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Trump SLAMS Rosie

I Was Right

... She's a Total FAILURE

3/19/2012 10:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump SLAMS Rosie ODonnell
Donald Trump is playing the "I Told You So" card with Rosie O'Donnell ... reminding everyone he dubbed her a complete failure years before Oprah cancelled her show.  

Trump went on Twitter this morning and wrote, "Rosie O'Donnell has failed again. Her ratings were abysmal and Oprah cancelled her on Friday night."

He added: "When will media executives learn that Rosie just hasn't got it. "

Of course, Trump has been bashing Rosie for years ... claiming she was a "pig" and a "loser" after she called him a "snake-oil salesman."

As for Rosie ... we're told her opinion of the staff was clear -- The writers couldn't write, the producers couldn't produce, the stage manager couldn't manage, and the director couldn't direct.

Mind you, most of these people were seasoned vets who worked on that little show called "Oprah."

We're told Rosie's tantrums were predictable and regular. The one word several high level staffers used to describe R.O. is "bully."

Our sources connected with the show tell us the staff hated Ro ... and the consensus is it was the worst experience they ever had on TV.


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So if the writers can't write, director can't direct etc, what is Rosie? What talent does she exactly have except for being fat and funny looking? I don't find her funny or insightful.

Also an angry, volatile dike is a dangerous dike imo.

946 days ago

Cruise Lover    

What happened to rosie's chubb club?

946 days ago


Whatever O'Donnell is or isn't, Trump is twice as bad. He's an elitist, repulsive windbag ahole who craves attention and will get it any way he can. F you, the Donhole.

946 days ago


she's A bitter, angry Old Lady she has No talent and she's always Blaming everyone For her Failures when it's clearly her Fault that she's the one who's Causing her own Failures. She's Needs a Reality check NO one Like's her and they Never will. She's a has Been and always will be Good Bye to Trash...

946 days ago


What is he, 12yrs old??

946 days ago


Has Trump seen the ratings for Celeb Apprentice? They're terrible, so let's not call someone a failure when your ratings are crap.

946 days ago


The ugly guy with the horrible hair started this vendetta against Rlosie because she mocked him. She is a comedian, that's what they do. But the poor little cry-baby could not take a joke. Get a lollipop Donald and go cry in the corner with your mother. Anyone who takes down a comedian the way you did to Rosie over a joke about you is nothing but an insecure child. Proves to me too that you couldn't run a lemonade stand. You are a huge joke Donald Frump.

946 days ago


her show fails and its everyone elses fault???? she blamed everyone but the camera guys.

946 days ago


Trump is a **** (first time he was likable was saying hunting is gross) Rosie is not. If I had cable, I would have watched her show. That is the problem OWN is having. Go back to antenna TV, baby. Really.

946 days ago


The only good thing about Rosie O'Donnell is that she shows just what a mean spirited,Vengeful,******* Donald Trump is.

946 days ago


Rosie had a great show. It would have been successful on a regular network. No on is going to watch the OWN network.

946 days ago


I never was a fan of Rosie, but you people referring to her as a lesbian to make it a bad thing are so immature. Who cares what her preference is? Why should that be a factor in her career? And for the record, I am straight, but I also can't stand when people bash others who aren't. Grow the heck up.

945 days ago

donald trump    

I still laugh at this comment I made because it's true. Rosie is and always will be a failure. Sure, I failed at points but I still succeed at life unlike rosie who just fails at everything. Now, i must go. hair, take me away!

945 days ago

Thurston Howell III    

Trump is emotionally stuck somewhere in the 7th grade. Why is this man wasting his time and energy on this (his words, not mine) "fat, slob, low life degenerate loser"? Wow..she really pushes his buttons. Most emotionally healthy people would say "She's a pimple on my azz" and leave it at that. Why does he even give two shiats about her and her career?

I have a feeling that Trump himself was once the little fat butterball that everybody picked on in the school yard. He is getting back at every bully who made his life hellz by bullying Rosie.

I wish Trump and Rosie would shake hands and agree to beat the craap out of each other in a celebrity boxing match. They could donate a chunk of money to a worthy charity and we could all see, once and for all, who is the biggest bad azz out of these two butterballs.

I have a feeling Rosie would knock Trump out in the first five minutes.

945 days ago


I'm with Mr. Trump -- she's a big-time loser, her show is pathetic -- I'm surprised she stayed on the air as long as she did! Good riddance!

945 days ago
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