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'Luck' Horse Trainer

'Sometimes S**t Happens'

3/16/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man who trained the third horse that died on the set of HBO's "Luck" is telling friends ... NO ONE is to blame for the fatality ... insisting the animals received exceptional care, but sometimes "s**t happens."

Sources close to Matthew Chew -- who trained and owned horse #3 -- tell us the people who looked after the horses are some of the best in the business ... who thoroughly examined the animals at least twice a day during production.

Chew has told friends ... the horse was simply playing around when it "misstepped" and fell down Tuesday morning ... suffering a head injury that required it to be euthanized on the set.

We're told Chew believes the incident was a freak accident ... telling one person, "We were just horribly unlucky ... sometimes s**t happens."


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Oh, so if filming was causing people to kill over, would you still say, "sometimes sh*t happens"????

Way to minimize the death of 3 horses.

950 days ago


I think what is really unfortunate is that here was a show about the ups and downs of the Thoroughbred industry that could help people understand the joys and heartbreaks of the horse business. Now that horses are no longer used by the majority of the population I think there's a disconnect with the reality of these animals. The reality is that horses require an exceptional amount of educated care and they will still find ways to destroy themselves. The reality is there is a staggering amount of horse owners who have no idea what they are doing and compound horses' problems. The crew involved with the show were the ones who knew what they were doing. As another poster commented, any vitriol aimed at them is misplaced. If you're invested in equine welfare work on educating the clueless backyard horse owners who pose a far greater risk to these animals.

950 days ago


Unfortunately for the horses Mr. Chew was the s**t that happened to them.

950 days ago


These irresponsible morons got what was coming to them....they got cancelled and blown out and GOOD RIDDANCE! See ya! Now can we move on and not give these s-c-h-m-u-c-k-s any more thought. They need to just crawl back into the holes where they came from. Bad people every single one of them. Bye!

950 days ago


I don't believe his s**t for a minute. Horses just don't fall down and sustain a head injury. Horses are graceful and sure footed. It just didn't happen that way. I hope they check him out for animal abuse.

950 days ago

Love My Horse    

Anyone who has ever been around horses knows this is true. Even the best Olympians have suffered brain injuries after their horses tripped and fell (google it!) Even the most experienced horses flip out at small things and injure themselves and others around them. It is sad, but unfortunately race horses are THE MOST notorious for freaky behavior.

950 days ago


I suspect that this man is telling the truth. Most legitimate productions err on the side of caution, but unfortunately some bad things still happen. They're commonly referred to as 'accidents'.

950 days ago

Mary P    

Any wrong movement and they not only go down but end up in a position they can't be saved. Current prosthetics aren't strong enough, some hit their heads, others can break their backs.

Frankly, this show has a better track record than any other horse business AND it has a decent track record on par with ANY owner who has as many horses on their farm.

950 days ago


Bill Maher killed those horses! Bill Maher likes having sex with animals.

950 days ago


Three horse deaths IS NOT "****" HAPPENING nor is it a fluke. In the industry even vets an be bribed. Something is wrong with the entire picture.

950 days ago


HOW RUDE! What if an actor/actress died ON the set! and it was the THIRD one would he say that sh** happens on that too?

950 days ago

Jay Singer    

These stupid posts about "Luck" are mostly made by idiots. Hoffman would be the first person to understand the show had to be cancelled because of the danger to the horses. He's one of the great actors of all time and he's never been afraid to take a stand at the risk of his career. The show should have been stopped and HBO did the right thing at their expense. Those who would criticize this action are just uninformed. It was a great show created by the best writers, producers, actors and crew. These accidents to race horses happen far more often than people realize.

950 days ago


Sh*t happens and then you lose your job-LOL.What a moron!

950 days ago


Hopefully filming will resume at some point. These horses that died were all freak accidents. PETA and other animal activists are going way overboard with this whole thing. They've allready stated several times that all the horses were treated with the utmost safety at all times. Freak accidents happen unfortunately.

950 days ago


as an animal lover, i just find it unreasonable for three horses to have had "missteps" that ended in death. my childhood pony lived to be 15... with many a misstep and not one death until he had lived a long, loved filled life.

950 days ago
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