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'Idol' Contestant

Bad Kidneys

Won't Keep Me Off Show

3/16/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" contestant Phillip Phillips' bum kidney will NOT end his run on the show -- TMZ has learned, he's still determined to compete ... even after undergoing an extremely painful medical procedure.

TMZ broke the story, Phillip -- who has a long kidney stone history -- was rushed to a medical facility last week, complaining of some nasty abdominal pain.

According to sources, Phillip underwent a procedure to install a ‘stent’ in his kidney -- a kind of medical tube thing -- to help alleviate a blockage caused by kidney stones.
Here’s the catch -- stents are super painful ... the kind of pain that makes it hard to compete on a nationally-televised singing competition.
But Phillip's dad tells us, his kid wants to stay in the competition as long as possible -- despite the excruciating pain caused by the stent ... and won’t have it removed 'til his "Idol" run is done.

Kid really does have some serious stones.


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AI is so lame. Don't they know that the public is on to their tired drama each year with some contestant for ratings. Does anybody even still watch this BS?

949 days ago


Is this a singing competition or just another bad reality show where they say america decides but it really is the producers and the judges. What happened to Randy, Steven and jenifer pick last year wasn't his name Alfred E. Newman.

949 days ago

two cents    

TMZ, why all the stories about a bunch of goobers on a tv show? I couldn't care less. The other sob story was a lie so now they're putting out this story? Nobody cares.

949 days ago


Are you kidding me? I had a stent put in and was working 16 hour shifts 2 days later. I swear the kids nowdays are complete cry babies. And besides, compared to the pain of a kidney stone that you cant pass, a stent is nothing.

949 days ago


We need to see a doctor's note.

949 days ago


Does everyone have to have some boo hoo medical condition every year? Am I the only one who's noticed that none of these retards have been successful ever since Idol switched from picking good sings to picking human interest stories? They didn't pick Kelly because she had some sob story, they picked her because she could sing her face off...Moral of the story...Idol sucks now...

949 days ago

Joan K    

I think I watched the first season and lost interest after that. All we hear is the sad stories about these people, boo hoo. All they want to hear is you singing not telling your sob story.

949 days ago


I stopped watching all reality series because they are all fake. All the singing, talent shows are fake too. The contestant with the most talent never wins any longer, it is now all for ratings, so they pick the person with the tear jerker story like being homeless, has a mother dying or there is something physically wrong with the person.

949 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

Ah, yesssssss.....

The old 'Sympathy Vote' ploy.

949 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Stenrs are NOT painful!! Do your medical research before writing this drek. A kidney stone IS extremely painful but the stent takes away the pain.

949 days ago


I am 31 weeks pregnant and just went through getting a stent put in and taken out after a week due to pain from kidney stones.It was the worst pain of my life other than the inevitable... birth. It put me out for 2 weeks on my couch. I can't imagine what this kid is going through. I give him props for getting up there and following his dream~!

949 days ago


I work in urology. Stents are not extremely painful. They can cause some irritation and urine frequency. It can be uncomfortable. I think it is a bit of a stretch to say they are extremely painful.

949 days ago


I have a very high tolerance for pain (I had a stone the size of a golf ball a few years ago).I had a stent and it was the worse pain,they ended up taking it out.The stent is to help move the fragments/stone along and protect your insides. The doctor said everyone is different and some peoples bodies can't handle it or reject it (like mine).When they put the stent in, you're usually out cold,coming out you're awake. I actually saw stars when he pulled that sucker out.

949 days ago


Please. I had a stent put in for a kidney stone and while it certainly wasn't comfortable, calling it "super painful" is BS. Get a grip.

949 days ago


@r.riley I can totally relate. I had a kidney stent put in when I was pregnate as well and it was the worst pain I have ever had in my life. Mine was left in for 4 month and I was in so much pain I couldn't stand up or sit. So for those of you who have not actually had a kidney stent and only work in Urology have no idea. So I would say Yes they can be EXTREMELY painful. I wish him all the luck he is one of my favorites on Idol and I hope he can deal with the pain and hang in there :)

949 days ago
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