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Mike Epps

Sure We Fight

But I 'Still Love' My Daughter

3/3/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mike Epps
wants to clear the air after his daughter accused him of threatening to "f**k her up" -- telling TMZ, "I love my daughter, but sometimes father and daughter have disagreements."

TMZ broke the story ... Mike's 18-year-old daughter Bria filed a police report against him -- claiming he threatened to hurt her because she promised to "air some family drama" to the media.

According to Bria, the argument started after Mike's recent appearance on "The Wendy Williams Show" -- Bria's feelings were hurt because he only gave a shout out to two of his kids ... snubbing the rest, Bria included.

Sources close to Mike claim the argument started over school tuition -- Bria wanted Mike to pay her tuition to her in cash ... Mike insisted on paying the school directly.

But now, Mike wants to let bygones be bygones -- telling TMZ, "It's hard being a dad, especially a dad of a teenager ... I still love her though."

And if that wasn't clear enough, Mike looked right into our camera and said it again -- "I love you Bria."


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I'm on Mike's side on this one. Bria is a spoiled brat.

963 days ago


Non Celebrity stories today? Who the hell is mike epp?

963 days ago


Mike is full of crap. His daughter has released the tape of their conversation on youtube and he calls her a b*tch repeatedly and threatens to harm her. Bria has exposed her POS dad. This doesn't have anything to do with money and Epps is telling a damn lie.

#team Bria

963 days ago


Come on man ; you're better than this.
Day Day is the man. Don't ruin your sh*t Bro.

963 days ago


The girl sounds like a spoiled brat. Her dad sounds like a moron. His best response from now on should be 'this is a family matter and I won't discuss it.' I don't think anyone really wants to know his family business anyway. Do we know who this guy is?

963 days ago


He cursed his daughter out like she was some hooker on the street. I saw a video of this girl talkin about how he has done her wrong her whole life. When is it EVER ok for a daddy to stoop to the level of the child? He was dead wrong, I dont care what she said that made him mad...

963 days ago


mike epps is a 100% racist ! look up this losers name on yahoo or tmz, whatever. he is a sc*mbag racist !

963 days ago


Yes, I understand her being upset about that idiot only doing a shot-out to two of his twelve kids, but how did that drift into the tuition. Admit it, both you and your daughter are fvck-ed up.

963 days ago


this is how he talks to his daughter...

I'm thinking he's not going to receive any nominations for "Father of the Year". Grant it, we don't hear what she said to provoke this [slick] but no parental relationship should EVER descend to THIS.

963 days ago


First off if you know nothing about Mike Epps and his talent shut up! And then you don't know what went on between him and his daughter first off she should be glad he wants to pay the school directly if that is her true motive. Most kids in America can not even afford to go to college and besides that she is GROWN he does not have to pay her tuition.

963 days ago


Maybe she is being a spoil bitch it's hard raising teenagers especially daughters these days, sometimes you do want to give your kids a true beat down I am on Mike side I am not giving you the money I will pay the school, to his daughter get a job and take care of yourself if you don't want to follow my rules, BITCH

963 days ago


Mike who?

963 days ago


What a little blackmailing bitch!

963 days ago


the world soon will come to an end; how do i know? because you have entitled kids airing out family laundry publicly whereas when i was growing up stuff like this didnt happen. she is wrong and DISRESPECTFUL. let your dad pay your tuition to the school directly; oh wait! you dont want that to happen because you want to blow the money on hair weave!!

963 days ago

Deborah Fowler    

This Kid is 18 years old and aired her family business for what? The both of them were wrong however, I had a old school mother. What ever went on in our family stays with family or mom dukes would f**k you up without a apology!!!!!!!! He should continue to love her but, it is not written that a parent has to pay you to go to school. They need some serious help and a cool down period. Word to the wise never sell your parents out !!!!1

963 days ago
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