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Jason Russell


Caught on Tape

3/17/2012 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jason Russell Video: The Naked Meltdown
TMZ has footage of "Kony 2012" honcho Jason Russell in the midst of his naked meltdown in San Diego ... pounding his fists in anger and screaming maniacally. [UPDATE: TMZ has obtained a close-up video from Russell's meltdown. CLICK HERE to see.]

As we previously reported, Russell was detained by police yesterday ... after witnesses say he was running around naked and making sexual gestures.

Russell was held on a 5150 psychiatric hold ... so authorities can decide if he poses a danger to himself or others.

A rep for Invisible Children says Russell was suffering from exhaustion, dehydration, and malnutrition as a result of a strenuous PR campaign.


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Wow, he's hung.

956 days ago

ED SKI    

dehydration? exhaustion? these are symptoms exhibited by users of the party DRUG Ecstasy.

956 days ago


He looks like he smoked some bath salt.

956 days ago


HA! I knew it was all fake that KONY 2012 ****, that guy has all your money and now he wants to thank you by WANKING outside and giving you the middle finger. I hope the I.C goes down now, cuz they don't give a **** about KONY they just want your cash and now they have it, CUZ YOU R IDIOTS THATS RIGHT YOU WHO GAVE MONEY R F****KING IDIOTS

956 days ago


Jason Russell had the courage to do what no head of state had the courage to do. Attack a powerful international figure such as Kony who supplies drugs, arms and prostitutes to the world’s underbelly and see what befalls you. Killing Jason would have made him into a hero – he was taken out much more effectively. Don’t be so naive.

956 days ago


I don't buy the story! I find it hard to believe that dehydration caused a sane man to act a fool. He seems to be on some type of drug and I wouldn't be surprised if the gov had anything to with this. Seems someone wants to tarnish his character and I think that is horrible.

956 days ago


Great, this is gonna help us find Kony. His weiner points the way!!

956 days ago


This is the result of living with the stress of death threats on him and his children and family... PLEASE STOP HARASSING THE GUY AND LET HIM HEAL! Please remember the ABUSED CHILDREN he brought to our attention: THAT'S THE REAL STORY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HELP?

956 days ago


UNTIL you or a family member has been under severe stress; Their body and their mind (which works together) You should not guess at what this man is going through! No drugs or alcohol! Lack of sleep, food, and pressure on the mind for a long period of time can make you Snap; it affects everyone different! Some have a breakdown in PUBLIC, which is why you hear about it in the news; Most behind close doors; and have to suffer with their family til it's over. A Bipolar Episode/Manic/Schizoaffective Disorder can occur even if they never had it before; Especially if a family member has it too; I am positive he didn't do this on purpose and ruin his life... Please have compassion on this man and his family. Thank you.

956 days ago


This guy was the puppet making a video that basically promotes a new armed conflict, same rubbish as Iraq, just that this time it has to look like the request comes from youtube people. Complete BS that must make him feel totally guilty too.

956 days ago


This looks more like untreated schizophrenia or possibly bi-polar disorder than a meltdown. If this guy were in dirty clothes on the street under a bridge, eveyrone would agree he's "mentally ill"... celebrities and successful people are just as suceptible.

956 days ago


HaHa brilliant,The whole Kony thing was a stupid fad that people blindly followed and threw money at..i hope you all take time to read into things first instead of following people like this fundamentalist christian idiot.

956 days ago

john evans    

Kinda feel like Kony himself wants this Russell guy to pay for the video he made by using some African Juju to make him go crazy...This kinda **** goes down in Africa regularly.

955 days ago


He says himself "I'm doing meth"

955 days ago


es muy triste que existan pocas gente como jason, son personas mas sensibles,es dificil dejar de pensar en uno mismo y ayudar a alguien mas sin obtener nada, hay que ser muy valientes para hacer lo que esta haciendo este buen hombre.

954 days ago
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