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Whitney Houston's Daughter

I Don't Want My Dad's Name

3/11/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston
's daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown can't stand her name ... because of its association with her father Bobby Brown -- and now, TMZ has learned, she wants to change it all together.

Bobbi Kristina is telling friends ... she's wanted to change her name for years -- ever since her parents split -- but Whitney wouldn't let her.

Now that Whitney's gone, we're told the 19-year-old feels untethered -- and wants to finally change her name completely ... making it simply "Kristina Houston."

We're told Bobbi has made the decision with a sober mind and is in a "better place" than she's been in a while.

It's unclear when she plans to make the change official.



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Dr Patrick    

To Logan : Posts 38 and 40,
You ask everyone defending Bobby Brown to "get a clue" ? I am supposing that you think that you got the "clue". Can you please explain how you got this clue? Do you personally know Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston or are you relying on newspaper/press reports like the rest of us to get your "clue" ?

While I defend your right to think whatever you like and hypothesize as you deem fit or to the extent of your intellect, I think that it smacks of arrogance and maybe dishonesty for you to infer that Bobby Brown somehow contributed to Whitney's death.

Bobby Brown, from all published reports have been clean and sober since his divorce from Whitney Houston but Whitney Houston Continued using and Abusing Drugs.

Bobby Brown has gone back to being productive, doing shows all over the world since his divorce while Whitney was spiraling out of Control, maybe because the little control that she ever had was removed in the person of Bobby Brown.
If the above is true, it then will be reasonable to admit the idiocy of your thinking that Bobby Brown as the "father Figure" should have done something or done more . How do you know what he did or did not do ?

What would you have done or liked Bobby Brown to do as the "Father Figure" ?
(a) Beat Whitney Houston into stopping to abuse drugs ?
(b) Have Whitney Houston arrested for drug Abuse ?

It appears that at least from the published reports that Bobby Brown was actually the Victim of Abuse from this family who actually seem to be Whitney's enablers and never allowed Bobby Brown to be the Husband and Father that he was supposed to be. Whitney appeared to have been put in a very impossible position with (a) A man that she truly loved and (b) a Family of Vultures who did everything to discredit this man and force the divorce.
How can any honest person ignore the reality and fact that Bobby Brown was quite successful before marriage to Houston and became a total mess with several stints in Jail and Prison for the duration of the marriage. He has not served one day in prison or have their been any reports of drug abuse since after his divorce from Houston. He is back to his band and touring the world while Houston is dead from Drug abuse and you and her family have the temerity to blame Bobby Brown who has been divorced from her for at least 3 years.

Recent Stories about Whitney's mother throwing out Whitney's adopted son from Whitney's home speaks volumes about the mindset of this woman and her family.
I agree with AL Sharpton..."Leave Bobby Brown Alone"

Bobby Kristina choosing or being Compelled or coaxed into disrespecting her Father Bobby Brown, who raised and Loved her is a sad state of affairs.

By the way Logan, why do you think that it was necessary to shout in your posting ?

958 days ago

Just Sayin'    

A Brown will always be a Brown. You will always look like your dad,name change or not. Grow up and get dem teef fixed..

958 days ago


Good for her!

958 days ago


Changing ur name dear is not going to change the fact that Bobby is ur dad,hell you look just like him but in the same breath,it's totally understandable if Bobby wasn't there for her...I can remember Whitney saying Bobby made so promises to Bobbi Kris and he never kept those promises..

958 days ago

Jay W.     

Many folks are born to the wrong parents and the wrong name !
Get over it.

958 days ago


I hate to be rude but Bobbi honey, if you are reading this (as if that would happen) if you want to distance yourself from your father the first thing you should do is see a good orthodontist and get rid of that mini-me gap between those teeth. Damn girl, you could drive a small car between those two front teeth. The second thing you might want to consider is getting rid of that light bulb nose that he passed on to you. Other than that, maybe buy a farm somewhere in Iowa and get the hell out of Dodge, as the saying goes, and do some clean living before you're next.

958 days ago


oh yeah honey, here's another thing. I've seen the You Tube videos of you singing. Hang onto mama's money for dear life because you really shouldn't quit your day job for that "singing career." I hate to be the one to tell you this, but no matter what your name is, that career ain't ever gonna happen. Sorry hon.

958 days ago


Wonder why my comment was never posted? I did the correct procedure??

958 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

Stay where the money is I guess......

Hopefully the name is the only thing Kristina will emulate from her mother....

958 days ago

Home Skillet    

Go, Krissie! Great move, and you're right to distance yourself from him.

958 days ago


She wishes she was Whitney. She's always hated that she looke more like her Dad - but this won't change that. Nor will it change who everyone knows her father is.

And if Whitney never wanted her to make this change, then she's not respecting her mother by taking this action so soon (or at all) after her mother's death.

958 days ago


She's trying to pull a Melissa Rivers -- Attach yourself to bigger name. Sad...

958 days ago


Renouncing your name won't change the fact that Bobby Brown's your father. Might as well go renounce your belly button - it won't change the fact that you'll still have it.

958 days ago


Whitney gave her a terrible name and good for her for changing it!! However she looks like her dad and that won't change unless she has extensive plastic work!!

958 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

She can do whatever she wants. As for the sober mind part....the first major decision she makes since her mom died is to do something that went against her mom's wishes, it seems somewhat passive aggressive.

958 days ago
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