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'American Idol' Contestant

Shovels B.S.

To Get Sympathy Vote

3/13/2012 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Jones
Jermaine Jones
-- the 6'8" gentle giant on "American Idol" -- has big problems with the truth, because he fabricated a sob story to "A.I." producers to win the hearts and minds of the American people.

"A.I." sources told TMZ ... last week, after appearing on the show ... Jermaine came to them and said his dad called him from out of the blue, claiming pops abandoned him and his mom 10 years ago.  Jermaine told producers he was extremely upset that his dad suddenly reappeared in his life now that he was famous and potentially rich. Jermaine said his dad was "a lousy father" and wanted nothing to do with him.

Well TMZ spoke with Jermaine's dad, Kevin Jones, who says the sob story is absurd  -- that he has had an ongoing relationship with the young man through the years and even had dinner with him on both Wednesday and Thursday night of last week. 

Kevin also says his son was not telling the truth about getting a phone call from out of the blue -- Kevin says he was actually in the audience last week supporting his child.

We spoke with production people on "Idol" who tell us they are "shocked" Jermaine concocted the story and it seems like it was all a ploy to get some traction on the show.

We could not reach Jermaine for comment.


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What's up with that Jermaine? I thought you were one of the good guys. Please prove this dude wrong.

933 days ago


BS! A.I. Is always behind every sob story, health scare, family scandal and hard luck story of the jackasses on their show. It's a pathetically sad commentary of how stupid and gullible the American public is. Every dork in America thinks they have a shot at a singing career, fame and fortune due to this fake hick show and we all suffer for it.

933 days ago


TMZ, this sounds like a bunch if he said, he said. How do you know Jermaine is lying?

Anyway, who cares about what's going on behind the scene of a lousy karaoke show? American Idol is a joke!

933 days ago

buzz kill    

What a turd.

933 days ago


oh yeah, and producers NEVER lie, hahaha

933 days ago


This is very iffy reporting -- there is nothing in the way TMZ has written this that says the Gentle Giant is lying. How does sitting in the audience and talking to him twice last week negate the claim that his father just popped back into his life out of the blue after years? Jesus Christ would you do a little more work before trashing someone who might be telling the truth )and what's more, the Gentle Giant is talking to producers about this, he didn't make a public stink that TMZ had to tear apart).

933 days ago


How would having an estranged parent get anyone sympathy? I could see if he talked about having anal cancer and nearly dying or if he said that his girlfriend died in a car accident that very day...but having an estranged father? Not much of a sob story.

933 days ago


Idol needs to stop trying to get votes through sympathy. IT'S OLD!

933 days ago


That doesn't make sense for him to lie publicly if his dad was hearing and watching the entire time. Then his dad outs him to producers for lying, which makes it seems they don't have a good relationship, b/c that would humiliate his son and make him lose fans. So maybe the dad is lying, trying to get back at jermaine for talking about him to begin with? Or jermaine exaggerated the truth, maybe they started a new relationship when he got picked for idol

933 days ago


Who really thinks that Jermaine can actually win??? I don't even believe he deserved to be in the top 10! AI saw drama so they grabbed it. They do this every year, because their ratings keep droping....hmmm wonder why?

933 days ago


How do we know the dad is not lying? What if his dad is such a dead beat that he is willing to throw his son under a bus to save himself from public humiliation? If Jermaines story is true.... sounds like that dad is just trash!

933 days ago


Why would this guy need to lie to get ahead? He sounds like a poor imitation of the late Barry White. As it is, AI practices musical fascism. Only R&B and country are allowed to the exclusion of all other types of music. And all for cookie cutter karaoke talent when original songwriting is what makes music legends and not endless cover songs.

933 days ago

Idol worker    

you didn't do your homework prior to writing the article. I'm surprised Harvey Levin would even allow this. I'm not using my name because I work for Fox News Corp. Shame on you. We all know from 1st year law. NEVER ASK A QUESTION YOU DON'T ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWER TO. So which one of you IDIOTS printed this crap? SOLID proof. ANYONE can come to the show. If he were invited he would have been sitting with Jermaine's mom and friend. He would have been seen on camera supporting his son. I'm sure he was there. I'm sure he called and all of this I'm sure AFTER he found out his son was on a show HE ASSUMES Jermaine is getting paid for. Let me say this, contestants share rooms. They don't have this great budget that people think. There is marketing dollars that are allocated and funding to take care of their specific needs. Let me just say I'm not going to put Idols business out there and lose my job. Just know you're idoits for not doing your homework.

933 days ago


i'm not surprised ... you can't even make it through without a sob story.

933 days ago


Guess who's getting voted off the island next? Oh wait wrong show.

933 days ago
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