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Jermaine Jones

Flees to Philly [VIDEO]

3/14/2012 12:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0_v0u899mi_0_gyiryo27"American Idol" contestant Jermaine Jones fled Los Angeles and the "A.I." guillotine ... because we got video of him after he landed in Philadelphia last night.

Jones flew first class -- which makes us think "Idol" may have paid for the ticket.

As we reported, the plan was for Jermaine to appear on tonight's show​, facing the music for lying about his criminal past.

It's true -- jets also fly west, but it would be a very fast turnaround.


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He "flees" to Philly? Yep, a first class plane ticket is really fleeing.

I have lost so much respect for TMZ and Idol after this. It is the most sensationalistic, knee-jerk, blown out of proportion "scandal" I've ever seen. Poor Jermaine.

951 days ago


Did AI really think that buddy was going to stick around and voluntarily humiliate himself on national tv? Wise move to get out of dodge.

951 days ago


People standing up against you( who all spew racist remarks and constantly use stereotypes as a way of describing other cultures and ethnicites)...IS IN NO WAY CONDONING JERMAINES BEHAVIOUR.Quite shallow minded to think so,wrong is wrong ..he is wrong for what he did...but some of you all can only spew your hatred behind close doors and opague screens for other ethnic groups because you dont have the balls to do so infront of their faces.COWARDS...yea I called you all cowards ,ignorant and all know who you are.

951 days ago


Ummmm, That video was boring.

951 days ago

buzz kill    

American Idiot. Loser!

951 days ago


Can anyone really blame the guy. Who in their right mind would stick around and wait to be given 3rd degree, by Ryan Seacrest of all people,on your arrest history in-front of millions of people then be told "Well, you have to leave, Goodbye!" That's trashy for A.I. to even do that, tell them in private that they have been disqualified and ask the contestant if they want to make one last appearance.

951 days ago


probly the only one going to defend the guy but COME ON! i dont agree with him lying about the dad story for sympathy, but okay he did some crimes in the past OF COURSE he didnt want to tell anyone knowing it would ruin what he had... maybe he was just trying to put his past behind him? people should be given second chances no? his crimes he did in th epast had nothing to do with him trying to be on american idol, sometimes when crap goes bad in your life you need that one thing to go good, and this could of been his "good" thing to clean his act up!

951 days ago


Thats just goes to show you how looks decieve, GENTLE GIANT my ass!

951 days ago

Pudding Tang    

Jane ↑↑↑ has a giant gentle ass???..... Jermaine or Kareem or whatever your name is. You're such a rock star bad boy already and so ahead of the game!

951 days ago

The Neko Nation    

Society and the world would be a better place if people would accept responsibility for their actions and also not condone poor behavior. Instead the self entitled masses would rather make excuses for themselves and others.

951 days ago


How many times does the general public need to see a SCRIPTED show, sell out a "past/photo or other tidbit" of a contestant while AI pretends they KNEW nothing. What a bunch of bunk, as anyone who makes it that far has been checked within an inch of your butt, suprised, ya right. If you were, fire your "legal" team. But I suspect that they hold onto these ones so that they can splash these crap stories when the show is slumping. Sad show from the start, and this is just more proof.

951 days ago


Something about that name Jermaine just screems LOSER!! Too bad, so sad!

951 days ago


Just found out his Twitter account is no more...

951 days ago


bye bye Mommas Boy. You should have never been there to begin with. Wonder if he is crying now and running back to Momma, did Mom know about his past???

951 days ago


I pray TMZ bites the dust due to allowing hatred all day every day. Who ever is over TMZ has to be a racist, mean spirit, and hateful. Who in there right mind could run such garbage and sleep at night....Sad

951 days ago
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