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Marc Cherry

Yeah, I Struck Nicollette,

BUT ....

3/5/2012 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


"Desperate Housewives" creator Marc Cherry is asking the judge in the Nicollette Sheridan case to let his lawyers impeach the fired actress on grounds she has been inconsistent in her story that Marc violently hit her across the head during an argument.

Cherry admitted on the stand today his fingers came into contact with Nicollette's head but he denied violently hitting her. 

According to new documents obtained by TMZ ... Cherry's lawyers want the jury to hear that Nicollette has changed her account ... originally alleging a slap and then escalating the allegation to a "violent hit." And during her testimony Nicollette changed her description yet again to a "nice wallop."

Cherry and his lawyers believe the inconsistencies prove Nicollette's battery claim is groundless.

As for what Cherry says he did ... in his testimony today he claims he was just demonstrating how a scene should unfold when his fingers made contact with Nicollette's head.


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Usually when someone's finger's "lightly" touch someone's head, there more to the story. Where their is smoke, their is fire. Yeah, I think he pimp slapped her. LOL!!

925 days ago

Shabaz Conlon    

A "slap", a "violent hit" or a "nice wallop" its all the same really... Nicollette Sheridan's story is not inconsistant, there are many ways to describe a "whack" in the face!

Bottom line is Mr. Cherry should not have raised his hand to a woman. Now he has admitted what he did, Ms Sheridan should win this case, as this is what the case is all about, a man slapping a woman around the head.

Cherry is in the wrong and clearly has no self-control, it is not his right to lay a hand on another person, he must be delusional of what his power truly means.

Just because he can afford expensive lawyers shoudln't give him the right to twist the truth... Mr. Cherry Slapped, he hit, he walloped, he whacked.. what's the difference?

Lawyers dragging this out and getting paid more money!

925 days ago


why didn't he just use "she must have tripped"? it's a classic.

925 days ago


Only person here changing their story is him.

925 days ago


Look...if Cherry hit Nicollette &then fired her OR had her written OUT OF THE SHOW...he needs to compensate her. all this back & forth is STUPID do the RIGHT THing Man DANG...its just THAT Easy! fini.

925 days ago

northern gypsy    

ummm...interesting...did anyone watch tmz live yesterday???
in a unrelated case...our boy harvey was questioning what constitutes assault...perhaps being a lawyer he had some inside scoop regarding this case...busted harvey !!!

925 days ago


Is he that desperate he's hoping the judge is unfamiliar with a thesaurus? There is nothing inconsistent with what she has stated. This attempt is only highlighting this man's willingness to be deceptive.

925 days ago


Nicolette is risking a lot by pushing this, and I applaud her courage (if that's what it is). Most actresses would keep their mouths shut...Not because it is the right thing to do but it is the easy thing to do. But most production companies would have paid her off before it got this far. I mean, Charlie Sheen was out of control, and he still got paid to leave 2 and a Half Men. Just pay her already!

924 days ago

Shabaz Conlon    

If this had happened in any other surrounding other than a Hollywood studio, such as a Bank, or any other industry then Mr. Cherry would be going to jail... It's not fair! But typical of Hollywood!!!

924 days ago

truth hurts    

Aren't those synonyms? The education system has failed us yet again.

924 days ago


I thought she was making it up, but she's not. If he admits his "fingers made contact with her head" then he hit her. Who talks like that if they aren't trying to weasel out of something?

924 days ago


I have been keeping up with these stories and the one who keeps changing the story is Cherry. First he didn't hit her, then he barely touched her and now he tapped her on the head. My instinct is that this is not the first time he has hit a woman. And for all of you who talk smack about Nicollette, how do you know what her character really is? If a woman in hollywood stands up for herself, she is labled a Bitch! It's a man's world and everyone thinks they know everyone personally.

916 days ago
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