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Danielle Staub

New Job Pays $1,000 AN HOUR

3/20/2012 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Forget "Real Housewives" ... Danielle Staub is now earning over $1,000 AN HOUR to chat on the phone with fans ... and here's a shocker, she doesn't even need to talk dirty.

The former reality villain has joined forces with a website called ... connecting fans with z-list celebs at a premium price ... Staub gets $18-per-minute.

And she isn't the only one cashing in ...

Tila Tequila -------- $20-per-minute
Dina Lohan ------- $18-per-minute
OctoMom ---------- $12-per-minute
Michael Lohan --- $10-per-minute

There's more ... including "Jersey Shore" cast-off Angelina Pivarnick, Charlie Sheen's tryst Capri Anderson, and Hugh Hefner's ex-fiancee Crystal Harris.

We're told the site's been blowing up since it launched last week ... with Staub taking the honors as the top earner ... raking in $6,000 in calls since the launch. Angelina and Michael Lohan are tied for second with over $3,000 each, followed by Octomom at $1,260.

And here we thought these people might have to get real jobs soon. Silly us.


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Lindsay couldnt even make the list

916 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

If I want to talk to them, I will use my mental telepathic super power. Up, up, and away in my beautiful, my beautiful baloooooooon!

916 days ago


Who and the hell thinks these people are stars. They are train wrecks that is it.. If you call these people you are too stupid for words

916 days ago


and OF COURSE these are the REAL people they say they are. i'm really BILL CLINTON I'll talk to you for JUST $8.00 per minute for a "general topic" discussion, for ONLY $15.00 per minute , we get down to the "nitty gritty" about monica and hilly(it was quite a threesome), Finally for only $20 perminute I will PERSONALLY talk dirty to YOU!!! male or female,, i'm not proud. CALL NOW have your credit card ready!

916 days ago


I don't want to talk to any of them for free, why would I pay to talk to them. This bunch of Z-Listers that TMZ has made famous has sunk as low as it gets, trying to make money just so people can listen to the crap that comes out of their mouths. This world has officially gone crazy.

916 days ago


This should be we get paid to talk to them. None of these people are stars to me and aren't worth it any amount of money to get paid to talk to anyone. Why the hell would I want to talk to any of these people. They never tell the truth and they always blame others for their problems. This is just ludicrous.

916 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

I should start up a dead celebrity phone line. $1 a minute. Ring ring. "This is Emilia Earheart. What do you want to talk about?" Caller: "Emilia? You sound like a man!" Me: "Yeah, well your voice changes when you die. Get over it."

916 days ago



916 days ago


Mike is going to have to take up a collection around TMZ's office to support his calls to Nadya.

916 days ago


A person would have to be drunk, high off drugs, or a teenager who got a hold to their parents credit cards to spend that much money a minute to speak with these D-list wannabe celebs.

Why is Tila Tequila's name up there? Isn't she suppose to be brain dead or close to it from her aneurysm?

The management is probably getting 60% of the take. Bunch of nonsense.

916 days ago


LOSERS... yes they are making money but "REAL" stars would NEVER stoop so low. YOu wanna make it in show biz ...try doing it the RIGHT WAY !!

916 days ago


Well I broke down and bought the Michael Lohan package.
Talked to him for 10 minutes a few days ago and today for 25 minutes.
He told me he would think about me and my family and hoped to hear from me again.
I also bought a pair of Lindsay Lohans underwear from him for $4.75.

916 days ago


What next Cassey Anthony? Then again,she'll make a fortune with all the people who want to yell at her. Go figure,These people counldn't pay me $ 18.00 per min to listen to them.

916 days ago


dial a lost case.. shouldnt these people be in jail, rehab or six ft. under... i wonder what kind of dumb-ass calls for a BIG-TIME LOSER...

916 days ago


Sure...while normal people are struggling to pay their bills lets pay D list celebs (who have plenty of money already Im sure) $10+ per minute just to talk to them. A lot of people out there would work their butt off for $10 per HOUR!!!

916 days ago
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