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'Idol' Contestant

Bad Kidneys

Won't Keep Me Off Show

3/16/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" contestant Phillip Phillips' bum kidney will NOT end his run on the show -- TMZ has learned, he's still determined to compete ... even after undergoing an extremely painful medical procedure.

TMZ broke the story, Phillip -- who has a long kidney stone history -- was rushed to a medical facility last week, complaining of some nasty abdominal pain.

According to sources, Phillip underwent a procedure to install a ‘stent’ in his kidney -- a kind of medical tube thing -- to help alleviate a blockage caused by kidney stones.
Here’s the catch -- stents are super painful ... the kind of pain that makes it hard to compete on a nationally-televised singing competition.
But Phillip's dad tells us, his kid wants to stay in the competition as long as possible -- despite the excruciating pain caused by the stent ... and won’t have it removed 'til his "Idol" run is done.

Kid really does have some serious stones.


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I love me some P2! Get well, baby, and know that you continue to have my solid vote.

949 days ago


They all have a sob story. Who gives a crap. This guy has talent coming out of his a$$! He's awesome! Joe C0cker meets Dave Matthews with a pretty face!

949 days ago


He is so talented. Maybe a specialist will step up and FIX HIM, so he can live his life the way he should....without being in pain all the time.

949 days ago

There's a problem here    

@Danica5. You say you "worked in urology for years" I could say I worked in construction for years but that doesn't make me an engineer, and when a structure fails all I can do is hazard an educated guess. Where did you go to medical school?

949 days ago


bla bla

949 days ago


Stents are not incredibly painful. Once they're in, most people don't even know they are there. Kidney stones themselves are incredibly painful. Many, people function on a normal basis with a stent in. Ridiculous that this is even news...

949 days ago


I feel bad for him and can relate - have had kidney stones over the past 30 years - including stents, lithotripsy, and laser litho. Sontes are painful - the stents? Nah...not so much - insertion of stent opens up the ureter and allows stones to pass through the kidney(the painful part) and into the bladder. I give him credit though. Not a whiner.

949 days ago


Can we not make him sound like Superman please? I have had over 200 kidney stones and 4 kidney stone removal surgeries. The kidney stone is removed and then the stent which by the way is teeney tiny is left in to drain blood and help you piddle. Depending on the procedure is if they tape the stent to your leg and let you remove it yourself after a few days or if it is left inside of you and you go back to the office, not the hospital or surgery center to have it removed. You go to the doctors office lay on the table and when no pain anything it is pulled out hy the doctor. Most of the tes I don't even take my pain meds when I have a kidney stone! So quit making him sound like he is Superman and get your facts about the procedure straight before you go posting stuff!!!! Geez!!!!!

949 days ago


more like kid really wants to become a millionaire..even if his kidneys are failing!

949 days ago


Ugh. Another manufactured drama for that lame show. AI is getting more desperate by the minute.

949 days ago


Don't pick on the poor guy! I happened to be watching TMZ in a waiting room today and just HAD to chime in on this one...I've had 4 stents in the last 3 years, after about 45-50 swollen kidney "episodes" (no insurance)due to a blockage. When everything goes well, a stent is nowhere near as bad as a swollen kidney, but it still is very uncomfortable. You are more or less incontinent, it feels like you are peeing broken glass for the first few days, and exertion tends to make it bleed more. My 3rd stent was left in too long, grew a stone on the end of it, and the first attempt at removing it was UNBELIEVABLY painful and bloody. After that I developed stones (hence stent #4), and those can be painful too, even after they are broken up. So please don't imply that the guy is a sissy unless you have been there yourself... I still would never watch American Idol, but I feel for the kid!

949 days ago


Forgot to say--yes, lots of people I have talked to have said their stent experiences were no problem, just like many of the comment-writers here (I understand what you are saying)....but it CAN be painful, believe me! I had one that was the string type that was absolutely painless. The experience I related in my post above, which was with the internal type, made my SURGEON physically ill. I would rather be shot than go through that again. I can say with no exaggeration that that particular stent removal (granted, with no painkillers other than very "local" injections) was something that if done to a dog rather than a human would probably result in a lengthy prison term.
Cheers to all!
Take good care of your organs and stay hydrated!

949 days ago

Dawn Bare    

Yes, Phillip you are an AMAZING singer but I can also say a very strong, tough person to withstand the pain of kidney stones, continuing on with a stent. My 14 yr old has passed over 1000 kidney stones (with and without surgical intervention)in the past 8 yrs since her diagnosis of Cystinuria-a diagnosis she shares with her 2 younger siblings ages 12 and 10. As a mother of these 3 kids and a Registered Nurse I can testify that this is the worst pain ANYONE could ever feel. My daughter has had numerous stents (some good & some bad) and they definitely caused pain ranging from just minor spasms to needing narcotics. So remember each individual is different, with different surgical procedures and different pain tolerances so you cannot stereotype or make rude comments. I will say when they tell my daughter surgery is necessary, the sadness on her face is due to knowing the pain after stone surgery/stent placement. Good Luck Phillip!!! You have our vote! Check out our foundation,

949 days ago


My 12 year old daughter had laser surgery to blast a large kidney stone last year, they then placed a stent in her kidney that was there for 3 weeks. While she knew it was there, and was uncomfortable she certainly wasn't in so much pain that she could no go about her day to day activities shortly afterwards. She was also put to sleep to have it removed and sent home a few hours later.

948 days ago


It amazes me at how negative and judgemental people can be.I worked with Phillip Phillps mom and have known her since before his birth and am still in contact with her. He is from a very nice and musically talented family. He is a very nice young man just trying to make a go of it in the music industry. He has had several surgical procedures in the last 6 or 8 months for kidney stones. This is not a ploy for sympathy vote. He is a very humble young man and from what I can tell he doesn't really care to publicize his health issues and tries to direct attention away from it. People need to stop and consider what is painful for one may not be painful for the other. His pain could have something to do with the fact that he has had several procedures in a short time or maybe for other reasons. Some of you have had some very ugly comments. What if that was your child that was being judged in such a way? I have a son that is the same age and I would be terribly hurt and PO'ed if someone was talking about my son that way. What is the point of being so rude and ugly? If you don't like Idol then don't watch it. Everyone is entitled to their own oppionion but why go bashing someone that you don't know and especially when you don't know the whole story.

941 days ago
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