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If Seacrest Didn't Sue Me,

Lindsay Lohan Shouldn't Either!

3/19/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pitbull is invoking the little known 'Seacrest Defense' in his legal battle with Lindsay Lohan -- claiming in new docs that if Ryan Seacrest didn't sue him for mentioning him in a song ... LiLo shouldn't either!

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay is suing Pitbull (along with Ne-Yo and Afrojack) for namedropping her in the song "Give Me Everything." She claims the lyric –– "I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan" -- caused her "irreparable harm."

In legal docs filed this week in New York, Pitbull responded to the suit and pointed out that he rapped about Seacrest in the same song -- and noted Ryan not only didn't sue, but Pitbull performed the song as part of a New Year's Eve show ... hosted by Seacrest!

Translation -- Seacrest has a sense of humor, Lindsay does not.

Pitbull also cited the lesser known First Amendement in his bid to get the case dismissed. 

A judge has yet to rule.


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"irreparable harm" my ass!

Lindsay should now sue TMZ and every other media outlet for reporting all her brain farts.

She needs to buy a clue. Or come out and honestly say she needs more cash to pay bills. This is the stupidest lawsuit ever!

956 days ago


Considering she has been "locked up" then it is hardly offensive, just a fact. She may not like him mentioning it, but that's life, so get over it.

956 days ago


Well, I guess she needs to find some way to make money - now that her career is on life-support.
She'll lose though & I hope Pitbull counter-sues for his legal fees.

956 days ago


This law suit is so silly. I have heard the song and its not that offesive. Also its kind of true she has been locked up so I dont really get were this suit is going.

956 days ago

delusional much LL?    

yeah so people bought that song just because her name is mentioned...yeah okay.

if she believes her name alone can sell a song,why isn't she putting out some more of that awful "music" she used to make ,herself?

lowhan is just like her "parents" through and through.
anyone expecting anything different from her are gonna be sorely disappointed.
she's shown her true colors long ago.

956 days ago


Hasn't she already done enough irrepairable harm to her career all by herself?

956 days ago


not only does she tie up criminal court with her mess..she wants to tie um civil..
she is pushing the industry away from her by doing these lawsuits..I am sure the Rap community has frowned on well as the free masons.
keep playing with fire,she is going to burn more then her crotch

956 days ago


If you are sue happy, and want to date, my friend sues everyone that moves around her.this web site shows you potential lawsuits and who to go after.

956 days ago


I never have done anything wrong
That isn’t Salvia in my bong
You've never seen me doing coke
That champagne glass still isn’t broke
I’ve never peed right on the floor
I am NOT rotten to the core
I’ll sue you…..
Cuz I’m a Lohan

956 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

God, just looking at the idiotic comments on this thread, I can't decide who I dislike more - Lohan or her few remaining fans.

I swear to God, these people are the biggest bunch of simpletons I've ever encountered in my life. They continue to cite "facts", when they couldn't be more clueless.

It should come as no surprise, considering the IQ of the person they continue to defend on a daily basis. Please, Lohan fans, do yourselves a favor and get educated.

956 days ago


I can not stand this no talent lying, thieving, balding, denture wearing, drunk, drug addict, whore.

The only time she's photographed is when she calls the pap's or on the concrete carpet

956 days ago


Translation -- Seacrest has a sense of [job], Lindsay does not.

956 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Lohan Inc. are claiming that the club manager Lindsay had a hit n run with is olny going after her because she has money *cough, cough, cough, cough*

Dina filed this lawsuit because she knows Pitbull has millions.

Now aint that a hoot!

956 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

The Black Jinx that Black Cloud set upon Lindsay Lohan is really going to set Lindsay over the edge this week

956 days ago


It's not like Pitbull told a secret, get over yourself LL. She had the world in her hands since she was a spoiled child actor and screwed it up. She didn't choose to be glamorous & respectable, she chose to be a lush, drunk, druggy, sexually confused skank. Can she even get an acting job anymore? Pitbull does give back to his community which is how it should be, have you ever seen her do anything good for anyone that was not ordered by the court system?

956 days ago
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