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Jason Biggs

Mocks 'Kony 2012' Director

in Naked Meltdown Video

3/22/2012 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


"American Pie" star Jason Biggs stripped off his clothes in the middle of a Chicago news station this morning and ran around completely naked ... in what seems to be a parody of the infamous Jason Russell meltdown video.

It all went down moments after Jason and Seann William Scott sat down for an interview for the WGN-TV Morning News.

Obviously, the whole thing was a joke to drum up publicity for their new movie ... but with Russell still in the hospital suffering from what's being described as a "reactive psychosis" ... we gotta ask ...


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Ball`s has no Ball`s    

It was a (CRANK)meltdown.Nasty Crankster.

855 days ago


He is a nice guy, who brought international attention to the child killing of Joseph Kony. He had a nervous breakdown, not due to drugs, or drinking but stress. It is not funny to pick on a good man who has an illness.

855 days ago


Not as funny as the original...

855 days ago


Another ****ing idiot getting paid way to much for being an idiot. Kim you have company!

855 days ago


I think it is hilarious! Everyone who supports a scam artist needs to research IC, have you seen the other videos they have made on Vimeo? Check those out, I bet you will have a different perspective of him. He is an attention grabber and I bet no one receives their "action" packs in the mail. I know people who have had a nervous breakdown and they do not rant, naked, in the middle of the street... "mock" masturbating. He was clearly tweaking on something. I want to ask every Russell supporter, how far are you willing to go for the Kony 2012 movement? Further then your doorstep?

855 days ago


What an insensitive ****. Need I say more?

855 days ago


I noticed they've now replaced the word 'malnutrition' with 'stress' in describing what caused the public nudity. When your "charity" is involved with helping people who are actually malnourished, best to not use the word casually or inaccurately. They do rightly deserve the critical commentary, as they've shown complete insensitivity when it comes to using the word malnourished.

~ by the way, symptoms of brief reactive psychosis may include the following:

Disorganized behavior
False ideas about what is taking place (delusions)
Hearing or seeing things that aren't real (hallucinations)
Strange speech or language

I don't see 'stripping naked' (which involves some doing) in the list. No one has yet provided a plausible explanation for him removing all his clothing in broad daylight in public.

855 days ago


If you know someone who is bipolar and has done the same thing, it's not so funny. I know what this man and his family is going to face the next 6-12 months. My heart goes out to them all. I can't even watch the video, it makes me cry, not laugh.

855 days ago

Dan Chae    

In the close up meltdown vid at the twelve second mark the man standing nearby asks " What are you doing" Jason Russell responds " Doing Meth". I am sick of this damage control by the wife,Invisible Children and mainstream media. Jason Russell was doing meth just like he says he was doing in the video.

855 days ago


Jason, when you try to do something big and good in the world, that'll make more of an impression than making fun of someone who has actually made a difference.

855 days ago


That is neither cool or funny. Its stupid, immature and an insult to people who suffer from mental issues. American Pie was only good for the 1st film and all of the follow ups were lame and unoriginal. I suspect a box office bomb on this one.

855 days ago


Not funny dude. Sure hope you or anyone you know never has a mental issue or "meltdown", publicly.

855 days ago


All of you morons who think this is funny really need to get a clue. I'm scared to have children for fear they will have to grow up in a world of hateful jacka**es. I read the uneducated nonsense on these comments and it only confirms my fears. What is WRONG with you people?!

855 days ago

Dan Chae    

I want to correct myself.The man standing nearby does not ask "What are you doing?" Jason Russell,however, does say "Doing meth" around the twelve second mark in the up close meltdown vid.

855 days ago


This is proof enough that every do***entry is not true and could have been made by a mentally unstable person or even bias people who wants to trash somebody or some government. Most people 'sensationalise' some countrys issues for their gain and foolish people buy it to it. We all have seen channel 4 doing it all the time, telling a story from one angle or a story told by a 'so called' somebody who has not even lived in that country. Channel 4 did two do***entries on Sri Lanka called 'Killing Fields' and they interviewed the LTTE Tamil terrorists as 'victims' when they are the ones who started the 33 year old war there and are called as the world's second ruthless terror group by the FBI, and LTTE was responsible for more than 100,000 deaths of innocent civilians let alone Army people and politicians. So, they interviwed the 'perpitrator' instead of the 'victims' and told the story bashing the government who actually went to war with terrorists to defend the public. That is a classic example of 'some' do***entry makers 'exploit' the situation for the wrong side's gain. We can see now that Jason is a person who can't even handle stress like a normal person, so, how can his 'interpretations' of this place be completely true for someone to take his side...?!

855 days ago
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