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'Luck' Director

Blames TMZ for Killing Show

3/15/2012 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Director Michael Mann straight up LIED to the cast and crew of "Luck" yesterday ... insisting the reason the show got cancelled is because TMZ "unfairly spun" the story about a THIRD horse dying on set. 

Sorry Michael ... no spin here.  

Mann and producer David Milch addressed the staff right after HBO pulled the plug on the show yesterday ... and explained, "If you take a look at the media coverage that has been spun unfairly. If you saw the media coverage ... It's TMZ and everybody else."

Let's take a look at the facts ...

-- THREE horses died on their watch. No spin.
-- Horse #3 was euthanized on the set ... and production continued a few hours later
-- Publicist Karen Jones initially LIED to TMZ about the story ... in an effort to stall us from publishing.

Bottom line -- if the horses were alive, the show MIGHT still be on the air.


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Tmz sounds like a bitter 12 year old girl who just got dumped on Facebook. Capitalizing random words is not an effective way of communicating, nor is it proper writing. Then again, why am I expecting proper writing?

887 days ago


I loved this show. I am totally an animal lover too. Pita and all the other animal rights people need to back off. You people are repulsive! If you want to go after people who hurt horses go after the racing community or the people who abuse and neglect all animals. I'm sure the horses on this show were treated with the utmost care and to have three of them die was a tragedy but unless you know the real reasons why this happened stay off the bandwagon.

887 days ago

frankie p    

luck will be missed as one directlyinvolved in horseracing industry show was accurate,characters believable and can be found at any track too bad its gone put it on another channel tba tnt network somewhere please

886 days ago

Susan Landis    

Loved the show Luck. May have been too slow for some but I Loved the characters, the stories, the acting and the horses. LOVED it. Don't understand about the death of 3 horses however. Sounds like something is wrong with that situation on the set. Doesn't sit well well for a show carefully crafting a sensitive portrayal of the beauty & nature of horses, to have horses die on the set--something doesn't jive. Very sorry to know that the series has been cancelled. Thought it was by far the best thing on TV anywhere for a long time. It has a slightly gritty real sensibility , it has humor , and is very well acted, with unusual, sometimes unlikely, but sympathetic and interesting characters and situations. Too bad it won't be continued. HBO should change their mind.

886 days ago


r u kidding me -- this show was about the underbelly of the sport -- and people are working and have suceeded in killing a program that feasted in it?

886 days ago


These horses were provided by an outside agent and trainer. Vets checked the horses and approved them for their service. Animal welfare people were on hand to make sure they were treated properly. And you blame HBO and the directors/producers/actors for the horses breaking down? Be serious. What do they know about horses? That's why all those other people were there - to protect the horses - and they failed. I feel the show should continue, but not using horses. Race scenes could be filed races, workouts, etc. In this day and age, computer generated scenes are normal. The show should not have been cancelled.

886 days ago


TMZ you suck...Luck was an awesome show!!

885 days ago


You naysayers are dolts. 3 horses dying has little to do with Luck or HBO as responsible. Horses are born a risk to themselves. Breakdowns are a fact of life. Why don't you try to shut horse racing down entirely? Get a life. LIVE it. Quit trying to take others freedoms from them. Including horses.

879 days ago


Most of the comments on here are coming from complete ignorance. You horse lovers should go watch the episode on real sports about the ugly side of horse racing. Then you will really have something to cry about. Three horses dying was obviously not good but the show did not need to be cancelled. They could have made some changes and possibly even brought in someone to help with the safety.

879 days ago


All you idiots claiming that the show killed horses don't know what your talking about! Do a little research and you'll find that horses die everyday at racetracks in various ways, just like on the show. Why are you not against the whole race horsing industry?!? There was nothing anyone could have done for these horses whether they were on a t.v. show our just living in stables...death happens to us all! Go back to watching Jersey Shore and The Bachelor and all the other ridiculous television out there and leave good quality film making in the dust. Just a sign of the times I guess, never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups! Best t.v. show in a while is now over thanks to you people.

877 days ago


It was a ritual killing according to TMZ sources, the horse was repeated late to set and for the first time in history a horse was euthanized! 2,400 horses were injured at racetracks in the US last year, but according to sources at TMZ, none were euthanized in a humane manner, all the 2,400 horses were allowed to die from natural causes on the track while professional horse trainers stood by wringing their hands in mourning! Let's get real, these horses are born and bred to run, unfortunately horses and, hey, people, too, for that matter die, injured on the the job and die or from old age. Why is a normal and natural occurrence grounds for hysteria, if you want to express some truly important and righteous outrage over unnatural causes of death such as a gunshot wound to the chest of a young black child wearing a hoodie, well THAT is something to rage against the wind at! Not a lot of TMZ in on that one!

874 days ago


Horses go to glue factories, horses go into dog food. Horses raised to run LOVE to run. If I could say I died doing what I loved, I would be a very happy soul indeed. Hug a tree, run a horse.

868 days ago


Major misinformation here - - the horses used in the filming of Luck were retired racehorses. Most of them will end up going to slaughter anyways. Using older retired horses and making them race again led to these injuries that resulted in them being put down. A lirrle foresight could have prevented this problem by using younger more durable horses. As a racehorse trainer myself, I have seen these things happen. These horses are not out there being FORCED to run. The ones that do race TRULY love their job and will give 110% effort every time. This will and determination can lead to injury unfortunately, but thats why these horses are on this earth - to be racehorses. And the 3rd horse that died was just a freak accident - the horse reared up and fell over backwards and hit its head.. anyone who has been around thoroughbreds knows how crazy they can be at times.. Maybe a switch to harness racing could prolong this show as standardbreds can work a lot more often and are much more durable than thoroughbreds.

866 days ago
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