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'American Idol' Contestant

History of Violence,

Deception, Bullying

3/14/2012 9:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Soon-to-be-axed "American Idol" singer Jermaine Jones is a big, fat phony ... who repeatedly LIED to police ... has issues with violence ... and terrorized "Idol" staff ... according to police documents and information obtained by "A.I."

We broke the story ... Jones will be fired from the show tonight for lying to producers about his criminal history ... and now we've learned the troubling details from the multiple run-ins with the law Jones was trying to conceal.

One incident went down on March 5, 2011 ... when Jones was involved in a fight at a Howard Johnson Hotel in Jersey. We're told cops responded ... but Jermaine gave them a fake name -- Joel Jones.

Jermaine was charged with public nuisance and obstruction of justice. He was also arrested for having outstanding warrants.

The next incident went down November 27, 2011 ... when Jermaine was the passenger in a car that was pulled over in Gloucester Township, NJ. Jermaine was questioned by cops and ONCE AGAIN gave them a fake name -- Kareem Watkins.

Jermaine was charged for hindering apprehension and giving false information to avoid self-discovery. He was also arrested for having outstanding warrants ... again.

We've learned ... Jermaine had a total of 4 outstanding warrants ... 3 for driving on a suspended license and 1 for disorderly conduct with an open container.

There's more ... "Idol" sources tell us Jermaine was "very aggressive" behind the scenes ... once terrorizing a member of the staff by screaming at her because he didn't like his wardrobe.

"Idol" sources also tell us ... Jermaine had been questioned about his past by the "A.I." risk management team before he was selected into the top 24 ... and he SWORE, among other things, that he hadn't been in a fight since high school.

Pants on fire ... and now his lies have cost him the best opportunity of his life.


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Holy smear campaign. I've never seen an Idol contestant thrown under the bus like THIS. Somebody clearly doesn't like him. Quite frankly, there are some racist undertones in the reporting as well (not to mention the comment section).

And after some pretty shoddy "detective work" by TMZ (his father abandoned him... oh wait, no he didn't) I personally believe Jermaine when he said he has absolutely no involvement in these stories being leaked.

I'm done with this s***my website, and Idol, after the extremely harsh and unfair treatment of this kid. Best of luck to your Jermaine, and may your sort out whatever personal issues you have in the privacy you deserve.

917 days ago


I thought he was a Jesus lover. I thought Christians were pure and holy. I hope he asks forgiveness. Jesus would offer it. Only Jesus though. Not us.

917 days ago


I wonder if he was white, would everyone still be making all the racial comments...Its not only black men that are violent these days, at least we dont shoot up the entire school when something goes wrong :)

917 days ago


Well ya know, he is from Jersey.

917 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

So what? Idol is dead and a 6' 8" black man will always scare people because of racism.

Send Murdoch and co. back to Oz.

917 days ago


Are the judges and behind-the-scenes AI staff held to the same standard? Hmmmm...Jennifer Lopez - arrested for illegal handgun with Puffy Combs and Steven Tyler - drug and alcohol addict? Don't know about Randy Jackson but I'm sure in that crowd many have arrest records or have had run-ins with the law. I agree with many here...suspended license and open container hardly qualify for dismisssal. JLo has a worse record that that!!!

917 days ago


And in a few weeks we'll be reading how this thug parlayed his criminal history into a record deal and will be making millions. Ain't America grand?

917 days ago


Just let the man go instead of doing it on the show.

917 days ago


This guy took a chance & I hope he gets rewarded like everyone else who lies seems to. If he had told the truth, he wouldn't have been selected ANYWAY & since most of the college & pro head coaches & ALL politicians make their careers out of constantly lying with a straight face, why shouldn't this kid have the same opportunities? It's the way American Culture is in 2012. Don't hate on this guy for this & then pull for a favorite team or support a politician, or you will look VERY hypocritical.
Just something to think about.

917 days ago


And this guy is a teacher. Unbelievable. Hopefully not for long.

917 days ago

chaz lane    

OMG, why didn't Idol do a background check on the guy who gave police a FAKE name when this was going down. Cause THEN they'd know... Idiots.

917 days ago


Wow. I can't believe some of the comments on here. First of all, you can't compare this guy to other stars like Chris Brown, Lindsey etc. They were already famous millionaires when they screwed up. This guy is a nobody and has already, repeatedly screwed up. AI doesn't want to risk spending any money on him if he is a d-bag. Nor do they want to have to risk his behavior if he makes the top 10 and goes on tour. They'd have to have him under close watch. Also, AI has in the past thrown people off for having a record. Other comments about "consipiracy theory" "throwing him under the bus" is ridiculous. Again, they don't want to have this guy cost them big bucks. I am mostly disgusted by the racial comments on here. Some are flat out flagrant racist comments from ignorant, small minded people others are more subtle racist comments veiled as educated observations about society. How can you racists look yourselves in the mirror and like yourselves?

917 days ago


Never liked him. Something strange about him from the beginning. Last week when he made it thru, he was the only one that wasn't humble when the others he was standing with didn't make it thru. Something not right with a man that attached to his mom's apron strings, but acting the way he did on stage and during his off stage interviews.

917 days ago


Maybe a clue could of been that he went to a high school for the "behavioral challenged." Just saying. They don't have the word "alternative" in most high schools.

917 days ago

Flying Blind    

If he hadn't have lied, he would have never made it on the show to begin with. And you would never have heard about him. Now's he's front and center on TMZ plus many other outlets.

Now who's the winner?

917 days ago
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