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Peyton Manning

Move Over, Tim Tebow

I'm Officially a Bronco!!!

3/20/2012 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Peyton Manning holds his jersey. He is officially a Denver Bronco.
Peyton Manning
is officially a Denver Bronco -- which means Tim Tebow's out of a job.

Broncos owner Pat Bowlen just made the announcement alongside Broncos legend John Elway -- a deal worth a reported $96 million over 5 years, making Peyton the highest paid player in the NFL.

John Elway made it clear during the announcement ... the Broncos are NOT a Super Bowl caliber team with Tim Tebow.

Peyton -- who will wear #18 on the team -- said he's unsure about Tim Tebow's future ... but claimed, if Tebow stays with the Broncos next year, "I'm going to be the best teammate I can be."

Elway said a Tebow trade hasn't been discussed with other teams yet -- but admitted it's very possible the Broncos will get rid of him. Elway speculated Tebow was "disappointed" by the announcement -- but Tebow never said it to him. According to Elway, Tebow was very understanding about the Broncos' decision.

The #18 is significant in Broncos history -- it once belonged to famed Broncos QB Frank Tripucka in the 1960s ... and retired with him. Peyton said Frank personally asked Peyton to resurrect his number, so the Broncs UN-RETIRED it just for PM.

Now that the acquisition's official -- the Broncos will be trying to trade Tebow ... though it's unclear where the 24-year-old will be headed.

Several teams have reportedly been in discussions about snagging Tebow -- who led the Broncos on a tumultuous ride through the playoffs last season -- including the Jacksonville Jaguars, Green Bay Packers, Miami Dolphins, and New York Jets.


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I was hoping someone from the NFC would pick Manning up. I'd enjoy watching Eli kick Peyton's butt a couple times a season.

955 days ago


I literally could not be happier. The Broncos are my absolute favorite team and it's been quite a depressing spectacle watching Tebow try to lead it

955 days ago


Tennessee Volunteer takes Florida Gator's job! LMFAO!

955 days ago


The only reason anyone supported Tebow was because of his God squad act. Elway had the guts to see past the fake praying and recognize that Tebow simply is not NFL quarterback material. The Vegas odds makers agree. Tebow will end up a halfback somewhere running stunt plays for awhile before fading into oblivion. But not before cashing in by writing a book about his salvation!

955 days ago


I'm glad TIMMMAAAAAYYYYYY is out. We get a lot of Broncos games and I can't stand that twerp.

955 days ago

bridge trollw    

I dont understand why noone is mentioning one little thing....Manning had a neck injury and lost his arm strength. Losing strength due to neurologic reasons is a big deal. His arm goes from NFL star to weaker than your grandmother. Now he is supposed to rehab back to NFL superstar level in less than a year? And to top it off, they already had a guy who turned them from a losing team to a playoff team. Not a Tebow nut/fan but he did turn losers into winners, and therefore proved himself as a capable starting quarterback. So noodlearm or healthy starter coming off a winning season. I know what I would choose.

955 days ago


I was a denver fan, but can't stand Elway!!! The team that gets Tebow will have some new fans!!!!

954 days ago


Peyton should be ashamed of himself - what a ****ty thing to do! Never liked the Manning Sisters and never will!

954 days ago


Manning's great for this team. Tebow is a good man and a good football player, but he needs a lot of work to transition into the NFL style of play, as opposed to his college football style. He needs to go somewhere willing to re-teach him, or transition him to running back. And is it just me or does John Elway need to lay off the spray-tan...jeez he looks orange...

954 days ago

David Mars    

What everyone knows is that Tebow will be traded. John Elway
said that "the Broncos were not a super bowel team with Tebow". What he should have said was the Broncos are not a super bowel
team. He also said that "Tebow's trade had not been discussed with other teams". The problem is that Elway is not an NFL manager, a business man nor one that has a***en to run any football team or any athletic organization. He simply did not tell the truth about talking to other teams concerning Tebow's trade and he doesn't know if Tebow can become a Super Bowel quarter-back because he and his staff were unable to make him
develop on the field in less than one season. Maybe Tebow will, maybe he won't, no matter what franchise Tebow might try to work under, he will be better without the Broncos. Elway's past management history with Bronco quarter-backs tells you exactly how it is. The Broncos now have and old Colt with a few less hooves. All you have to do is look at Joe Montana, John Unitas and Bret Farve and you have it. Manning is looking in the mirror licking his chops and thinking those dumb ...'s. He's laughing all the way to the bank. In a few years Denver will start all over again. Perhaps the Broncos should take a good look at their organization. That's where they need help.

954 days ago


yes yes yes now I don't have to worry about the broncos with washed up Manning hell why didn't they just play Elway they both suck.

954 days ago


I think Elway has a brain defenciency , has he thought of what to do after manning get a hard hit on his neck and is in a wheel chair the rest of his life? Bronco's are living in a fantsy worl if they think manning won't get hurt.... oh well time will tell and manning is about as fast as a 10 yr old turtle.....

953 days ago
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