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Katy Perry

Covers 'N**gas In Paris'

... In England

3/19/2012 7:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0319_katy_perry_videoKaty Perry threw on a Yankees hat ... and belted out a rendition of the Jay Z/Kanye West track, "N**gas in Paris" ... and it's ... interesting.

It all went down a few hours ago during a performance for BBC Radio 1 in London. Don't worry, Katy used the word "ninjas" instead of the OTHER n-word.

It ain't the first time Katy's covered a Jay Z rap song ... last year she covered "Big Pimpin'" during a performance in Auckland.

But back to the new song ... we gotta ask ...


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Nice society we have, black folks can sing the word, but white folks can't. Double standard strikes again.

927 days ago


Yeah, AND.......

927 days ago


be cool if we could see the video. way to go tmz.

927 days ago


Original song is crap and so is the cover. And that's coming from a black person...

927 days ago


wow, for Katy Perry, a white person to sing "N* in Paris" is an INSULT. Yes, its a catchy song... but it has so much deeper meaning.. Do your research about Black people in paris... Read some Fanon... Like wow. This is just a mockery of the black struggle to barely fit into society. Screw you katy... this is infuriating

927 days ago



927 days ago


My vote is let her belt out the "bad" N Word as loud and often as she pleases anytime anyplace.

If Jay Z & Kanye or any other black artist continue to use the N Word & disrespects the efforts both black and white to ban the N word, then how can blacks get mad if anyone else use it?

If the black community continues to support with their $$$ and adoration these artists that continually use the N word, then how can blacks get mad if anyone else uses it??

Blacks should respect themselves first before anyone can or should.

927 days ago


Separate is not equal, even in language. Sing the song as Jayz/Kanye wrote it or don't sing it at all. Changing the lyrics is idiotic. If people are offended, they should also have been offended when it was originally performed.

927 days ago


Why do white people want to use the N word. Is it because black people use it. Lets face it White people have a huge edge in society over black people and u wanna complain about being able to use a word. You guys wanna preach about double standard and equal right well s-hit still ain't equal in American, the place where u can get shot because your black. Instead of fight for the right to use a certain word how about u fight to fix these corrupt cops and judicial system. You used the word to bash us and we spun it. What do u get from using the N word. Is it that taboo feeling where when somebody tells u not to do something u wanna do it. White people pretty much run everything in america and won't even let black people have a word.

927 days ago


I hate everything this fake Christian does, so you know how I voted.

927 days ago


Rap is not music. It's an insult to a culture. It's an amelodic mess and it's a pity it lasted as more than a fad from the mid 80s.

927 days ago


A "song" with no class "sung" by a low class person. Fitting.

927 days ago


She looks stupid/ridiculous as always... *yawn*

927 days ago


If blacks can use the word, then so can anyone else. Equal rights.

927 days ago


I am black and I am not at all mad at Katy Perry, way to go girl and you rocked it. We can't keep saying the word and expect others not to say it especially when we want to sell it to everyone....well as long as it is Ni99as and not what racist Republicans like to use which is Ni99ers.

927 days ago
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