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Rush Limbaugh Victim Is

Winona Ryder?

3/7/2012 1:00 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Here's Sandra Fluke -- the chick Rush Limbaugh called a "slut" for arguing contraception should be covered by private insurance -- at JFK this week (left) -- and former actress Winona Ryder during her shoplifting trial in 2002 (right).

Girl, interrupted.

We're just sayin'.


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Sandra Fluke the so-called Rush Limbaugh victim as TMZ puts it, is nothing more than an Obama plant to distract people from the economy, and to gain women voters which Obama was lacking. Obama needs women voters and needs his healthcare bill to pass "IF" he is, elected another term. Face it, there is no way any regular tom, ****, or harry, would ever get the chance to speak in front of congress as she was given the chance to, if she werent planted there by yours truely.

It's all over the web now. Chick was an Obama plant... like Joe the Plumber !!

Although Rush was a bit harsh in his words, he has the right to freedom of speech, and there would not have been ANY sort of uproar over what Rush said if it werent an election year.

It's all friggen politics folks / a conspiracy if you will !

961 days ago


This slut is NO victim. PERIOD ! Look at when she set up her Twitter account, who she followed, this was all a game from the get go.


BTW only a blind guy would do her and that's if he has no sense of smell.

961 days ago

Mister E    

Shmega Didos, are you sure she is the type to use birth control, just saying although I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating fish tacos, hell I might even pay for a year of birth control to do so hubba hubba

961 days ago

In Depth News    

RUSH APOLGIZED To Left Wing Activist Sandra FLuke (online and on air) a few times. Sandra Fluke not Only didn't accept it , but Endorsed George Soros's 'Media Matters' on ABC (george soros was a member of the axis powers in 1940s (the german socialist army - e.europe division)).

There has been Many TV Hosts (NBC , CBS, Etc.) , Bill Maher , Etc. That said Much Worse SEXIST Comments Against republicam women (palin, bachman,malkin,etc.) But There was No Outrage... Left Wing Sandra Fluke Might SUE Rush . She is under Pressure from media groups and some democrats to Sue.

961 days ago


Winona is a gorgeous all-American sweetheart and a perfect 10.

The Georgetown girl, not so much!

Love Winona!!

961 days ago


I strongly suspect that Ms Fluke has never been a victim of anything. However, I also suspect that she engineered the entire situation with the hope that she would provoke someone or something. That's the typical lib MO

961 days ago


Since Fluke testified she likes it bareback I would be more than happy to offer to top-up her tank.

961 days ago


Absurd, absolutely absurd!!!!

Rush was absolutely correct, even if he did use a poor choice of words.

Sandra Fluke has been a radical leftist activist for about 10 years raising H... demanding free abortion on demand. She chose to enter a Catholic University for the sole purpose of raising more H... about Obama's "license your cat" divert the line of thought scheme to radicalize the public.

The main purpose was to steer the public using the famous "license the cats" diversion from his failed policies, all of them!

She got what she deserved although the left did not like the choice of words, even though Maher uses them quite often to spew hate against Palin, Backman, and other prominent conservatives.

So, my statement to you leftists....get a life and get real. Your hypocrisy is getting tiresome.

961 days ago


VICTIM!! Really... I am pretty sure she is making bank off all the attention.

961 days ago


"...arguing contraception should be covered by private insurance." Yeah not really what he was arguing. Good spin though.

961 days ago


free birth control? the least we can do is to give away the blue pill too. it is almost fair.
BTW she looks so smart, not as a scapadegoat at all for some liberal agenda... no no no!

961 days ago


seriously... she's a "Victim"? Oh give me a break. not saying what Rush said was right... but she's no victim. besides, the left has done worse. Bill Maher called Palin a C*nt. did anyone call her a victim? When Andrew Breitbart died, the libs were dancing on his grave and laughing as others wished ill on his widow and young children. Anyone call his widow or young children "Victims"? Give me a flipping break.

961 days ago


yes it is true, both like things for free, lol, love that comment, LOL

961 days ago


So if you claim to spend $3000.00 on birth control and someone calls you a slut, you are now a "victim"?

961 days ago


You sucked it big time on this one TMZ

961 days ago
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