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Kim Kardashian

Pressing Charges

Against Flour Tosser

3/24/2012 10:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian has decided she will press charges against the woman who threw flour on her at an event Thursday night ... TMZ has learned. 

Sources close to Kim tell TMZ she does not feel the woman who threw the flour at her should get away with it and that she should be held accountable for her actions. According to our sources, Kim didn't press charges that night because she didn't want to take herself away from the event, which was for charity. 

We're told Kim will contact law enforcement in the next few days to tell them she wants to press charges. According to our sources, Kim wants to send the message that people are entitled to their opinion, but should not resort to violence.  

The decision to press charges represents a change of heart for Kim, who told TMZ Live yesterday she was wasn't going to pursue the matter.


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Pittsburgh's Finest    

Oh wow, was she embarrassed? Her whole life is an embarrassment! Her fake wedding is an embarassment! Her money hungry whorish family is an embarassment! Her sex tape is an embarrassment! Her fake hair, fake butt, fake boobs, silicone injections, etc... is an embarassment! Need I say more?

946 days ago


I'm glad she's pressing charges. All you people who accused Kim of staging the event for publicity drove her to do this.

Guess your little flour-throwing hero will end up in jail.

946 days ago


She seems like the punk ass type to press charges I can understand if it was gasoline or acid but flour. Kim k your a stupid trick get over yourself already and go put your head in the sand nobody likes her they just wanna cut and that's it .

946 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Look porta-potty, I'm not sure what you can do to gain favor with us, but here is a start.....tell your stepfather to take his children and move far away from you nasty, money loving, fame whores, and let them see how normal people attract friends and fans.

946 days ago


I'm glad Kim's going after them.

Kim shouldn't even have to press charges:

The woman should have been grabbed/arrested on the spot.

Try doing that w/the President.

You'll be locked up all year - and on a 5150.

Time to protect the celebs - what is this "Open Season" b.s.

946 days ago


She can close fist Kris Humphries on National TV but not be held accountable for her own act of violence.

She lets a guy pee on her then sells that as a sex tape, and she does not think that is violent.

Had someone sprayed her with her perfume, or rose petals, gold dust, or $100 dollar bills she would have giggled and smiled for the camera.

Flour squished out of a 3-4 cup baggie though poofed on to her hair, now that is a violent assault?

Sooooo SICK of the way this attention seeking narcissist plays role of victim, yet won't hold herself accountable when she lashes out in a rage swearing like a trucker or close fisting Humphries on National TV. THAT was violent when she took a fist to Kris Humphries.

946 days ago


She's an embarrassment. I wouldn't put it past her to have paid the woman to throw the flour on her, just so she can get a little more attention. GTFU, Kim.

946 days ago


Remember how Kim turned violent and physically attacked Kris Humphries after he accidentally stepped on her toe and broke one of her toenails? Is that the same person who would let some strange woman dump flour on her in public and not want her arrested unless it was a publicity stunt?

946 days ago


TMZ how come you edited out portions of the interviews yesterday on TMZ live? You edited out when that lady was sharing how Kim asked her people at this event to make sure no homeless people touch her, and what about the part of Kim's interview where she said she was not pressing charges because she did "not have the time" for this right now.

I think TMZ or Harvey is being paid off to only put up articles that are in Kim's benefit all the while Kim and her Mom sell crap articles smearing Kris Humphries.

That is my opinion.

946 days ago

Umm ok...    

Kim had "Change of heart" when she found out people thought it was a publicity stunt...maybe Beyonce will have a change of heart and actually give birth to a baby.

946 days ago


I wouldn't blame the Kardashians for pulling up stakes -

-Moving to Paris.

It's like a constant onslaught for them, all of them.

Anything they do is critiqued, criticized, graded.

By zero's that come here just to rag on them/other celebs.

946 days ago

That's Right    

God loves all that he has created although he said we can kill for food he did not say torture them for sport "trump" and fur. SHAME ON YOU ANIMAL KILLERS! I'm hoping for every event that Kim attends someone flour bomb her azz! She's a puppet! Her mommy dearest told her to press charges. Kim you might be the richest most popular reality star however you are a pitiful bytch who will end up all alone, unlike most women who will be happily married with children "take that to the bank skank". EVEN A DOG CAN FIND A MATE BUT YOU KIM NO ONE WANTS TO SPEND A LIFE TIME WITH YOU.

946 days ago


Good for her. She should press charges.

946 days ago


Are you sure Kim did not hire her to support her marketing effort. Charges seem like the front point of a cover up.

946 days ago


Of course Kim's pressing charges
I bet she read ALL the HATE she's getting these days
Ain't nothing but a ``` media whore, KIM!!
YOU and YOUR ```` FAT ASS!!

946 days ago
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