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Marc Cherry

Yeah, I Struck Nicollette,

BUT ....

3/5/2012 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


"Desperate Housewives" creator Marc Cherry is asking the judge in the Nicollette Sheridan case to let his lawyers impeach the fired actress on grounds she has been inconsistent in her story that Marc violently hit her across the head during an argument.

Cherry admitted on the stand today his fingers came into contact with Nicollette's head but he denied violently hitting her. 

According to new documents obtained by TMZ ... Cherry's lawyers want the jury to hear that Nicollette has changed her account ... originally alleging a slap and then escalating the allegation to a "violent hit." And during her testimony Nicollette changed her description yet again to a "nice wallop."

Cherry and his lawyers believe the inconsistencies prove Nicollette's battery claim is groundless.

As for what Cherry says he did ... in his testimony today he claims he was just demonstrating how a scene should unfold when his fingers made contact with Nicollette's head.


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Don't believe him.

931 days ago


Residual checks aren't what that starring spot was, right Nicollette? Kick this idea around: You could just audition for another role in a another project, instead of tying up the court system with your Veruca Salt attitude problem. CA could use that time/resources to "plead out criminals, due to overcrowding".

931 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

She has been "inconsistent" in her story? Whatever happened to "I never as much as even touched her (and I've got three dozen people on my payroll to prove it)"? My fingers would like to "make contact" with Marks face just to demonstrate how my feelings for his dumb explanation "unfold".

931 days ago


If your bloody fingers touched her face, then it's battery, you wanker.

931 days ago


Wasn't there ,but his story is changing just as hers is...if that is how we are gonna judge this case in public....someone stated before he said he didn't touched her..then all of a sudden now he did lightly,bull.Regardless of how we view this woman's private life,if he hit her he is out of line.If she is lying then karma is a B1tch.

931 days ago


where is all the outrage? This man put his hands on a woman, dont you people want his head on a platter?Looking at how people went after chris brown a teenager at the time, 3 years later people still going after him. But this grown man who knows better no one has anything too say. something is not right here....

931 days ago


Just to set the record straight. Marc is no longer their boss so they have no reason to side with him. DH is on it's last season and Marc has moved on to a new show. In the state of California we have "at will termination" meaning you can let someone go at will. All of the actors contracts allow the producers to terminate their employment as they see fit. Nicolette was never a part of the original DH's and was never meant to be a permanent employee.

931 days ago


I believed her the whole time.

931 days ago


Marc Cherry is coming across as a man who feels entitled to use his power to behave violently and outside of the law. Ms. Sheridan should pursue this alleged incident. In America, having the means to hire the "best" lawyers will often win a case. Despite that fact, I hope justice will prevail. It is a matter of right vs. wrong. Mr. Cherry should be accountable for his lack of self-control, as we all are. What he does for a living doesn't make the world go round, simply one television show amongst many. Special consideration will allow him and others like him to be so enchanted with their own perceived power that they feel entitled to hurt women or people less privileged. Cherry is not the ethical topping here, rather way at the bottom of a meltdown mess. Shame on the Cherry.

931 days ago


There's no denying somebody beat her in the face with a two sided stick...One marked aging and the other marked ugly.

931 days ago


He denied hitting her. And under oath says... well... yeah... I sort of hit her in the head... but not real hard.
He flat out lied about it, and now he is claiming she lied?
What a putz! I hope the judge hears that he did indeed strike her, and now he is trying to dig out by claiming she exaggerated, while he diminishes the fact, he struck her in the head after denying it all these months. It isn't the force of the blow, it's the insult, the assault, and the diminishing of her as a woman. You do NOT ever hit another person! Shame on him!

931 days ago


you can tell by looking at him he is a violent person towards women, written all over his chunky face cheeks.... this is interesting b/c hollywood is usually always kissing each others beach back dark holes !

931 days ago


He should have never touched her AT ALL. He had no right to put any hand, finger, whatever on her. I don't care about either one of them really but her story has the ring of truth to it and his doesn't.

931 days ago

Megan Poppi    

Cherry has changed HIS story! And all the BS doesnt matter anyways. The law is: you do not hit anyone, when you do it is called ASSAULT.

931 days ago

Silverado Mom    

I called mine a "spanking" but it was actually a "pat on the fanny" according to my judge. Team Nicollette!

931 days ago
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