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Whitney Houston's Sister

I 'Don't Know How'

Whitney Got in the Tub

3/12/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston's sister-in-law Pat is throwing more fuel on the fire for those people who think Whitney may have been murdered ... saying she does not know how Whitney ended up in the bathtub of her hotel room on the night she died.

As TMZ first reported, the L.A. County Coroner's Office has received phone calls and emails from people claiming to be relatives of Houston ... who say they believe Whitney was murdered.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey that aired tonight on OWN, Pat described the scene that night, saying, "Don't know how she got [in the tub] ... I just know they had to pull her out of [the tub]."

The Coroner has already said there was no sign of foul play or trauma, but the official cause of death won't be determined until toxicology results are in.


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Drk Gntlmn    

Some of these comments shows how dumbfounded people can be. She was simply stating she didn't know what happened. I don't think that the family is wrong for wondering if something else truly did happen.

903 days ago


Oh, I don't know, Pat. Maybe she got in the tub herself? Who did this stupid interview? Did she really say she "Don't know how she got [in the tub]"? My guess is, and this is pure speculation now, but I think she took her clothes off, and stepped in one foot at a time, in an attempt to bathe herself. Weird how the money-grubbing relatives start creeping out of the shadows when a person with money passes on.

903 days ago


How else does anyone get into the tub when they take a bath? I think I've heard it all now!!

903 days ago


Her cronies and family clearly cleaned up the scene before the cops got there. She was a known drug user and they found NO illegal drugs or paraphenlia in sight, not even a few pinches of weed? What a bunch of b.s.

903 days ago


Whitney was not murdered. The pictures TMZ posted of the bathroom shows a razor on the floor and the olive oil in the water that she used on her skin. The sister-in-law said that Whitney was found face down in the bathtub. Whitney was probably sitting on the edge of the tub shaving her legs and went into cardiac arrest after mixing alcohol and Xanax and slumped forward, landing face up into the bath water. I think her sister-in-law was saying that she personally did not know how Whitney went in the tub face first because NOONE was in the bathroom with Whitney and could not possibly know what happened. The hairdresser went into the bathroom and saw her, turned around, ran to her bodyguard Ray's room to get him, and Ray was the person who pulled her out of the bathtub.

903 days ago


Get a clue "relatives of Whitney's.....She's been slowly killing HERSELF for years!

903 days ago


Wow. Whitney's brother and sister-in-law are living in STYLE! Where's the money going to come from now to maintain their lifestyle?

903 days ago


From what I saw, this whole interview was nothing but fluff. There was nothing genuine about it. I'd just guess that they needed money; therefore, made a show out of it. Pure fluff.

903 days ago


REALITY...SHE'S NOT TAKING YOU ANYWHERE ANYMORE for all she did for you relatives. You sponged off of her for her whole life, but she gave all she had willingly for getting "love" but got nothing but moochers enabling for her to take care of them as you "ALL" did. She was lost before she even started, now that's sad, and you all will be keeping this young daughter within arms reach as well. Pure shame, users and abusers.

903 days ago


She appeared to have overdosed or mixed substances together resulting in death. It happens. Her family is going through the many stages of grief. Denial and blame are two of those stages. Grieving is a process best done privately, imo.

903 days ago


Illuminati in the entertainment biz wanted big TV ratings for the Grammys, so they terminated her contract. She died the day before the Grammys on the 11th of February. 11 is a sacred number for the Illuminati.

902 days ago


Okay look, the longer she's kept in the media, the chances are good the dollars go up. Is that what is happening here? C'mon, talk to the police, not Oprah. Yes, her death was tragic, she WAS a talent, but she just gave out to her lifestyle, that was not murder. They should pull the plug on their theory.

902 days ago


she stepped into the tub like anyone else would. Where is the mystery? Whitney was 48 years old, not an infant. She was perfectly capable of stepping into a tub.

TMZ is trying o fuel the fire with this crap.

902 days ago


TMZ! Pat was not her "sister," but rather her sister-in-law, married to Whitney's brother, Gary. Minor detail, but still.

902 days ago


If she doesn't know how a person gets into a bathtub, she needs to go back to kindergarten.

902 days ago
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