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Deion Sanders to Pilar

You Can't Sue Me ...

You ARE a "Gold Diggin' H*e"

3/21/2012 9:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The truth hurts ... at least according to Deion Sanders -- who insists his daughter wasn't lying when she called Pilar a "gold diggin' h*e" on the Internet ... so Pilar has no right to sue for defamation.

TMZ broke the story ... Deion's estranged wife filed a $200 million lawsuit last month against Deion and his daughter Deiondra -- after Deiondra went on a Twitter rant, in which she trashed Pilar as a "gold diggin' h*e" ... and publicly accused her of cheating on Deion.

Pilar sued for defamation, plus a laundry list of other things like fraud, slander, libel, civil conspiracy and emotional distress -- claiming Deiondra and Deion have been out for her for years ... and the Twitter outburst was just the latest example.

But now, Deion's firing back ... filing a response to the lawsuit -- insisting Pilar has no grounds to sue for defamation ... because Deiondra wasn't lying when she called Pilar a "gold diggin' h*e."

In fact, Deion insists, his daughter's Twitter insult is TRUE -- claiming, “Any statements made by any defendants were true, did not create a false impression ... and were not malicious.” The last part is less believable.

Deion also claims the "h*e" insult didn't actually hurt Pilar's reputation -- especially not to the tune of $200 million.

Deion wants Pilar's lawsuit dismissed. Pilar’s lawyer Larry Friedman tells TMZ, "We will leave it up to the good citizens who will sit on the jury to decide whether the constant and still on-going remarks made by Mr. Sanders and his agents and employees are appropriate."

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No Avatar


what the phk are all you syupid people here retarded......that bitch daughter started the whole thing so let the phkn whore pay...she should have kept her ghetto mouth shut...cause some how i feel she was a product of a golddigging whore...her own mother! Defamation of Character and Pilar has every right (like most azz oles here) to defend herself...Dion is a fool...probably the only thing the (p)....can do is dribble a ball!

953 days ago


please do not give this women anything people.

953 days ago


It's time to get a real job and WORK FOR A LIVING, Pilar!

No more free rides by just laying on your back anymore. Bwahahaha...

953 days ago


Apparently, Deion is too stupid to know that it's spelled "whore" and not "hore." He's probably a product of our public schools.

953 days ago


He's got a point

953 days ago


no sympathy for athletes that marry gold diggin h0es for trophy wifes, then hate the bed they make for themselves. I look forward to him proving she's a gold diggin h0e though!

953 days ago

The Neko Nation    

If she is a gold diggin hoe then why did she stay married to him for so long and have all of his children. She put up with all of his cheating for years. Deion just exhibits typical ghetto behavior for a self entitled fool.

953 days ago


Duh that's what you stupid egotistical athletes do, you marry gold diggers that have nothing until they met your dumb *ss. I don't feel sorry for him, he's so full of himself he's a retard,an idiot.

953 days ago

Valencia J. Linder    

TMZ people -- it's spelled "h-o" -- NOT "h-o-e". Get it right, y'all!!

953 days ago

Jay W.     

Well... I actually agree with Deion and his daughter.

953 days ago


This is the very reason Deiondra should have kept her opinion of Pilar "PRIVATE"!!! All she did was give this blatantly "DELUSIONAL", "MONEY GRUBBING" HARPY another reason to continue her protracted LEGAL "SIDE SHOW"!!! She's "DESPERATE" and will come up with "ANY" REASON to delay the INEVITABLE!!! Considering that Pilar was Deion's "MISTRESS" while he was still legally married to Deiondra's mother, her "overall" character ISN'T ABOVE "REPROACH"!!! Furthermore, she keeps filing "frivolous" lawsuits trying to force Deion to pay her "OUTLANDISH" sums of money which are well beyond what she was promised in their prenup. If the public has a somewhat "negative" perception of Pilar, she can't lay the blame squarely on Deion and Deiondra's doorstep!!!

953 days ago


Another example of a waste of taxpayer money. Why should the court be bothered with this crap. This couple is in the middle of a nasty divorce, of course they are going to say bad things. I feel sorry for the children that will be the ones to suffer. Pilar has lived a lavish lifestyle with Deion, now she is looking for a way to continue, even at the cost of her dignity.

953 days ago


How did the daughter got in the middle of grown folks business? children should stay in their place. She is also jelous of Pilar and that goes back to her mother, and he should handle family business as a man should, when he pick-up with her did'nt he see the gold digger in her? SMH

953 days ago


It's very sad to see 2 ppl who has been married with children for a while end up like this, see what money can do to ppl. (money is the root of all evil) dont let money rule who u are

953 days ago


I find the situation very sad for their children. Too bad both of them could not be more mature and handle their personal situation amicably.

953 days ago
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