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Donald Trump

Sponsors NOT Bailing

Over African Hunting Pics

3/15/2012 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The father is NOT paying for the actions of his sons ... so says Donald Trump ... who claims all of his "Celebrity Apprentice" sponsors are staying committed to the show after gruesome pics emerged of his kids killing a bunch of animals in Africa.

TMZ broke the story ... Marcus Lemonis -- CEO of Camping World and Good Sam -- is furious about the photos of Don Jr. and Eric Trump posing with their kills ... which included an elephant, kudu and waterbuck. Lemonis told TMZ he vowed not to give another dime to support Trump's show.

Here's the catch ... Good Sam is a major sponsor of a 'Celeb Apprentice' episode scheduled to air next month.

But Trump called in to "TMZ Live" moments ago ... and said despite Lemonis' outrage ... not one sponsor has pulled out ... including Good Sam.

In fact, Trump says the people at Good Sam are THRILLED to be on board ... and told him they are "very much looking forward" to their episode.

Still, Trump once again stated he's NOT a fan of hunting ... but believes his sons were righteous in giving the meat from their kills to local villagers.



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Mumra the Ever Living    

OK TMZ, you've gotten your quota of whoring in. No need to kiss anyone else's rear end. You can stop shilling for a few hours. I could go on and on, but that seems to be your job.

950 days ago


You shouldn't be able to kill a wild animal like that on a farm. You should have to go into the actual wild and take your chances. Hunters need to be in danger themselves or they aren't real hunters. It's like the fishing game for little kids at the county fair.

950 days ago


Donald Trump = King of Hyperbole.
This man has been caught in so many lies through the years, whatever he says now is all for s*its and giggles.
Believe it or not, I like him, but I never believe a word out of his mouth.
His sons are a disgrace and the trump brand is about to pay dearly for it...stay tuned.

950 days ago


I have to say normally I find Mr. Trump obnoxious and pompous but I thought he spoke very well today on TMZ Live. I will say hunting is one thing if you are hunting wild animals and the meat is going to be consumed but the animals they hunted were raised on a preserve I believe. Also the cutting off of the elephant's tail was NOT needed at all. Plus are you honestly going to tell me that someone ate elephant meat? Isn't it too tough to eat???

950 days ago


The people and government sponsor these hunts to keep the herds in check and healthy. Also they try to keep out the poachers and yes the villagers get the meat and they pass it to other villages. They also use the money they pay for tags for medicine and doctors to keep clean water and anti-bio-tics. I have seen this first hand.

950 days ago


Saw The Donald interviewed on something, said his kids were "good shots" and the proceeds all went to , you know, everyone around. Proceeds?? Always thinking money

950 days ago


Well, we all know Trump is a half-wit, so it's no surprise his off-spring are too.

950 days ago

your own luck    

I am starting to hate all rich people.

950 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

So are trumps sons not adults. WTF has this got to do with him. Trumps sons not adults. Why should he suffer for their actions.

Typical Cal. liberals, bitching about hunting animals but never complain about all the people murdered in their great hight crime state.

950 days ago


Imagine if liberals were around back in the day, we would have never made it out of the prehistoric era. (queer voice) "oh look what they are doing to that T-Rex, that's so cruel" ... "they have rights too"... "Stop it!" ...

950 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

BOYCOTT EVERYTHING that's Trump & Kardashian.
OCCUPY THE BEST AMERICAN PRINCIPLES - ignore the bu11sh1t that Chump & Hoetrasian are all about, like greed & egotism

950 days ago


Trump cut the crap. The local villagers have been living with these animals for centurys and very capable of hunting for their food.

Your bored sons like the thrill of the kill. Nothing more than rich boys fodder.

950 days ago


Trumps are full of S**t how do you call what they did hunting? the animals were rounded up for them to kill. They didnt feed anyone! LIARS! just trying to fan the heat.Trump is a joke! bankrupt loser is a fake fraud a**!! They should be rounded up and cut into pieces to feed the animals.

950 days ago


Where is PETA? They attack everyone but Trump? Smells fishy.

950 days ago


if i remember correctly, the ceo stated the money for this season was already spent, meaning that their ads are already paid for, but after that, no more.

950 days ago
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