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Red Hot Chili Peppers

Merch Company Sues

Over Bootleg Swag

3/23/2012 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A message to all those dudes who sell unofficial band t-shirts at concerts -- YOUR ASS WILL GET SUED ... especially if those t-shirts say Red Hot Chili Peppers.

A merchandising company named Bravado International just filed a lawsuit in Tampa -- claiming a Tampa resident named Mike Smith has been illegally hocking RHCP t-shirts outside the band's concerts ... and Bravado wants him stopped before he strikes again.

Bravado insists it struck a deal with RHCP for exclusive merchandising rights using the band's name -- and Mike's stepping all over its business ... with inferior products.

According to the suit, Mike's not only violating the exclusive merchandising agreement -- he's hurting their reputation ... because his crappy t-shirts are easily confused with Bravado's.

As a result, Bravado is demanding Mike quit his operation and immediately DESTROY all offending merchandise. Bravado also wants unspecified damages.


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LOL, "because his crappy t-shirts are easily confused with Bravado's."

943 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Wow. Burrrrrrned OUT! Guys, you ain't 17 anymore! Cut the crap! You like being a man-child in your 40s? And trying to look like dave grohl only makes you look like a d****e. Take it fromm him.

943 days ago


i'm pretty sure RHCP has been doing what they want how they want when they want and has had a musical career as a band for much longer than Dave Grohl, so pretty much everybody here trying to make comparisons between the two sounds really, REALLY stupid. Dave Grohl started in the late 80s and RHCP started in the early 80s. If anything, Dave Grohl copies them just like he copies everybody else in the effing world.

943 days ago


Ewwwww. Yucko. Next!

943 days ago


RHCP aren't even relevant today.(Not that they ever were)

942 days ago

texas turd    

is that will ferell on the far right??

942 days ago


24 comments. That says it all. It's over who cares about Chili Peppers anymore? They are not the stones The best thing out there is Kedis old man on Magnum PI beating up a midget Do his karate on episode ; Smaller than life

942 days ago


Crappy? Check out last cP album. I've listened to it once, after 6+years of nothign but them on my ipod...and knowing their music from my work and their early days in SF clubs in . BROTHERS need to bring it, this last piece was such s%*^*. oh my. <--when they are good, oh my can be an incredible song, lyric, drive, etc., but now (after so so long,) I see that oh my can be crappy, your words.

942 days ago


Since when did Will Ferrell start hanging out with this group?

942 days ago


When did Edward James Olmos join RHCP?

942 days ago

Mrs Butters    

When did Will Farrell join the chili peppers?

942 days ago

Mrs Butters    

When did Michael J. Pollard also join the peppers?

942 days ago

Matthew Shotton    

People who like rhcp perhaps, which is a fu**ing lot
You might not know this but theyre one of the most succesful bands of all time, and certainly one of the best bands of all time, both in studio and live

941 days ago


You know what> Why the f*** do you guys bother to read this news post if you are just goin to diss it. Good on them for protecting their label, it is theirs to own after all. They have worked damned hard to get where they are (29 years in fact if you had really bothered to find out) so shouldn't they have a say in the matter. These guys have outlasted many other ***** so called bands over the years and to say that AK has a bad voice "Ouch!!! that is real demeaning cos you def don't know WTF you are talkin about. GO THE RHCP we love you guys always. Unfortunately it takes some ****heads to make the world go round. But you get that on the big jobs!!!!!!

939 days ago


RHCP are awesome! These douches need to stop trying to rip them off. I would be pissed to if somebody was messing with my money. btw RHCP **** on Foo Fighters. Foo Fighter aren't even in the same league. Why would AK copy somebody inferior to him.

939 days ago
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