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Halle Berry

Checks Out Schools for Nahla

In Gay Paree

3/19/2012 3:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry
is banking on her custody judge giving her the green light to move to Paris with 4-year-old Nahla -- because we got pics of her checking out preschools in Paris.

TMZ broke the story ... Halle wants to move to France with her fiance Olivier Martinez and Nahla to escape the paparazzi that dogs her in the states.  She also feels unsafe in the U.S. because of ongoing stalker issues and fears for Nahla's safety.

Baby daddy Gabriel Aubry is fighting the move, claiming it's bad for Nahla to sever meaningful contact with him.

The judge has yet to rule on the move.


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What a sorry sack of sh*t she is. Poor little girl has to have THAT for a mother.

949 days ago


I seriously hope this b*tch is putting the "cart before the horse" looking at schools and LOSES her bid to get approval for Nahla to move to Paris. She's a disgusting excuse for a mother and has serious mental problems, ONE being that she's trying to keep the little girl's daddy from seeing her by using the "ruse" that she's afraid of a stalker in the states. RIGHT. You are a piece of sh*t, Halleb*tch. One day your daughter will HATE you for attempting to take her daddy's rights away. WAIT...and WILL happen! You'll lose her when she gets older and can decide where she wants to be.

949 days ago


Don't get too comfy in Paris Helle. It's just a matter of time before Oliver too gets tired of being treated like sh*t and you're left yet again. Arrogant b*tch.

949 days ago


I seriously don't understand this. She's known this man for what 18months and she's ready to through the childs father to the curb and move the kid to Paris for him? This woman is crazy!! I seriously hope the judge see's right past her and block the move.

949 days ago


That little girl is going to hate her mother when she grows up for taking her father out of her life? What is this woman thinking!!! So many men want nothing to do with their children but he is fighting for her, its sad. Hope he wins!!!

949 days ago


I wish I could get the box of kleenex back that I wasted on this chick over the years.

949 days ago


I hope the baby DADDY stops her form leaving the country!!
Hired security `` dumb ass!

949 days ago


I think you mean "sever", not "severe"

949 days ago


@arlyssa- Which is why it won't last. When they settle in their new home settled, he will see a new side of her. It's just a matter of time. Once that first vase flies across the room and ****ters on the wall, he is going to put his face in his palm and say "What did I get myself in to!?"

949 days ago


She's a c*nt.

949 days ago


I hope the judge pays very close attention to Halle Berry and her past. Let her move to France. Leave the baby here with daddy!!!

949 days ago

lord flashheart    

oohh..they don't have paparazzi in Paris/France....remember Diana.

949 days ago


Well, I hope Gabriel has someone in his camp reading this crap and pulls this post by TMZ down and takes it to court for Gabe to use. First off, what Judge is going to be thrilled that some over-rated actress telling tall tales through this whole custody war, is out shopping around for preschool's in France as "IF" she knows what the outcome is. I really hope her custody judge has a bit of an ego. Children should NEVER be used as pawns between Mom and Dad.

949 days ago


"Severe meaningful contact"? I think you mean "sever". TMZ, hire an actual editor instead of letting those dimwits on your show write everything...I'm sure you can afford it. It's so annoying to constantly have to read your stupid typos.

I can't believe Halle's so sure the judge will rule in her favor...I hope she gets a rude awakening!

949 days ago

john johnson    

this guy has to be stupid, if it acts like a nut, and tastes like one, guess what bro?!....if ya last 5 years with the nutjob, then u had a sucessful marrage. news flash!!!!HALLE BERRY ISN'T MARRAGE MATERIAL!!!!!! SHE AIN'T EVEN RELATIONSHIP MATERIAL!!!! he'll find out the hard way.

949 days ago
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