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Kim K's BFF

I Gave Kris a $5k Wedding Gift

... and I Want It Back!!!

3/6/2012 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries is a no-good wedding gift HYPOCRITE ... so says Kim Kardashian's BFF, who claims he dropped $5,000 on a special marital gift for Kris ... but the NBA star has still never offered to give it back.

TMZ spoke with Jonathan Cheban ... Kim's close pal who's often featured on the Kardashian reality show ... who tells us he gave wedding gifts to both the bride and the groom .. with Kris receiving a $5,000 gift card to YSL.  Not too shabby ...

Cheban says he was down to let Humphries keep his gift when the marriage went bust ... until Kris criticized Kim's post-split gift policy. Now, he's demanding Kris return the card ASAP. 

We broke the story ... Kim decided to keep all of the gifts because she believes it's proper wedding etiquette. And for good measure, she cut a check to the Dream Foundation charity for TWICE the monetary value.

But Kris felt that wasn't good enough ... and believes Kim should send everything back to the guests.

Cheban tells us ... as long as Humphries has the YSL card, he's in no place to judge ... and should keep his mouth shut ... telling us, "Kim did the HONORABLE thing."


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Could all of this 'circus folk' fall into a deep, deep cavern please!!!! so tired of seeing these freaks all over the internet.

876 days ago


so little joni gave two gifts to a newly wed couple hummm..sounds to me like little jonathon was aware that his besties wedding was a SHAM..he probly helped kimmy decide when to end the marriage...I smell a rat.

876 days ago


Jonathan cheban Kardashian.....attention whore family

876 days ago


Narcissistic Kim and her clones trying to save her tarnished image. Damage is done Johnathan, America hates Kim except for her select ignorant group of die hard 14 year old girls. She was wrong from day 1 for even asking for gifts. When my best friend had her wedding they said no gifts on invite but we could donate to their favorite charity in their name, they did this because they have money and didn't need gifts. What a concept, something far to noble for Kim to ever do. I'm sure vial Kim had this planned out from the beginning to keep the gifts, donate to charity then write it off in taxes. It's just something her conniving ass would plan from the jump. I wish they would all go away, they are sickening!

876 days ago


876 days ago

Trooper Tom    

dude f*ck off you are only running your mouth because you are part of the Kockroachian trollops. Kris if he did give you a card send him one back and can shut his mouth and go back to kissing the Kockroachians asses

876 days ago


Just take them off the air. Kardashian's 10 min of frame is over and TMz we don't want to read about them any more just because you get paid from them.That mother face is all plastic its had to look at. When will they start putting real TV back on instead rich trailer trash.

876 days ago

Yep I said that    

Cheban another media whoring no body STFU and go away. So you give him a 5000 gift card and Kim the ho gets all the gifts makes a donation which ends up being a 100% tax deduction keeps all the gifts and she did the honorable thing? dude shut the hell up and go back to being Kim's house boy

876 days ago

Big question is:Negative example the Kardashian have given t the public.Any show or media attention given to them.I have stopped watching.Family that had so much to give and could have made a difference to the public..Has shown how greedy people really are.Bottom line is .Here is a family that has no heart or soul..Wondering ..Who the mother sold the virgin of her youngest daughter to..Honestly,I believe that is how low this family will go for the almighty dollar.How sick are.

876 days ago


JONATHON IS A FREAK WHO SUCKS UP TO KIM OR HE'D BE TOAST so he sucks up to Kim to be relevant at all and he's still gay prey. JONATHON GET KIM TO GIVE ALL not some OF THE WEDDING GIFTS BACK and stop predending she's doing something fine when she needed the tax deductions and her donations were simply a show when she had to do something to relieve her financial debt to the IRS that she didn't want to pay so she could contribute to reducing our national debt. KIM IS A FRAUD AND SO ARE YOU JONATHON .. just a sucky uppy one!

876 days ago


I dont get it how come people are bashing kim for not giving the gift's back but everyone thinks it's fine kris keeps the gift card and prob other personal gifts he got for the wedding and he hasn't cut a check for charity yet. I also dont see how anyone can be mad she kept gifts that a bunch of rich people gave her and then cut a check for more money to a good charity. Who cares if it's a tax write off it still helps people who are less fortunate instead of giving rich people back their gifts. idk why people hate them so much it's not like they have hurt anyone on this site personally ohh she wasn't married long neither was kenny chesney and Renee Zellweger and alot of other stars and people are boycotting them. Also when kim and kris where married it wasn't lke kris was husband of the year he was def a **** and a dumbass and kim wasn't a great wife either they didn't seem happy and if it wasn't working they should get a divorce. I think it so funny people get so mad they are fame whores who cares if you dont like them dont read and watch them it's not that hard they are only really on one channel.

876 days ago


Cheben if your were smart you'd jump the kardashian ship. Except wait a minute your have no other real clients and your reality show lasted barely a season or so. I wouldn't be knocking miss kims ex btw. I'm sure he will do fine as far as your pr career we don't expect you or miss kim to last much longer.

876 days ago


Jonathan, i know you have been on the kim K train, and been paid nicely for all the publicity you get her, but its time to jump from the train, for your life, because the train is on its way to crashing . Eventually she will tire of you and just like (poor unsuspecting Kris) divorce you and blame you for the fact her career of doing anything for $$ (like a whore) is ending. jump jonathan jump

876 days ago


I'm so tired of this Kris Humphries he was a nobody until he hooked up with Kim. Tell him to go away

876 days ago


KK NEVER FAILS TO AMAZE ME! She is so out of touch about PROPER ETIQUETTE, particularly, wedding gifts. It is doubtful she actually knows how to write a "thank you" note, since her background is, grab, grab, grab, and NEVER, return, return, return. Face it, the woman has the class of a cross-eyed turtle. Pitiful!!!

876 days ago
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