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If Seacrest Didn't Sue Me,

Lindsay Lohan Shouldn't Either!

3/19/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pitbull is invoking the little known 'Seacrest Defense' in his legal battle with Lindsay Lohan -- claiming in new docs that if Ryan Seacrest didn't sue him for mentioning him in a song ... LiLo shouldn't either!

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay is suing Pitbull (along with Ne-Yo and Afrojack) for namedropping her in the song "Give Me Everything." She claims the lyric –– "I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan" -- caused her "irreparable harm."

In legal docs filed this week in New York, Pitbull responded to the suit and pointed out that he rapped about Seacrest in the same song -- and noted Ryan not only didn't sue, but Pitbull performed the song as part of a New Year's Eve show ... hosted by Seacrest!

Translation -- Seacrest has a sense of humor, Lindsay does not.

Pitbull also cited the lesser known First Amendement in his bid to get the case dismissed. 

A judge has yet to rule.


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Blood Red Witch    

Andy is looking more and more like me by the day. I'm starting to worry a bit.

844 days ago


Cheers! Cold beer & Cheetos, yay!

844 days ago


Danielle, I'm sorry to hear about your dad. It's true that a lot of people don't read the comments, just automatically red check the poster. People can be a bit insensitive.

I didn't like Andy's prior comment about Lindsay dating Alzheimers patients. My dad died in an Alzheimers treatment facility. So, I understand where you're coming from.

844 days ago


Thankyou everybody about my dad. I had a chance to upset lindsays father and i chose not to because i dont think he is as bad a guy as people portray him. I believe he would not like seeing lindsay in a sexual act just like my dad would not want that vision.

844 days ago


speaking of being new "Jersey shore" neighbor is bringing home all kinds of old guys..I have a feeling she is a working girl

844 days ago


oh lord.
Blo just post a naked pic of herself on her Instagram account...she goes by "bellarosemand", and she looks completely wasted

844 days ago


For those of you who think ML isnt a bad guy, REALLY? So I guy who lies, steals, beats on woman, takes pictures of naked GF while they are passed out, sells them to the media, knows his daughter cuts herself and doesnt get her help, when his daughter is screaming for help, he audios all her calls and sells them. You have no idea what the other kids went through when they were younger. I can go on about ML but I not going to get myself started. So if this is what your not so bad of a guy is. I would hate to see what you call a s*** bag

844 days ago


Hell, Glad I went to lunch...........
I which avi's almost daily so I will be switching shortly anyway depending on what I find ...
Think I will just lurk on top of the monkey bars for a while...nothing to say ...I used to feel sorry for Micheal until she showed his true colors now I believe every nasty thing I've heard about him....He is a completely insane person...who thinks he has people conned with his godly act..hes a gangster from New Jeresy with a lot of questionable friends still practicing his profession of Con man to the world.... Dina is from the same gangster back gound and as big a player as he is...And of all the kids Lindsay is the perfect gangster daughter , someone with a ounce of decency in nasty morals and as big a Con artist as her parents....

844 days ago


I am going along with @ Help on this one...she is right Micheal Lohan served his time at the Nassau Country Jail...because frankly it was the only save place to put him and keep him alive...if he had gone to prison with Gotti or and mob associates he would have never made it out alive...He doublecrossed a few people he shouldn't have....thru I do believe he was "associates with a small a" with the Gotti's while he was laundering the mobs money for them....the real reason he went to jail...that is the reason for the "light sentence....
Of course he denies everything now...and in Lohan Inc Usual style he never has admitted any true fault as being his...though I have heard him use it in his "when I was lost before I found god spill " ......He hasn't changed one iota........

844 days ago


OOps I thought you said something different...Nikki sorry..

844 days ago


Everyone just so you know SICKO Help reads everyones profile from the day they started posting. She is sick individual.

844 days ago


hey Nikki, if you don't have an Instagram account (via iPhone), try doing a search for,

bellarosemand instagram account----that should take you to bellarosemand's instagram vanity url -

That link should open up Lindsay's photosharing Instagram account---almost all her pics are of herself,no surprise, including the naked/wasted looking one she posted an hour ago.

844 days ago


BTW Help it doesnt matter what anyone says on here, YOU twist it around and only hear what you want to hear. Seek some help, Help. Really you need it. This is the reason you have no friends too. No one likes you.

844 days ago


Oh yeah, shes on the right road alright. Choo-Choo after the 29th

844 days ago


This photo with Patrick she looks stung out. So thats where shes staying

844 days ago
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