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Kim K's BFF

I Gave Kris a $5k Wedding Gift

... and I Want It Back!!!

3/6/2012 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries is a no-good wedding gift HYPOCRITE ... so says Kim Kardashian's BFF, who claims he dropped $5,000 on a special marital gift for Kris ... but the NBA star has still never offered to give it back.

TMZ spoke with Jonathan Cheban ... Kim's close pal who's often featured on the Kardashian reality show ... who tells us he gave wedding gifts to both the bride and the groom .. with Kris receiving a $5,000 gift card to YSL.  Not too shabby ...

Cheban says he was down to let Humphries keep his gift when the marriage went bust ... until Kris criticized Kim's post-split gift policy. Now, he's demanding Kris return the card ASAP. 

We broke the story ... Kim decided to keep all of the gifts because she believes it's proper wedding etiquette. And for good measure, she cut a check to the Dream Foundation charity for TWICE the monetary value.

But Kris felt that wasn't good enough ... and believes Kim should send everything back to the guests.

Cheban tells us ... as long as Humphries has the YSL card, he's in no place to judge ... and should keep his mouth shut ... telling us, "Kim did the HONORABLE thing."


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small asian penis    

Obviously he hasn't looked up the word "honorable" .... The gifts are a marital asset, and residing in a common law state, half that stuff is his. Kris is entitled to half of it, he should then return it to the recipients. Kim is getting her advice from fame whores who ride her coat tail. I can't wait for her to be history, she can go crawl in bed with Paris-ite.

939 days ago


There is something wrong with him, I get a bad feeling just looking at him, he is gross, anyway never thought I would stand for a Kardashian.In this case she is under no obligation to even do anything, she may not have been married for as long as you wanted but I believe she loved that icky guy. I believe he found out he was in a iron clad pre-nup and could not make a fool out of himself by not marrying her so this is what happened. I do not care about a sex tape I do not care if he plays basketball, I do believe my own ears and I heard him call her fat, and other unbecoming names, he is a control freak and a big ass baby, deal with it old boy go play basketball and let it go, you lost, there is something creepy about him. He looks mean, says mean stuff and is pretty transparent, no one likes the Kardashians it seems, but everyone knows this guy is a player and you do not know what to do? WELL I DO ! ADMIT THE GUY IS A BIGGER JERK THAN YOU THOUGHT.

939 days ago


is it me, or does humptydumpty constantly look like he's trying to figure out a complex math equation? like, ya know, the ones w THREE factors, instead of just two. 2+2=4 no problem for krissy. 2+2+3= "ooooOOOOOoOOOOH MY MIIIIIIND!"

939 days ago

Savvy Beotch    

Like anyone would believe a word from Kim's camp. Kris was 200,000,000 times better than any one member of that waste of oxygen family or their close friends. they should check with Kim about any "Gift" that is missing. It might be hidden in her ass flaps.

939 days ago


If I was Kris, I'd tell this idiot, as soon as my ex-wife gives up her $2mil ring, we'll talk about giving you back your $50K gift. One word....pretentious...that describes the Kardashians. Oh wait, one other word.....shameful. They're on their way out....thank the good Lord above.

939 days ago

Joan K    

Now if you want to see a Drama QUEEN this is the "GUY". He is Kimmy's gay boyfriend, don't all the rich people have one of these? Please take your little gay butt back to Kimmy and figure out another way to try and look like she is the better one in this mess, loser.

939 days ago


OH just shut the F up already. Maybe he spent the gift card. But what's more likely is Kim has/had it. What's even more likely is that he's lying. What a douche. Even if he did have it, it was Kim that faked the whole thing. He shouldn't have to give anything back. If Kim want's anyone to let this go, she should put a muzzle on this pet quick. Call him Cato Jr. and close out his 3 minutes of fame already.

939 days ago


OMG.....This man needs to shut his mouth!!! I looked up YSL, and this is what it says.....
I love the part about "disclose their efforts to address the issues of slavery and human trafficking, thereby allowing consumers to make better, more-informed choices regarding the products they buy and the companies they choose to support".


Founded in 1961, Yves Saint Laurent is one of the great fashion names of the 20th century.
The first couture house to introduce the concept of luxury prêt-à-porter in a 1966 collection called ‘Rive Gauche’, Yves Saint Laurent revolutionized the socio-cultural landscape.
The shift represented a first and critical step in the modernization of fashion, making it accessible to a wider public. In 1999, the luxury goods division of the PPR Group acquired Yves Saint Laurent and under the creative direction of Stefano Pilati since 2004 has positioned the house at the summit of the luxury universe.
The exceptional legacy of Yves Saint Laurent has thus been renewed and a contemporary identity at once forged through innovative collections that marry elegance, refinement, French chic and timeless style.
Today Yves Saint Laurent’s collections include women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, shoes, handbags, small leather goods, jewelry, scarves, ties and eyewear.

California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010
Corporate Disclosure

The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 (SB 657) requires California businesses to disclose their efforts to address the issues of slavery and human trafficking, thereby allowing consumers to make better, more-informed choices regarding the products they buy and the companies they choose to support.

Yves Saint Laurent (“YSL”) has taken steps to evaluate the risks of forced labor in our supply chain. Within YSL, procurement falls into two broad categories: (1) sourcing of raw materials such as textiles and leather; and (2) procurement of other types of goods and services to support the day-to-day running of our operations, such as energy, manufacturing, and office equipment. Although the social impact of the goods and services that YSL purchases often lies outside our direct control, where possible, we have taken proactive steps to ensure the absence of slavery and human trafficking in our supply chain......

939 days ago


BTW, under rules of Etiquette she is under no obligation to give a gift back, once a gift is given it is tasteless to ask for its return even if you do not like how things went. I am no Kardashian fan but I do not like him either, like I said , he is creepy and I think he planned this when he knew she had a good prenup. And why doesn't he give back the bachelor gifts? It is a fair question

939 days ago

Team Kardashian    

Kris comes across as a manipulative spoiled child. From throwing being in awe of Kim's bidet to throwing Kim in water with expensive earrings to demanding his divorce be shown on tv, it all shows him as this young oaf, more brawn than brain, not very sophisticated or worldly, so immature that he thinks playing control games like leaving messes to intentionally agitate Kim is healthy marital interaction. If Kris truly only wants out of his marriage why doesn't he admit to fraud on his part, get Kim to sign away any right to sue him, sign confidentiality agreement and get an annulment. Instead he wants to destroy the Kardashian image when all the while he and his family are sucking up endorsements, jobs, gifts, like they had these offers pre-Kim. He's doing exactly what he purports to despise. Hypocrite!He can't pretend he didn't know the Kardashian brand and operation. Grow some Russel Brands Kris and walk away. Learn from your mistake and go on. Kris could take the high road and he'd make even more money and seem a gentleman. Maybe Kris' god condones controlling, vengeful behavior. Kim also needs to learn from this and I could write another comment on her own part but this story was about Kris so the comment is too.

939 days ago


Kris Humphries is only saying outragous things to keep his name out there. He married Kim K. That does not speak well for his judgement to begin with. Yes he is a hypocrite. He is a liar. He is an attention -ho-. How we should we be surprised? It is always her fault. I do not remember watching him with a gun to his head before the wedding.

939 days ago


First Kim announces that she "supposedly" gave her gifts to charity, then she has BFF slam Kris over not giving his back - how much more obvious can this get! Hey Kris - time to "claim" you made a donation

939 days ago


What gives the Kartrashian skank the right to singularly control the gifts? The fact that she says on her thank you note, "MY" wedding is evidence that the marriage was a farce. How could it be her wedding and hers alone? What about the groom. She is a pig. I don't believe Gay-ben has $5000 to give a gift. If he did he would use on getting plastic surgery so he doesn't look like the spawn of Herman Munster.

939 days ago


Since when is a gift card a "special" gift?

939 days ago


kim will let you pee all over her if you let her keep it!

939 days ago
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