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Lindsay Lohan

Pulls Switcheroo After Incident

3/14/2012 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan SWAPPED SEATS with her passenger after allegedly striking a club manager in Hollywood early this morning.Lindsay Lohan SWAPPED SEATS with her passenger after allegedly striking a club manager in Hollywood early this morning.

Here's the deal -- while Lohan was leaving The Sayers Club after allegedly striking a 26-year-old just after midnight Wednesday ... she was photographed BEHIND THE WHEEL of her Porsche.

But a short time later, Lohan's car was parked next to two police cars on a nearby street ... with Lindsay now sitting in the passenger seat ... and her passenger in the driver's seat ... the ol' Switcheroo.

It's unclear if Lindsay was trying to dupe cops ... or simply didn't feel like driving anymore.
Lohan was not arrested ... and cops tell us they will only open a hit-and-run investigation if the manager files a report.


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If she told the cops she wasn't driving, I hope they get her @ss.

891 days ago


Could someone who knows how to contact Matt Lauer ask him to get in touch with the barfly Lohan and ask her what she has to say for herself. Hell, have do another intwerview!!

891 days ago

mj blondin    

Just at the end of her Legal Troubles...when all looks well....Lohan messes up and the WORLD sees..IYIYI!

891 days ago


It's pretty difficult to drive with all those camera flashes going off in your face. It's illegal to drive w/ your "brights" on, because it's dangerous. Why is this poor girl subjected to this crap???

891 days ago


quit snitchin tmz.......didnt know you were a bunch of snitches

891 days ago


Can you say "violation of probation?" What is it gonna take to lock up this drug addicted loser who has no respect for authority?? When she finally kills someone will she finally have to pay??? Unfriggin believable! If it was you or I you know we would be in the slammer!!!

891 days ago


That club manager smelled the money. He went from being not knowing who Lindsey was and not needing medical attention to being the ER and pressing charges. She may not be a saint but looks like he's not either. And why are you close enough to her car to get hit?

891 days ago

Grouchy Smurf    

And the Lindsay Lohan cycle starts anew. Clubs, car crashes, thefts, mug shots, court appearances, apologies, t.v. appearances declaring she's changed and hates the club life followed by clubs, crashes, thefts, mug shots, court appearances, apologies... ad nauseam infinitum. This chick is nothing if not predictable.

891 days ago


Totally insane
Couldn't have said it better himself:

891 days ago


This girl is, and always will be, a complete and utter trainwreck. She can't stay out of trouble long enough to get her reputation/career back. Her hair is all messed up and she looks like she's on something in the picture. I don't know why people keep giving her chances. It's not like she gives a f_ck about anything. She will make a couple bad movies, build up a little cash, party and do drugs till the money is gone, and then come back begging for another chance aka a movie deal. Someone will feel bad for her, they'll put her in a movie, she'll make a little cash, and the cycle starts again. She needs to get her sh_t together.

891 days ago


Didn't feel like driving anymore ? Straight from Levin the Lawyer's mouth.

891 days ago

nobody important    

Does everyone hear that?????? I hear a little choo choo coming down the track and it's about to derail!! HAHAH!
Don't stand on the tracks when a train's coming through....

891 days ago


I don't understand why she wasn't arrested, anyone else would have been. It makes no sense. People don't switch places with the driver unless they're trying to cover something up, the police know this. She even tried to say it was the other person driving, when the incident happened, until the photo of her driving came out. A clean and sober person doesn't go to clubs, a clean and sober person doesn't hit cars or people and then flee the scene, a clean and sober person doesn't trade places with someone, after they've been involved in an accident. She's just showing how irresponsible she is and that every single thing out of her mouth is a lie. She can kiss the Lifetime movie goodbye now, there's no chance anyone will hire her again, after this. She's too big of a risk. And to the people blaming the paparazzi, plenty of other people have just as many following them around, yet they manage not to hit cars or people. The couple times it has happened, they haven't left the scene.

891 days ago

She's baaaack    

I'm not a Catholic but if I was I would be super pissed off seeing such s*** riding around sporting rosary beads from her rear view mirror. I don't think you get god points for that kind of stuff either.

891 days ago


She's baacckkk!! Stay off the streets!!!

891 days ago
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