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Kim Kardashian

I'll DOUBLE The Value

of Wedding Gifts for Charity

3/5/2012 6:19 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
is keeping the blender and the gravy boat, but she's donating twice what she snagged in wedding gifts to a really good charity ... TMZ has learned.

We obtained a letter -- sent to every guest at the Kim K/Kris Humphries wedding. Kim says, "I would like to thank you for your generous and thoughtful wedding gift. It has taken me some time to pull everything together but I wanted to let you know that the money for every gift received by me at my wedding has been donated to the Dream Foundation ..."

Sources tell us ... Kim estimates the total cash value of the all the gifts to be around $100k, but she's cut a check for twice that amount to the Dream Foundation.

Bottom line -- the Dream Foundation gets a lot of cash, and Kim can still make a mean margarita.



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Charity Donation = Tax Write-Off. Kim and her money hungry ways are not going to take a financial loss on this.

962 days ago


Sales must be dropping on Kstuff, no fan mail or bad fan mail,nobody watching her fake reality shows for her to do this. To save all that she should have done this within 60 days of the announcement of her marriage gone south.

962 days ago


All I can say is boycott this vile thing at boycottkimdotcom.

962 days ago


Sure,,, I'll keep the gifts I stole from you, then to make you "feel good" about the theft I'll donate money, from which I get a BIG tax DEDUCTION, for MY charitable contribution. WHAT A SKANK!

962 days ago


What a fake. "Her" gifts totaled $170,000. I know if I
gave her a wedding gift, I would want it back.

962 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

Doesn't change the reality that she and the rest of her grifter/gypsy family is nothing but poor white trash -- with money.

She's gross, in every way.

962 days ago


True intentions aside, I think what she is doing is a very fair and appropriate gesture. Most of the people who attended the wedding are wealthy and really don't care about having the gifts back. It would just be a hassle for them to find something to do with the stuff or return it. With that said, her announcement is very poorly worded. First of all, no where does it say she is doubling anything. Second, she should say: the monetary value of your gift. Not: the money for every gift received. That doesn't make any sense and sounds awkward. Maybe Bruce wrote this.

962 days ago


She can shove that money up her KarA$$ian if she thinks people will be like "oh she's a good person, let's forgive her." I recently read that Kim made over 350k a week for appearances alone. So what she donated is like chump change for someone who has as much money as she does.

962 days ago


The gifts also belong to Kris Humphries! I hate Kim Kardashian.

962 days ago


Tax write-off.

962 days ago


Yes, the PR machine finally spewed out an answer! Hell almost froze over to get it! She gets to keep the gifts, she gets a TAX write off, She Gets PR for charity, The gift givers...NOTHING! SNL skit waiting to happen! The only way she is going to save face is to actually do something for nothing, like ... save people from a burning plane, recuse people from a sinking cruise liner, adopt all the animals from a failed shelter or leak another sex tape....HA!

962 days ago


Does everything in the world have to revolve around HER and what SHE wants? HER preferred foundation?

This is a broad who wanted a wedding (not a marriage) spectacular so she could make even more money and had no qualms about using people for it.

The moral thing to do with the gifts is to return them to the gift givers - not 'pay it forward.' That's pure BS.

962 days ago


"It has taken me some time to pull it together" cause I'm much too busy famewhoring and staring at myself in the mirror

962 days ago

Pat B    

So she keeps all the gifts (tax free) and makes a donation (tax deductible). I don't call that very noble. If I was the one who gave a gift, I'd want to be the one to decide whether to return it and get my money back, or donate it and get the tax deduction.

962 days ago


Kimmy.. Correction, "KimME,ME,ME" Kardashian: You and your family have enough money from scamming everyone around you. Do us all a favor and go away. Everyone is sick of hearing about you and your family, and seeing your plastic faces and saggy a$$es. What a disgusting family.

962 days ago
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