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Cissy Houston on Bobbi Kristina

'What They're Doing

Is Incestuous'

3/15/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cissy Houston, mother of Whitney Houston
Cissy Houston
-- Whitney Houston's mom -- has reacted fiercely to the video we posted Wednesday ... showing Bobbi Kristina and Whitney's "adopted" son Nick Gordon in a romantic grip, and then kissing (below).

Cissy told a close friend, "What they're doing is incestuous." Cissy feels her granddaughter has problems and Nick is taking advantage of her. 

Although Whitney never formally adopted Nick, she considered him her son and Bobbi called him her brother. For his part, Nick called Bobbi his sister.

Cissy is so concerned that Bobbi has become impressionable and therefore an easy target for Nick, she's asking the Whitney Houston Estate to take legal steps to get him evicted from Whitney's home -- where Bobbi Kristina is also living.


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It was Cissy who sold Whitney up the river when she was 19 to Clive Davis with that contract. Cissy needs to show some class and keep her mouth quiet. Cissy won two Grammy riding her daughters coat tails and Whitney supported her entire family financially. Shame on these people. Bobbi and this boy aren't related and who cares. Leave Bobbi Kristina alone..

766 days ago

The Real JJ    

They're not BLOOD but if he knows the family that well and still living with them they should just tell him to take it easy and slow. It's a lil bit weird but she just needs to get the help she needs to move on.

766 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Poor Miss Cissy. Been trying to control this family for the longest. It's not working Maw Maw. You can't control grown people. Just let em be. This relationship will run it's course and when it's over Nick will be gone for good now that the brother sister bond no longer exists.

766 days ago


Think Cissy probably wants more control over Whitneys estate and BK. And would prefer BK turning to her and the family for support since Whitneys death instead of Nick. Don't think there's anything Cissy can do being BK is of age and Nick had been staying there for years prior to Whitneys death.

766 days ago

u iz a cutiepie    

If you read her old twitter, she talks about how Nick is the only one who can cure her insomnia...
I think this has been going on a while, but I doubt very much that they let Whitney in on it. Very strange indeed. And i read somewhere, both these kids do tons of pills oxy etc. Why is she so happy, you ask? She is creepy for being so happy. And now that she read TMZ, she will pose with a sad face next too. ****ed up family for sure. This Nick kid is NO FKN GOOD

766 days ago


Oh great, now the drama begins anew for this dreadful family. Who cares? The kid is headed for a bath tub soon anyway. Might as well enjoy the ride down.

766 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

If he had never lived with them, but they dated and got married, when she was alive, she would have called him her son. You often call your wife's parents mom and dad.

They aren't related. They weren't raised to believe they were. They've probably been hooking up for years.

BK may be vulnerable, but she's not retarded, her family ought to stop controlling her.

766 days ago


Ugh this is sick. It doesn't matter if there's no blood between them or if legal adoption papers were filed. Nick has been living with BK since they were both 9 yrs old as brother & sister, and for them to turn it into a romantic relationship is twisted. BK's sure got a lifetime of hell ahead of her with her experience of the public & nasty divorce of her parents, her mother's death, her drug dabbling, her father's self-centered ego, going on Oprah 3 weeks into the grieving process and now this sick relationship. The kid has an uphill & tough battle ahead of her.

766 days ago


why is she( the mom ) acting all concerned now? where was that concern while her daughter was a pill poppin crack ho? oh yeah , there is money involved now , i forgot

766 days ago

the real diva    

isn't it funny whitney has been dead a month and all this has really started ? leave it to TMZ to get involved.they are not really siblings. at least he is there helping her get over whitneys death. but they both should be in therapy together

766 days ago


When news of Whitney's death broke out and there were reports of a teenage boy living with whitney. My first thought was.. He is Bobbi K's Bf who Whitney Took it. You know it is very common situation for out of control teens. For their bf/gf's parents to take them in like their own kid. When i read it's been 10 yrs. i realized that was not the case but C'mon. 2 teens.. 1 female teen.. 1 male teen .. not related living in the same house.. That's a recipe for teen pregnancy right there. I don't know why everyone is shocked. Most likely they were hooking up since she was 15 or something.

766 days ago


Bobbi Kristina is an adult, and is considered mentally competent, even if she has some substance/alcohol issues. These so-called "caring family members" need to butt out, since it's none of their business and is clearly just a way to keep close to Whitney's money. Just like Joe Jackson, and the rest of MJ's parasitic brothers, etc.

766 days ago

Harvey's Gerbil    

Whitney didn't $hit him out of her cooter and Bobby didn't shoot him out of his peter hole, so no, it's not incestuous. GET REAL.

766 days ago

Harvey's Gerbil    

To add to that, if THIS is what Whitney's mom was REALLY like, no wonder she turned to drugs.

766 days ago

paul a.    

Another "star" is born....

move over Lohan/Kim/Paris

766 days ago
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