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Halle Berry

Checks Out Schools for Nahla

In Gay Paree

3/19/2012 3:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry
is banking on her custody judge giving her the green light to move to Paris with 4-year-old Nahla -- because we got pics of her checking out preschools in Paris.

TMZ broke the story ... Halle wants to move to France with her fiance Olivier Martinez and Nahla to escape the paparazzi that dogs her in the states.  She also feels unsafe in the U.S. because of ongoing stalker issues and fears for Nahla's safety.

Baby daddy Gabriel Aubry is fighting the move, claiming it's bad for Nahla to sever meaningful contact with him.

The judge has yet to rule on the move.


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I sure hope the judge is made aware of what Helle is trying to pull right now With the great reviews that Gabriel got from Child Services I can't imagine that the judge would allow her to move to Paris. I pray that the judge does NOT allow her to take Nahla to Paris. To think I use to think she was such a sweet person a few years ago. Man, I and so many others got blindsided by this biatch. When she got divorced the 2nd time and as usual, blamed everything on her husband ,again, I knew there was more to it than he was a pig. She seems to blame everything on the men and takes no responsibility for anything. Kind of hard to believe that both husbands and her kids dad were all POSs. This guy is next. She'll be whining about what a POS he is soon enough. This time no one is going to believe her. I will NEVER EVER go see another one of her movies.

914 days ago


Dud had better RUN away before it's too late. She can't keep a man because she's nucking FUTS.

914 days ago


She's claiming to want to leave because of the paps following her. Who took these photos? She's an idiot.

914 days ago

Sam Karr    

oh you're so artsy, Halle. Get over yourself, you delusional woman. This guy will get sick of you, and then what?

914 days ago


I'm ashamed of Olivier. What sort of man takes another man's child away from him? He's got his head so far up her jayjay that he can't even think straight. Halle is a witch and she will ruin Olivier. Frankly, he deserves it for this.

914 days ago

Zach Swan    

Ya right. Bullsh!t she's afraid of stalkers and paparazzi. Just a vindictive woman with money trying to do whatever she can to screw over her baby's father and to prevent him from seeing his child.

914 days ago



She just don't get it. That head is REALLY REALLY further up her ass then first thought.

I hope she "loves her life" when she gets there....she'll be back in 2 months. American's aren't welcome unless they're making money off your ass.

Barry's rot, and so has her common sense.

914 days ago


She can afford to pay for the ruling she needs.
CALIFORNIA CELEBRITY COURTS: Ebay Preferential verdicts to the highest bidder

914 days ago

Christina G.    

Why do I get the feeling that 90% of these comments were written by the same person? Aubry, is that you?

914 days ago


How presumptuous of her! I really hope the judge rules in favor of Gabriel. Also, I would like to challenge the paps to leave this little girl alone. Not only does this give her a chance at some sort of normalcy but it would invalidate her claims of "dogging" by the papparazzi. Obviously, from the photos seen above, they will still be photographed abroad.

914 days ago


The authorities better keep an eye on her cuz I'd be ready to bet that she will bolt.

Didn't see her wearing that cast. I guess there wasn't too much sympathy to garner in France. Too bad there was no video that would show her walking perfectly.

914 days ago


Whether Gabriel Aubry is "Father of the year" or not, she shouldn't be trying to take away meaningful and valuable time her daughter should have with her father.
Halle is coming off as one sad, pathetic woman.

914 days ago


Hey Dan Frederiksen... You aren't very bright are you, Gay Paree mean "Happy Paris". Any woman who tries to keep a father from his child is a stupid bitch, so Halle Berry is a famous stupid bitch that should have adopted if she didn't want her child to have a father.

914 days ago


These are two middle aged people trying to regain their youth. I feel sorry for Nahla. This will have a disturbing ending.

914 days ago


Why can't you guys read and get rid of the adverts? Its like free advertising for scams on every comment section.

914 days ago
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