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U.S. Soldiers

Life Among the Weeds

in Afghanistan

3/8/2012 6:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

US Soldiers in marijuana fields
Life isn't all bad for our heroes in uniform in Afghanistan ... especially when they encounter MASSIVE marijuana fields as these photos show ... but we've learned these photos have triggered a military investigation.

A bunch of guys who appear to be soldiers whipped out their cameras ... and their weapons ... and posed for a bunch of pics while out on patrol in Kabul recently.

No word on the identity of the soldiers ... or when the pics were taken. Note -- the photos DO NOT show any of the soldiers smoking the weed, but there is a shot of the guys decorating the inside of their vehicle with cannabis leaves.

We spoke to U.S. Army officials ... who tell us the situation is "being looked into" ... noting, "The U.S. military takes allegations of drug possession, transfer, distribution, and use very seriously."

The Army also notes that Afghan anti-drug units, aided by international security forces, have resulted in a tremendous increase in drug seizures over the past year.

Ironically, the baseball caps 2 of the soldiers are wearing are as problematic as the weed. Soldiers caught wearing non-military issue headgear can get in big trouble.

Remember kids, just say no.


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I think these dudes are National Guard soldiers, based on their uniform. Active duty Army in Afghansitan wear a completely different uniform, plus their issued gear looks old as ****. lol.

962 days ago


Come on most people do not see entire fields of cannabis. Your telling me soldier or not you wouldn't take a picture to show people? TMZ give us all a break with your attempts at stirring up controversy over something most people don't care about.
Must be like Fox news fishing for those ultra-conservative moms who squeak at the first signs of the words illegal drugs

Its stories like this that only make their jobs harder drug tests,searches,etc Not allowed to take pics doing their job.

Gee the military seems so inviting my personal freedoms restricted. Ironic since that's what those soldiers are fighting for.

We need more positive stories and not crap issues like this putting them in a bad light all the time. TMZ wouldn't know the meaning of "patriotic"

962 days ago


The "war on terror" is a lie. The largest drug cartel in the world is our CIA. Opium is worth more than $3 billion a year in Afghanistan alone... our troops are there to guard the poppy fields and now, apparently, the marijuana too. We can't let Afghanistan have all that profit for themselves now can we? :(

962 days ago


Shame on you TMZ for trying to stir the pot when these photos show nothing to be stirred. These young men are giving their lives freely so you can have the freedom to make them look bad. Shame on you. Stick to what you know best & that is celebrities. Leave the troops alone.

962 days ago


you can kill or be killed as a American soldier playing cop in another country but you can smoke a weed less harmful than the beer they serve you on base

962 days ago


Puhleez. I had tons of friends who got wasted in Vietnam, some who came back with heroin habits. Some friends in the Army stationed in Germany packed huge amounts of hash in stereo speakers they shipped back here. WWII and prior they got wasted on alcohol. Since then drugs help them cope. Like this is something new.

962 days ago


Oh way to go TMZ, these guys already have it rough enough. Let them be, I'm sure you would wanna smoke a little weed to escape the place for a minute too. On top of it you gotta bust balls about wearing ball caps, Tell Harvey to wear a ****ing helmet for the next 6 months and see how he likes it. pffft....

962 days ago

Sin D    

AHHH...leave 'em alone ! These guys deserve some bud R&R

962 days ago


This is so stupid.. It's ok for them to give up their lives for this country and for some their life will never be the same because of the trama of this war, but it's a big deal to take a picture with some Mary Jane plants.. worry about other things.. these poor men practically sign up for their death bed.

962 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

The guys look SO young, which means they have the stupidity of youth.

962 days ago


This pic is sure to stirr the pot.

962 days ago


Just say no to the recruiter

962 days ago

Paige Gibson    

TMZ sometimes you can be such a disgrace. And I am not talking about stars. Every post you have about the military is them doing something wrong. Why don't you have some respect for the people who fight for your freedom and post something right. It's sad to think my husband is in Afghanistan right now so that websites can further lower the morale of American people and their support. Thanks. Cause its no sacrifice at all for him or me or his family for him to be gone.

962 days ago


This investigation will be short lived, because the CIA are drug dealers and this all goes way back. Back in the Vietnam war days the Vietnamese had a nick name for the director of the CIA, Poppy Bush!

962 days ago


Leave them alone. They defend our country everyday. It's not like they are smoking the weed. Just having some fun. LEAVE THEM ALONE. There should not even be a dumb investigation.

962 days ago
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