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Oprah ... Losing Her Mojo?

3/12/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Oprah Winfrey is losing her Midas touch -- how else do you explain a glaring mistake during her Whitney Houston special on OWN? We're breaking down O's interview with Whitney's daughter and sister-in-law ... and wondering how Oprah missed one HUGE question!

Also, Reza from the new reality show "Shahs of Sunset" is with us -- and he has some choice words for his critics ... one of 'em right here in our newsroom. Plus, is Donald Trump Jr.'s safari killing spree senseless savagery or justified hunting?

(1:45) We got video of Charlie Sheen hammered again ... should the people behind his new show be alarmed?
(5:51) Oprah fails to challenge Whitney's sister over her tub comments ... some think she's lost her mojo.
(10:10) Marie Osmond pees herself while on stage ... yes, there's video ... and yes, it's awesome.
(11:40) Rihanna shows off the girls ... again.
(18:20) Kim and Kris' $7 mil war.
(22:01) Shahs of Sunset star Reza joins us live -- he doesn't care that the show highlights Persian stereotypes.
(25:31) Brad Pitt ... proud driver of a minivan.
(27:31) Aubrey O'Day's dogs rub their buttholes on a restaurant table ... igniting a health dept. investigation.
(31:51) Debate of the day -- would you let Joe Jackson knock you up ... with hopes you make another MJ?
(35:10) How many licks does it take to contract a virus at Knott's Berry Farm?


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Charlie Sheen plays a good game of hiding the truth about his drug and alcohol use but in the end the truth will come out as it always does with anybody who lies all the time. I, for one, never believed he stopped his drug use or heavy drinking, just toned it down a couple of notches. Now that his life is probably running fairly smooth again he will let his guard down. I think he gets bored when his life is running smoothly and need some excitement but as long as he thinks AA or NA is no good and he can do it himself, I don't think he will ever STAY sober.

957 days ago


We all LOVE Charlie as CHARLIE! !
Broads,Boobs,Booze and a little Brownstone=P

957 days ago


Just 'cuz your Mum has an idea to market your Ho'ery and is able to parley your sex tape into a multi-million dollar industry, that doesn't mean that you, yourself, is no longer an idiot. That may make you a well protected, well managed, and slightly more educated idiot, but still an idiot.

957 days ago


I won't vote on the Kris/Kim poll because they are both ridiculous.

957 days ago


Oprah is like Entertainment Tonight, it is a big infomercial and no substance.

957 days ago


who cares about the skank Kim, really who cares other than Harvey

957 days ago

blue pen    

You censor Rhianna's boobs, but feel it's okay to publish autopsy pics? ****ed up.

957 days ago


I'm okay with Carly doing that!

957 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Muthaaaaaaaaaa... Just killed man..

957 days ago


Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton are f**king idiots! Kim K. can say say she owns "... businesses, is a part of a successful TV show, produces, writes, designs, and creates..." but the reality of it is, she used mommy's and daddy's and step-daddy's money to get what she has today. She's never had to actually WORK!

957 days ago


Jon Hamm is right on the money. Why Kim and Paris are celebs is beyond me. They are both skanks.... And Matt Lauer.....too arrogant for my liking. 30 million....Cmon!!!!

957 days ago


I really do agree with those that say TMZ is owned by the Kardashians. Harvey has been WAY too adamant about supporting them for too long, no matter what they do. Look at the polls, people don't buy what you are putting out there Harvey. They back Kris and they back Jon Hamm.

957 days ago


Mike from TMZ Just proved Kim's reality show is not a do***entary of there real lives but it is scripted and claims kim is a writer on the show. Do***entary's don't use writers. Kris can use that info in his bid for anulment.

957 days ago


"killing your mics" is offensive to your loyal TMZ Live followers.

957 days ago


Love your show! Watch it everyday, one thing I like most about it is the "off air" activity. Some of the funniest moments have happened during your "breaks". To be honest, a lot of the people/events you have stories about...I couldn't care less about (sorry) but if at all possible, I don't miss your online show.

957 days ago
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