were fine with homosexuality and those were two of the greatest civilizations in Western history. They didn't fall because of it either, all civilizations and empires fall eventually.
5. Homosexuality is not a choice, there's a difference in brain structure.
6. All sex isn't a choice, it's part of our biology.
7. Paganism allows homosexuality, so apparently there is a religion that's okay with it.
8. As far as his opinion goes, he edges into hate speech all of the time.
9. America isn't in the position it's in because of homosexuality, it's because of greed and poor regulations. Jesus would have been a supporter of Universal Health Care btw.
10. If he does have a gay child, then his views will have an impact on them. And I'm pretty sure that hen he says talk about it, he means de-gaying camp.
11. Look at countries aggressively against homosexuality, they're mot countries that should be emulated.

962 days ago


Wow.. the ignorance. Being gay isn't just two men having anal sex. If you are going to form an opinion, at least get it right. Its amazing how many men condemn homosexuality yet watch girl-on-girl porn. Ignorance at its best. Not all gay men even participate in anal sex. But you don't want to hear that -- you'd rather pander your ignorance under your religion instead of maybe having faith in God. Because the word of man is so much better than the God you pretend you have faith in.

962 days ago


The problem with Kirk's opinion is that it is prejudice and harmful to gay teenagers, especially if that teenager happens to be his son.. Even if it is deemed bibically correct. Why wouldn't he embrace is son if he were gay and happy? Should his son live a lie of suppression and screw some other life up by "trying" to be straight? Look at how screwed up peoples lives are when they are not true to themselves. Look at all the politicians and pastors who tried to pray away the gay and ended up hurting their spouses. Let people love and be with who they want to be with if that's what feels natural and normal to them.

962 days ago


Kirk is entitled to his opinion. Also, just because a State makes it legal doesn't make the state right.

962 days ago

Janet Edwards    

What happened to free speech? People who are not for gay marriage and speak their opinions have to be monitored? Well this is so hipocritic, you can speak about gay marriages as long as you are for it, that is damned ridiculous, GLAAD needs a self-check of their own.

962 days ago
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