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Demi Moore

Returns to L.A. after Treatment


3/5/2012 8:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0305_demi_moore_plane_rehab_launch_EX_v3A healthy-lookin' Demi Moore touched down in L.A. on a private jet last night ... the first time she's been seen in public since her whip-it induced medical emergency back in January ... and TMZ has the pics.

Moore -- who was reportedly vacationing in Turks and Caicos following a stint in treatment -- was greeted with a big 'ol bear hug by a mystery woman who was waiting on the tarmac.

Moore had been off the radar ever since the January 23 incident ... when she was hospitalized for seizure-like symptoms after inhaling nitrous oxide at her L.A. home.

Demi's rep said the actress was seeking "professional assistance" to treat exhaustion and improve her overall health ... but wouldn't reveal where she got treatment.


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steven katona    


940 days ago


She was treated for exhaustion? THis talentless bitch doesn't know the meaning of the word! Spend a week or a day in 'normal' peoples shoes and then tell us about being tired. No nannies, no clubs, no mansion.....she's a waste.

940 days ago


I hope she gets herself together now. Nothing helps you see the light like a highly publicized screaming ambulance trip to an emergency room. I think maybe Ashton wasn't the only problem in the marriage; he may have seen a lot of this with her and covered it up. Her problems/addictions sure didn't start when they split. Get going, Demi. Get your weight up, your problems solved, and your life together. You've go a whole lot of living to do!!

940 days ago


She still looks awful: gaunt and haunted. Stay tuned.

940 days ago


exhaustion ? what did she get a real job for half a day selling door to door frozen foods, chopping wood or selling women's shoes ? she is a spoiled wimp and broke apart from a lil speed bump ....

940 days ago


I cannot believe it, because I saw on the Net today (all over the place) titles such as "Demi Moore returns to L.A. looking healthier than ever!"...

Hum?...I was totally skeptical.

So of course , I wanted to see for myself.

Therefore, tonight I popped into TMZ and then I saw these photos of Mz.Demi (Gimme-Moore) looking ORANGE as always , SKINNY and GAUNT (as always), and HAGGARD (as always!) with her Morticia hair.

Her angular face looks like a witch face (as always) and she is a 49 yr old wearing Super hot shorts, back to her old ways again...showing the World that she is skinny scary like before.

This woman is never gonna learn and she will be back to her old ways real soon...mark my word.

Her "rehab stint" was all for show and publicity...not for her health.
She is delusional.
I feel sorry for her 3 kids.

Honestly Hollywood, that is NOT what "healthy" looks like.

I guess I don't understand why the Media continuously praises women,l like this, who are 85 lbs, Orange (from obvious vitamin deficiencies) and with stringy lifeless hair (from years of Anorexia & doing drugs) !...

Thank you TMZ, though, because you were the only one that was willing to show Demi Moore , as she truly looks like , from her "vacation" at her Spa!

Thank you, thank you TMZ.....Now we all definetely know,via actual photos, that this whole "Demi rehab stint" was a total farce.

This woman is headed to an early grave.

I guess 130 million dollars can't buy a person BRAINS!

939 days ago


I don't care for his acting but Ashton Kutcher is not a loser and he didn't "use" Demi. Quick judgemental calls aren't accurate unless one knows the couple. Demi cheated as well and encouraged three-somes. She also seems to have drank and taken alot of drugs which can change a personality to say the least. was doing too many drugs and drinking too much and he couldn't take it anymore. I don't even like Ashton but he created & produced shows that are successful. He is a young guy. She is almost 50. It's life.

939 days ago


On the front page of Aol there are two stories about teenagers getting killed in accidents...Demi needs to get over yourself and get a real problem. And she needs to stop partying with your daughters or they will end up like poor Bobby Kristina.

939 days ago


She looks medicated in these pictures

939 days ago


Demi needs kind words here, not snide remarks. She is NOT a LindseyLohan, but a woman in turmoil. She went for and hopefully got help.

939 days ago


A "whip-it induced medical emergency".

Oh my GOD is that the stupidest thing EVER or what.

Demi, you stupid bitch.

939 days ago


Please, PLEASE cut your hair Demi!!! That long flat hair does nothing for her, the opposite, totally ages her and makes her look older than her age even. She would have an awesome fresh new start with shoulder length hair, would love to see her in that...:)

939 days ago

Foxy Lady    

She's probably hanging out at the local junior high for a date! No sympathy here!

939 days ago


There is no way a person can obtain the skills and knowledge needed to recover as an in patient in only sixeeks. Can you say relapes.

939 days ago


Dear Demi,

You are not 22 years old. Please stop acting like you are. Stop smoking potpurri and doing whipits because WTH is that about? Stop treating your daughter like she's your age and a peer because she's not. Please PLEASE, PLULEESE, eat some food because you look like a skeleton and it ages you.

Please stop dancing half naked in places you shouldn't be in, where people can film you and think how sad you look because you are afraid to embrace getting older. It happens to all of us if we're lucky.

Finally, stop killing yourself because that's what you're doing. Killing yourself and because you live in lala land and are surrounded by yes people who wouldn't tell you this in a million years, I had to tell you.

Take care of yourself oh yeah and marrying someone 15 years younger than you probably wasn't a great idea.


939 days ago
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