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Lindsay Lohan

Almost Live from New York ...

3/3/2012 12:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was seen leaving her New York hotel this morning, script in hand, as she gets ready to host "Saturday Night Live" tonight.

As TMZ previously reported, LiLo plans to sing her opening monologue and from there ... nothing is off limits. We're also told Lindsay has invited several famous friends to cameo on the show, but no word on exactly who will make an appearance. 

Lindsay is counting on tonight's "SNL" to re-launch her career. So we gotta ask ...


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WOW, ROL is skewing her!

Lindsay Lohan Makes Painful Return To SNL

By Radar Staff

Lindsay Lohan's guest hosting gig on Saturday Night Live was almost criminally bad.

Entertainment Weekly is already suggesting she was the "worst host" of the year, and the reasons were obvious.

Lindsay could be seen reading cue cards in almost every skit! Most of the comedy revolved around the Mean Girls star's well-known legal problems, but even with that, she was rarely more than a background player in any of the bits. The talented SNL regulars carried the heavy weight.

In one skit, Lohan played a reformed con who, along with show regular Kenan Thompson, conducted a "scared straight" intervention with a bunch of teens. It should have been a natural for Lohan, but what can we say....

How about....bring back Melissa McCarthy!

932 days ago


I wonder how smoking pissed off the guy from SNL that she begged for this gig (Lorne, I think his name is) is. She sure does make him look like a fool.

932 days ago


Entertainment Weekly is out to get her.

932 days ago


Here's a poll from a site that isn't a gossip site, so it should be pretty accurate of the general public. Only 17% think she did a good job...

Did Lindsay Lohan redeem herself on 'Saturday Night Live'?

Yes. She demonstrated that she's still got comedic chops, especially when playing Rapunzel. - 17%

No. She botched the prison sketch and seemed generally off her game. - 31%

It's hard to say. Her monologue was funny but in other sketches, she seemed tentative. - 20%

Don't know. Didn't watch. - 13%

Don't care. Lindsay Lohan used up her third and fourth chances at redemption a long time ago. - 19%

Total Votes: 2,819

932 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

After watching Lindsay be completely unable to let go of her self-admiration, I find it hard to believe that she could ever let go of her own self to successfully portray another character. How could she portray Liz if she cannot let Lindsay go? Another huge problem would be her lack of ability to memorize lines. She worked on these sketches all week and if she was a "professional" it would not have worked out like this. Other cast members far out shined her.

At this time (and it has been this way in the past) the only performances she could do would be basically playing herself. I hope she realizes that if she wants to be a real actress, she needs to do a lot more work.

932 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Since they played two old recorded skits, does that mean they cut two skits that Linds had a more promenent part in? What was that all about?

932 days ago

J. Bardem    

Nice call on Ms. Lohan singing her opening! How many times did you guys report that one prior to the show? Great job, TMZ. Once again you D-bags get it wrong! Congrats!

932 days ago


When the SNL material worked, Lindsay's performance worked. When it didn't, she didn't. She is trying so hard to get her life back together. As a fan from "Parent Trap" days, I personally want her to succeed. Come on people, let's give those stars who are trying to get it back together a fair chance to do it without being critical from the jump.

932 days ago

Kate W.    

She didn't have her lines memorized. You could clearly see that she was reading que cards. For a seasoned pro, that is unacceptable. Her voice sounded strained and the years of abuse have aged her. If she still smokes, she'll sound like an old tired lady, before her time. Hope she's able to climb out of the whole she dug into. SNL was a first step in, what appears to be, a long journey back. She should hone her skills; get rid of those puffy duck lips, before getting back infront of the camera...and memorize her lines like a true pro.

932 days ago

Suzy Q     

She was terrible; despite the hype she didn't "sing her monologue" and none of her "famous Hollywood friends" showed up to sing it with her. All in all - I fell asleep.

932 days ago


Not fan of Lohan. Talented person who blew it all. Her SNL hosting gig was BORING. BUT, you can't chastise her for using cue cards. EVERYONE uses CUE CARDS ON SNL! (Because the show is constantly changing and edited, right up to air time.)

932 days ago
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